Chapter 206 Long Chen Returns

Within the Xuantian Monastery, the third Faction Competition was about to begin.

During the first Faction Competition, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s factions had been betrayed, causing them to have zero flags at the end, ranking them last.

Then, Long Chen had furiously killed those traitors and had been exiled to the rubble wasteland. The chances of him returning alive were extremely slim. After all, that was the graveyard of the exiled.

Ever since the monastery had been established, there had not been a single core disciple who had managed to walk out of the wasteland alive.

Furthermore, all those exiled core disciples had already broken through to the Tendon Transformation realm, while Long Chen had only been at the seventh Heavenstage of Blood Condensation. So, the chances of him surviving were incredibly remote.

Long Chen’s departure had been a large blow to Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqui’s morale. But they were comforted by the fact that even after such a huge setback, there was not a single person who left their faction.

After consuming the medicinal pills Long Chen had left for them, their factions’ cultivation bases once more grew explosively. Even without the support of many points, they weren’t at all inferior to others.

Whenever they went to the Mission Distribution building, they were only able to receive a couple of garbage missions.

Furthermore, they were unable to obtain even those trash missions every day. The majority of the missions had already been taken by the other factions. There was zero chance of them obtaining a high level mission with more rewards.

The most infuriating part was that whenever they went to go accept missions, they were often provoked, ridiculed, and abused by the other factions. 

That had caused Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu to be endlessly infuriated. Even just receiving the lowest level missions brought other people’s provocations onto them. If they were then unable to accomplish those missions, not only would they not get any points, but they would also be intolerably bullied.

Once the first Faction Competition had ended and Long Chen had been exiled, all the factions in the monastery had formed three alliances.

One was the alliance led by Gu Yang. They had a total of seven factions, and they were the absolute strongest.

Then, there was another alliance led by Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu. They had a total of five factions.

Other than Song Mingyuan and Li Qi, the fifth person to bring their faction to support them was Luo Cang.

That was the first stranger who had expressed his support of Long Chen.

There had been others who had stood next to him to express their support for him back then. However, once he had been expelled, they had all maintained their silence, some even furtively joining Gu Yang’s alliance.

That was definitely infuriating, but Tang Wan-er was also helpless. She had seen the cruelness of reality.

Of the seven other factions that had stood up for Long Chen, only Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Luo Cang had truly been in support of Long Chen and would have left with him.

The other four had clearly just been awed by Long Chen’s terrifying strength and wanted to get closer to him.

Those four were not idiots. Although Gu Yang was powerful, there was no way he would be able to resist both Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu.

Most importantly, within their factions was Long Chen with his limitless potential. Even at the seventh Heavenstage of Blood Condensation, he was able to just barely fight off against Tendon Transformation core disciples. That displayed his potential to everyone.

So back then, they had thought that with everyone supporting him, they would definitely be able to save Long Chen.

That way, not only would they embody justice, but they would also be able to get a powerful companion. 

But later the sect leader had appeared and exiled Long Chen to the rubble wasteland, stupefying them. In their eyes, Long Chen was definitely already dead.

They had had no choice but to rethink their alliance. Some of them had barely hesitated to throw themselves to Gu Yang, subserviently joining his faction.

Other than Gu Yang and Tang Wan-er’s alliances, there was also a neutral alliance. That alliance was led by Guan Wennan.

He was the fourth core disciple who had revived his ancestral mark. His combat power was incredibly powerful, and he was extremely arrogant.

But in front of three others who had also awakened their ancestral marks, he couldn’t help but be nervous. That was especially true when it came to Gu Yang. He had already awakened his ancestral mark before joining the monastery, so his strength was definitely the greatest of everyone.

With Gu Yang and Tang Wan-er taking opposing sides, he had smartly chosen to be neutral. He didn’t curry favor with Gu Yang, but he also didn’t strike Tang Wan-er while she was down.

He led four factions to do their own things. They wouldn’t offend either of the two other alliances.

One month later, while Long Chen had been busy killing third rank Magical Beasts in the rubble wasteland, the second Faction Competition had begun.

This time, the competition was even more intense than the first time. After all the flags had been collected, Gu Yang and Tang Wan-er’s alliances began a fierce fight.

Seeing their hated enemies, both parties’ eyes turned red and fought with their full strength to snatch the other party’s flag. 

But what caused everyone to turn pale with fright was that when Gu Yang’s full strength exploded and all the runes on his body lit up, he was able to fight off both Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu on his own!

Only then had everyone realized that Gu Yang really was too powerful, worthy of being someone who had revived his ancestral mark long before joining the monastery. He was already completely familiar on how to use its runic power.

But as for Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, they had only awakened their ancestral marks for two months. They were completely unable to wield the full power of their ancestral marks.

The two of them had fought with their full strength, but they had been unable to defeat him.

The alliances were originally five factions against seven. That was a definite disparity, and now Gu Yang had fended off their two strongest experts on his own. They had immediately lost.

