Chapter 2059 Giving Face But Not Receiving Face


The leader of these experts suddenly roared. He instantly saw just how terrifying the golden dragon teeth were.

At the same time, he realized why Long Chen had been fighting them with his fists the entire time. It was to mislead them into thinking that Long Chen only specialized in close range combat. Now that he revealed his true abilities, they were caught off guard.

Regretfully, he reacted slowly, and the three people attacking him reacted even slower. The dragon teeth pierced straight through their armor, and they instantly turned into bloody mist.

Those dragon teeth were unimaginably sharp. They were the teeth of the metal devouring evil dragon. For them to come out at such close range without them expecting it, there was nothing they could do.

The dragon teeth were plenty sharp but not flexible enough for Long Chen. When he was going all-out, he couldn’t use them.

Using his soul to control them wasn’t his specialty. Against truly powerful experts, he wasn’t able to kill them with the dragon teeth.

However, by using them as a surprise attack with enough preparations, Long Chen had turned them into a powerful killing blow.

“Just who are you?!” shouted the leader.

“Why didn’t you ask before? Will you just kill anyone you encounter? Some ancient sect you are. It seems that you’re just a bunch of cowardly idiots. I told you that you’d regret it. If you want to kill me, you have to be prepared to be killed as well,” sneered Long Chen. The dragon teeth whirled through the air, attacking the remaining three experts of the Mechanism Sect.

“Bastard, do you realize what kind of calamity you’ve provoked by killing people of the Mechanism Sect?! Your sect, your family, they’ll all be implicated by you!”


He had barely finished speaking when Long Chen mercilessly slashed a dragon tooth at him. His hasty block resulted in him being blown back.

“Trash stays the same throughout history. The Mechanism Sect raised idiots like you, so I doubt it’s a good place. For you to have survived all this time, you probably didn’t even dare to come out of your tortoise shell,” said Long Chen. Killing intent blazed within him.

Although he was ruthless, he had his own bottom line. He hated it the most when people said that they would exterminate a person’s whole clan and sect. Even when destroying the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect or Heavenly Fate Island, Long Chen had given people inside ample time to run. As for those who didn’t flee and instead wanted to kill him, he didn’t view them as innocent.

On the other hand, some idiotic sects would really destroy a sect to its last member without leaving anyone behind. That was a display of their power.

Perhaps the reason why Long Chen had so many enemies was because he wasn’t ruthless enough. If he killed regardless of good or bad, acting according to Evilmoon’s values, exterminating whole sects and families, he definitely wouldn’t have so many enemies. At the very least, many people would not dare to provoke him.

However, he disdained bullying the weak to show his power. Building his fame by taking the lives of the weak was beneath his bottom line as a person.

These experts of the Mechanism Sect on the other hand were no different than idiots.

When Dongfang Yuyang had said that the ancient sects and powers that had come out had their own confidence and grace, Long Chen had almost believed him. But now that he had encountered the Mechanism Sect, he knew that idiots were not unique to one era.

The three experts of the Mechanism Sect were forced onto the defensive by the dragon teeth. However, golden lights would occasionally shoot out of various parts of their armor as various concealed weapons shot out.

There was truly an endless number of hidden mechanisms on their armor. Many of their attacks came without any warning.

If Long Chen wasn’t already very familiar with Guo Ran’s armor, he might have been the one at an immense disadvantage. 

The Mechanism Sect’s armor was even more flexible than Guo Ran’s. Their mechanisms shot out in clever and smooth ways that made them difficult to defend against.

In fact, it wasn’t just their armor. Sometimes, the concealed weapons that they shot out also had additional mechanisms. They might suddenly explode or unleash a torrent of poison needles. 

“Bastard, do you think just your little bit of power is enough to look down on the Mechanism Sect’s prestige?!” roared their leader. He had already realized that Long Chen was definitely a big figure of the current generation. If Long Chen had reported his name, perhaps this battle could have been avoided.

Now, the leader was a bit afraid. Long Chen’s power had far surpassed their expectations. Four of them had already died, while three of them were barely hanging on.

