Chapter 2055 Violet Lightning Pierces the Clouds

Yue Zifeng was unstoppable with his sword. Even the Empyrean with a sword hanging on his waist was shocked. With one swing of his sword, Yue Zifeng cut through the Soul Devouring Blood Sea, and then he destroyed the soul banner divine item. Nothing could stop his sword.

“This sword intent…”

Even though that sword-wielding Empyrean was also a sword cultivator, the power within Yue Zifeng’s sword made him feel miniscule.

As for that Corrupt expert, he actually fled in the face of that sword. All his arrogance of an awakened Empyrean vanished.

“Violet Lightning Pierces the Clouds!”

Yue Zifeng’s left forefinger and middle finger pressed against the back of his sword, and then he suddenly pushed it forward.

A bolt of violet sword-light shot out of the tip. It was just like a flash of lightning piercing through the air.

That Corrupt expert had fled into his blood rune, and his figure appeared tens of thousands of miles away.

However, no matter how fast he was, Yue Zifeng’s sword-light was faster. It seemed to break the laws of spacetime and instantly arrived in front of the Corrupt expert.

The blood rune surrounding the Corrupt expert instantly exploded. It was like a beautiful firework.

When the light faded, people saw a hole through that Corrupt expert’s chest.

The Corrupt expert was shocked. He let out a shout, and a blood-colored furnace appeared above his head. Light descended from it, enveloping him.

Before people even understood what was going on, Yue Zifeng appeared above his head as well. 

That was especially shocking. How could there be two Yue Zifengs? But when they looked back to where Yue Zifeng had originally been, they found that he had vanished.

“One with the sword?”

The sword-wielding Empyrean stared in shock. As a sword cultivator, he knew just what level this signified. Just how had Yue Zifeng reached such a realm?

With that attack just now, Yue Zifeng had merged with his sword. What had been left behind was just an afterimage. To merge fully with his sword meant that he had entrusted his life to his sword. If his sword was destroyed, he would die. This kind of realm was a wild gamble.

Even though the sword-wielding Empyrean was also a sword cultivator, unless his cultivation base had reached Netherpassage and he had obtained a shocking divine sword, he wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. One mistake would signify death.

However, Yue Zifeng had done it. He was just a Life Star disciple who wasn’t even an Empyrean. That was crazy.

Looking back at the Corrupt expert... The furnace above him had been sliced in half by Yue Zifeng. That sword of his crushed all laws and Daos before it.

The Corrupt expert coughed up blood and let out a furious roar. Having lost two divine items, he almost went insane. Two sinister wings suddenly appeared within his manifestation. With those wings behind him, he looked like a giant bat. Countless demonic images appeared on top of his wings, and cries of thousands of ghosts shook people’s souls.

However, before he could unleash an attack with these wings, they were cut off by a swing of Yue Zifeng’s sword.

“Impossible! My blood wings are one with the Heavenly Daos! What power can sever the Heavenly Daos?!” The Corrupt expert couldn’t believe his eyes.

In his life, he normally had three things that he depended on. One was the soul banner, the other was the blood-colored furnace, and the last one was his devil wings.

The first two were corrupt weapons he had personally forged, while the last was a divine ability of his manifestation. He had relied on these three things to kill an unknown number of geniuses in the past.

However, in front of Yue Zifeng, whether it was his corrupt weapons or his manifestation’s divine ability, nothing he did could last more than one move.

The most shocking thing to him was how his manifestation was actually cut through. It was condensed from Heavenly Dao energy. He had never imagined someone could sever it.

“The Heavenly Daos are just a term for the Daos of the world. Do you really think your manifestation contains the power of all the Daos in this world?” asked Yue Zifeng coldly, his sword once more slashing down on him mercilessly.

It looked like a simple slash, but it severed the laws of spacetime. It silently fell without his opponent being able to move. The Corrupt expert let out an unwilling roar, and four pairs of wings appeared within his manifestation, folding around him.

However, Yue Zifeng’s simple slash went through his wings without pausing in the slightest. 

The huge wings were cleanly sliced apart and then exploded into runes. The Corrupt expert appeared in the sky, pale as paper.

