Chapter 2059 Giving Face But Not Receiving Face (Teaser)


The leader of these experts suddenly roared. He instantly saw just how terrifying the golden dragon teeth were.

At the same time, he realized why Long Chen had been fighting them with his fists the entire time. It was to mislead them into thinking that Long Chen only specialized in close range combat. Now that he revealed his true abilities, they were caught off guard.

Regretfully, he reacted slowly, and the three people attacking him reacted even slower. The dragon teeth pierced straight through their armor, and they instantly turned into bloody mist.

Those dragon teeth were unimaginably sharp. They were the teeth of the metal devouring evil dragon. For them to come out at such close range without them expecting it, there was nothing they could do.

The dragon teeth were plenty sharp but not flexible enough for Long Chen. When he was going all-out, he couldn’t use them.

Using his soul to control them wasn’t his specialty. Against truly...

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