Chapter 2058 Mechanism Sect

Long Chen was dumbfounded, not having expected this person to say such a thing. He was about to reply when that person looked into the distance and suddenly fled, instantly vanishing.

“Bastard, what rat dares to steal my Mechanism Sect’s flying boat?!”

Suddenly, a streak of light came flying over. It was a giant metal bird and incredibly quick. Seven experts jumped off its back, with three of them being awakened Empyreans.

The seven of them immediately surrounded Long Chen, their expressions dark.

“Reveal your true face!” shouted one of them. That was because Long Chen had covered his face with Yuan Spirit energy. Even an awakened Empyrean couldn’t see his true face.

“There’s no need for that. The person who stole your flying boat already ran in that direction.” Long Chen pointed in the direction where that person had fled. That person hadn’t even warned Long Chen before running. Hence, Long Chen didn’t feel like he was a good person and didn’t plan on protecting him.

“Did I ask that? I told you to reveal your true face!” shouted the first speaker impatiently. At the same time, strange cylindrical objects appeared in the hands of the others.

Those cylinders were pointed at Long Chen, and he immediately got goosebumps. They most likely contained some terrifying mechanisms. 

His expression darkened, and he coldly said, “I told you that I wasn’t the one that stole your flying boat. It would be best if you don’t go too far. My temper’s not very good.”

“Are you deaf?! I ordered you to reveal your true face precisely because I suspect you’re that fellow’s companion! If you don’t want to die, you’ll listen when I speak. Based on your robes, you’re just some weakling from the current generation of the Martial Heaven Continent. You’re even hiding your Heavenly Dao fluctuations. I’ll give you to the count of three!” shouted that person.

“Is your Mechanism Sect so unreasonable?” A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

“Ha, in front of the Mechanism Sect, you’re just an ant. Why would we need to talk reason with you? My patience is limited. One.”

“It’s good that you’re not reasonable. I’m also not good at talking reason with others,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Two!” The runes on the cylinders pointed at Long Chen lit up.

“If you attack, you’ll regret it,” sneered Long Chen.


One of the seven of them suddenly attacked, golden light shooting at Long Chen’s chest.

That golden light was shockingly fast, arriving in front of Long Chen as soon as it appeared. A destructive energy filled that golden light, and even divine armor would be destroyed in front of it. As for just a regular spiritual yuan defense? That didn’t pose the slightest hindrance to it.

However, just as the golden light passed through Long Chen’s body, he began to dissipate. It was actually just an illusion.

“Watch out!”

Long Chen had appeared in front of that person. Before the latter could unleash a second attack, a large hand slapped him across the face.

His head exploded like a melon. Even his Yuan Spirit was killed.

“Bastard, you dare kill the people of the Mechanism Sect?!”

Their leader roared, and suddenly multiple rays of light shot out of their cylinders. There were light rays, flames, nets, and flying spears. They all came flying at Long Chen.


All those attacks were destroyed by a giant stone pillar. Long Chen didn’t have a suitable martial weapon right now, so he actually took out one of the divine pillars he had brought out of the Brahma secret realm.

The giant pillar was so huge that just by appearing, it blocked all the attacks. It was shockingly hard and contained divine energy, so it could be considered a giant divine item.

With Long Chen’s immense power, it not only smashed their attacks but also swung toward the six of them.

The six of them were immediately covered in strange armor. Their cylinders vanished, replaced by spears.

However, that divine pillar was too heavy, and adding on Long Chen’s power, they were sent flying. They were shocked and infuriated, not having expected to run into such a tough opponent.

“Spread out! That pillar’s too huge for him to use properly. He won’t last more than a few exchanges!” shouted their leader. His manifestation appeared behind him, and flying around the pillar, he attacked.

He was a true Empyrean with an awakened manifestation. Seeing him coming, flames of fury soared in Long Chen’s heart. He hadn’t provoked anyone, and yet he was always unlucky.

“No wonder that fellow stole your flying boat. You’re a pile of trash!” Enraged, Long Chen agilely dodged his spear, preparing to counterattack.

However, just at that moment, a sense of alarm rose in his heart, and he hastily dodged to the side.

Countless thin needles flew by him. Despite dodging quickly, he was still struck in the shoulder, and half his body instantly became numb. Those needles contained poison.

“Die!” Seeing Long Chen had been struck, one of them attacked him from behind.

His spear was just about to stab into Long Chen’s body when Long Chen caught the tip with his hand.

With a cold snort, he was about to push back when the tip trembled.


The spear’s tip actually exploded. It happened so suddenly that Long Chen’s hand was blown to pulp. If it was anyone else, they probably would have died.

“It seems you have some power. However, your generation was born in a declined era. In front of us, you still have to kneel submissively. Resisting will only increase your humiliation.”

Their leader had realized that Long Chen wasn’t ordinary, but he was still fearless. His spear rumbled toward Long Chen once more.

“It’s just a heretical path, yet you dare bring it out?” Long Chen sneered, killing intent blazing in his eyes. He was truly infuriated. It was just a misunderstanding, yet these people wanted his life. Since that was the case, he wouldn’t stand on courtesy. “Divine ring, battle armor!”

Long Chen’s five-colored divine ring appeared behind him, and five stars appeared in his eyes. A powerful aura surged out.

That expert had his spear blown apart by a single punch from Long Chen. At the same time, a foot came straight for his face.

However, he sneered, and his left hand reached toward Long Chen’s foot. Just as he was about to grab it, a special glove covered his hand, one with sharp points on the fingertips. There were countless thin barbs on those tips, and once they stabbed flesh, they would tear out a huge chunk of it. If the barbs reached the bone, then unless that bone broke, there would be no way to pull them out. This glove was an extremely insidious weapon.

That expert’s hand clamped over Long Chen’s foot. However, those barbs didn’t manage to stab into Long Chen’s flesh because a layer of white scales had appeared between them.


Grabbing Long Chen’s foot didn’t manage to stop Long Chen’s power. It merely diverted it slightly, resulting in it smashing into the expert’s chest.

He instantly vomited blood, with his shattered innards mixed within. This strike of Long Chen’s had been too powerful, and even his armor was unable to completely resist its power.

That shocked this expert of the Mechanism Sect. Even through his armor, he was still injured to this extent. Just how powerful did that attack have to be? Without his armor, he would have been killed.

Just as he was starting to get a bad feeling, three of his companions attacked Long Chen, their spears aiming at his vitals from three different angles. 

Every part of their spears was filled with their special mechanisms. Anyone who was struck by them would definitely die.

The Mechanism Sect’s experts were covered from head to toe in concealed weapons. They were just like Guo Ran, but Guo Ran’s mechanisms were a far cry from theirs.

Caught from three different angles, Long Chen slammed his hands at two of the spears and kicked the spear coming at him from behind.

Seeing this, the three of them sneered, seeming to already be able to see the scene of Long Chen’s miserable death.

However, just as they were about to make contact, Long Chen also sneered.

Golden light exploded. One hundred and eight golden dragon teeth appeared, striking the three of them.

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