Suddenly, a line of blood ran down the top of his head and continued straight down. He then fell to the ground, split in two.

The Corrupt expert was dead, with not even his Yuan Spirit escaping. In front of Yue Zifeng, he seemed incredibly weak. From start to finish, he hadn’t managed to block a single attack from Yue Zifeng.

A powerful, ancient, awakened Empyrean was killed just like this. His divine items were destroyed and even his manifestation was severed.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Even the Dragonblood warriors were stunned. Yue Zifeng normally didn’t reveal his power, and they hadn’t realized how powerful he was.

Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan felt ashamed of themselves. Without them even knowing about it, Yue Zifeng had left them in the dust.

Suddenly, Yue Zifeng began to stagger in the air. He almost fell out of the sky. Gu Yang hastily flew over to support him.

“Are you alright?” asked Gu Yang. It seemed that killing that Corrupt expert had not been as easy as Yue Zifeng made it seem.

“My Yuan Spirit is slightly injured. Most likely, there’s still some deficit in my understanding of one with the sword. I’ll go rest.” Yue Zifeng was pale, and he was starting to sweat. He seemed to be in pain.

“Here’s a soul nourishing pill to relieve the pain. You were too hasty. Your one with the sword merger is truly powerful, but it’s a double-edged sword. If you don’t control it well, you’ll injure yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard,” said Long Chen, patting Yue Zifeng on the shoulder.

Long Chen sighed emotionally inside. Within the entire Dragonblood Legion, the most hardworking person was Yue Zifeng.

Yue Zifeng didn’t say much. He spent most of his time cultivating. Every time he made a breakthrough, he would set a new target for himself. The person he was most ruthless toward was himself. Even Long Chen felt inferior to him in that regard.

Two Dragonblood warriors supported Yue Zifeng as they returned to their resting place. Although he was injured, no one looked down on him. The sharpness of his attacks just now had been too terrifying.

Even awakened Empyreans didn’t have the slightest ability to resist or even run.

“He really is a true expert. I admit, I can’t count as a sword cultivator in front of him.” The sword-wielding Empyrean sighed and turned to leave.

Although he also cultivated the Sword Dao, he found that his understanding of the Sword Dao was a far cry from Yue Zifeng.

He was still following the regular path of the Sword Dao, while Yue Zifeng had already blazed a new one.

Throughout history, those who could become one with their sword had always been the most frightening of all sword cultivators. However, it was also the most dangerous move within the Sword Dao. One mistake spelled death.

All sword cultivators warned their disciples not to attempt becoming one with their sword before the Netherpassage realm, as that was suicide.

However, Yue Zifeng had not just managed to reach that realm, but he could also use it in battle. Obviously, the path that he had blazed for himself was not a wrong one, or he’d have died from this move.

Although his merger was not yet perfect, he had taken the most difficult step. In the future, he would definitely be able to perfect this move.

Most admirable of all, Yue Zifeng had relied on his own comprehension to do it. He walked his own path. By now, that sword cultivator Empyrean no longer felt any anger over Yue Zifeng’s previous remark. He only felt respect and admiration.

Once that sword cultivator Empyrean left, Wu Yue said, “I should also be going. Although the Dragonblood Legion isn’t as powerful as I imagined, I see quite a few outstanding figures. Your fame isn’t for nothing. You are Long Chen, correct? You should be careful. There are many powerful figures vying for supremacy right now. You might be their first target because defeating you, the previous peak of this world, would be the most effective way for them to show off their power.”

“Many thanks for your words of wisdom. I’ll simply say this: if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. But the Dragonblood Legion isn’t afraid of trouble if it comes calling for us. If someone wants to climb higher by stepping on us, then I’m sorry, I’m not such a kindhearted man.” Long Chen cupped his fists as thanks for Wu Yue’s warning. Based on his character, perhaps the Nangong family wasn’t that bad.

“Well, I’ll take my leave then. If you have time, you can come to my Nangong family as guests. We also have an amazing genius. Perhaps you can become friends.” After saying that, Wu Yue waved his hand, leaving.

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