When the bell had rung, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s flags had all been completely stolen. There was no way around it. The two of them were separated by far too great of a disparity.

Two enemy core disciples had directly charged through Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s ranks. Those inner and outer disciples were completely unable to stop them.

The most regrettable thing of all was that those two had not only stolen their flags, but they had even cruelly injured the disciples who dared resist them, crushing their bones and snapping their tendons.

There were only a few people in their factions who were still able to crawl after the bell rang. The others all laid on the ground, too severely injured to move.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu had been infuriated to see that scene of their disciples lying there wounded. Tears of anger had streamed down their faces.

They cursed their own helplessness. But they were also powerless to change it. At the same time, they also realized just how cruel the struggle in the monastery was.

During the Faction Competition, you could do anything other than killing someone. And so Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang had struck especially viciously, all in order to break their disciples’ confidence. They wanted them to feel fear and to surrender completely. 

Furthermore, Qi Xin and company had done it extremely slyly. They purposely targeted those people on Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s side.

As for Song Mingyuan and them, although they desperately wanted to save them, their strength was unable to push back their own enemies. They could only watch as they were humiliated. That kind of helplessness was incredibly infuriating, enough for them to want to kill their opponents.

But they also didn’t have Long Chen’s guts to kill people. Their anger could only smolder inside them.

They all realized a certain possibility that this was all part of Qi Xin’s scheme. Although all five of their factions had joined into an alliance, they only targeted Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s factions.

One reason was because they wanted to leave some leeway. They didn’t want to completely offend their three factions. And it also was a kind warning.

But more importantly, it was to incite disharmony between their factions. Although they wanted to help, they were powerless to.

In the end, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s people were all beaten to the ground, their flags stolen.

But as for their three factions, they were basically unharmed. Although they didn’t have many flags, their flags at least hadn’t all been snatched away.

This was to sow seeds of discord between them. The people under those three factions saw that scene and so they didn’t fight with their full force. They didn’t actually want to help and be beaten like that.

And it was because of that that over the next few days, their outer disciples had begun to voice their objections to their alliance. But after strict oppression by the core disciples, they once more calmed down. However, the seed of discord had already been planted. If they didn’t resolve it, sooner or later it would rupture.

At this time, the sun had just risen from the east. Its warm rays covered the land.

But that warm sunlight was unable to change the explosive atmosphere on the battlefield.

This was the battlefield of the Faction Competition. The flags had already been scattered throughout. Seventeen factions had gathered here.

Today was the day of the third Faction Competition. The atmosphere was extremely tense. Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu knew that if they were last again, they really would be done for.

Before Long Chen had left, he had used their faction points to buy medicinal ingredients and had refined for three days and nights all so that everyone wouldn’t fall too far behind. That had also been to lay some foundation for the second Faction Competition.

But after Gu Yang had taken the first place, he had received a huge amount of points. Not only had he bought medicinal pills, but he had also gotten some treasures that could assist their cultivation. Their power had sharply risen.

And so even though Long Chen had left that assistance, they had not obtained any superiority. It was obvious how beneficial the rewards for first place were.

The top three places were occupied by Gu Yang, Qi Xin, and Lei Qianshang. Last time, they had shaken them off. Now this time, the distance had only grown.

“Tang Wan-er, how are you? Have you thought it over? If you join me, your situation will immediately improve. Otherwise, you’ll forever be last.” Gu Yang arrogantly looked at Tang Wan-er.

“Keep dreaming.” Tang Wan-er truly loathed him now.

Gu Yang didn’t care and just laughed, “Are you still thinking about that pretty boy? Haha, it’s been two months but he still hasn’t returned. That means he’s long since been turned into Magical Beast dung.”

“Gu Yang, this time I won’t let you have your way.” Tang Wan-er clenched her teeth.

Gu Yang sneered, “Up to you. But I think that once you’ve been last for three consecutive times, you’ll forever be on the bottom.”

Looking at the arrogant Gu Yang, Tang Wan-er took a deep breath and turned to Ye Zhiqiu. “Sister Zhiqiu, if we fail again, I’ll go kill them.”

Ye Zhiqiu nodded. An icy intent surfaced in her eyes. “I’ll go with you. We’ll kill these bastards as revenge.”

In these two months, there hadn’t been the slightest news from Long Chen. That was no good sign. The two of them were incomparably aggrieved and furious.

This time, they finally ended up feeling killing intent for Gu Yang and company. Fighting and killing people were two different concepts. Fighting was based on who was stronger. But killing was based on who was more vicious, who didn’t fear death.

Now that Long Chen had died, Tang Wan-er’s heart felt as if it was being stabbed by needles. She hated those bastards in front of her. She would definitely bring them down with her.

“Everyone prepare. This Faction Competition begins-”

“Wait, sorry, I’m late!”

Suddenly, a voice cut off senior apprentice-brother Wan’s announcement. People turned with astonishment to see a figure walking over from the direction of the rising sun.

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