Chapter 2063 Beitang Rushuang (Teaser)

Long Chen hadn’t expected to encounter an attack here. It was so sharp that it made his hair stand on end before it even reached him.

The attack came without him having sensed anything before. With a cold snort, he smashed his fist behind him, not even looking.

However, what shocked him was that his attack struck nothing. The seemingly sharp attack was completely void, filled with only empty might.

Even before the attack arrived, it had naturally dissipated. Long Chen had actually been fooled. He had been unable to tell that this was a fake attack before countering. It was very dangerous.

“Your reactions are quick, and your power is strong enough. But your head’s a bit slow.”

Just at this moment, a tall woman came walking over. She had a pair of exceptionally long legs that were very attention-grabbing, and she wore black leather armor that set off her body.

Although Long Chen had seen beautiful women, it was his first time seeing a woman wearing...

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