“Without this little bit of power, I’d probably already have been killed by you. You said that you don’t talk reason, and it just so happens that I don’t either. Let’s talk with power instead!” sneered Long Chen. Considering their actions, it was a typical case of bullying the weak but being afraid of the strong. This so-called powerful sect of the ancient era was a coward dressed in a bully’s clothes.

Long Chen had already made some concessions at the start, but that had only made them even more overbearing. They had now completely infuriated him.

“Are you really planning on becoming enemies with the Mechanism Sect?!” roared their leader. Their mechanisms were unable to cause any effective damage to Long Chen. It seemed that he was very familiar with their techniques.

They even suspected that he was also someone from the ancient era, but from the start, they had sensed that his aura was completely different from the auras of the ancient experts.

The cultivation environment of the ancient era was very different from the current era. So there was a clear difference in auras between experts of different eras.

The most curious thing to them was that Long Chen had been injured quite easily at the start, meaning that he hadn’t known about their Mechanism Sect. Could it be that he had grown so familiar with their secret abilities in just this little bit of time? If that was really the case, then that was too terrifying.

“Let’s stop. The Mechanism Sect accepts defeat.” Finally, the leader lowered his head.

Long Chen snorted and finally pulled back his dragon teeth. After killing four of them, he was feeling a bit better.

However, just at that moment, his anger flared once more. “You are courting death!”

The three of them had only paused for a moment once Long Chen had pulled back his dragon teeth. Then they took out dragon cannons, sinister smiles appearing on their faces. “Die, idiot!”

The three cannons unleashed their attacks at the same time. Three bolts of azure light pierced through the air, enveloping Long Chen within them. The void crumbled where that light went, and even the three of them were knocked back by the recoil force.

Only the awakened Empyrean had it better off. The others had their arms break from the impact, but they were still pleased.

The twisting space eventually calmed down, but Long Chen’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

“Hahaha, idiot, did you think the Mechanism Sect’s power was something you could imagine?!” Their leader laughed heartily. 

In order to activate their cannons, they needed a bit of time. In an intense fight, there was no way to unleash them. But as soon as Long Chen pulled back, it gave them the chance.

“You cut off your own chances of surviving. Don’t blame me.”

A cold voice rang through the air. It sounded like it came from a fiend from the depths of hell.

The three of them were appalled. Hastily looking up, they saw Long Chen was standing in the sky above them. Half his body was soaked in blood.

His gaze was as sharp as a sword. Those dragon cannons had definitely been extremely terrifying. He had no idea what kind of power they were using, but if he hadn’t dodged in time, he would have died.

That near brush with death had come so suddenly that he hadn’t had time to summon the Azure Dragon Battle Armor. Despite doing his best to dodge, one of those attacks had brushed past his shoulder, ripping out a chunk of flesh.

He had possessed no enmity with the Mechanism Sect before this. Although they had gone extremely far this time, after killing four of them, Long Chen had been willing to leave matters there.

However, this restraint almost cost him his life. Now there was no way to hold back his fury. He suddenly took out Evilmoon.

That huge black blade unleashed a hellish roar as it slashed toward them.

“You’re Long Chen!” Upon seeing that signature blade, those experts let out startled cries.

Long Chen didn’t give them any chance to explain. His merciless attack gave them no room to flee.

Those experts were pale. They had recognized Long Chen through Evilmoon. Now they suddenly recalled that the light behind Long Chen was known as his divine ring.

They had actually misjudged the ring behind him as a blessing of the Heavenly Daos. It wasn’t actually similar to anything related to Heavenly Daos, but they hadn’t cared too much about it.

Now that they realized the truth, it was too late. Long Chen was already enraged.


The three of them formed hand seals at the same time. The metal bird that they had parked in the distance suddenly shot out a beam of light that enveloped them.


Long Chen’s saber slashed through thin air. The three of them were pulled into the metal bird.

The metal bird instantly flew into the air, about to flee. But just at that moment, a giant divine pillar smashed into it.

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