Chapter 2054 One Sword to Break It


As soon as Gu Yang attacked, Wu Yue also did. The two of them were both power-type fighters, and their fighting style was direct. Their two spears clashed in a heaven-shaking exchange.

The two of them shook, and then their spears swung through the air once more as they clashed again. As a result, it was Gu Yang who was forced back, shocked. This Wu Yue was actually stronger than him.

“Summon your manifestation. Because my manifestation has fully awakened, the Heavenly Dao energy naturally comes to support me. I can’t stop it. Summoning your manifestation is the only way to make it fair,” said Wu Yue.

An awakened Empyrean could summon Heavenly Dao energy at will. Even without their manifestation summoned, they could control more Heavenly Dao energy than an Empyrean whose manifestation hadn’t awakened.

However, Wu Yue was aboveboard and explained this right at the start of the battle, not like that fellow Long Chen had encountered in the Eastern Xuan City who was conning others.

Wu Yue’s kind of conduct was the style worthy of a powerful and ancient family. Even the Dragonblood warriors felt some admiration for him.

“Then I’ll embarrass myself.” Gu Yang nodded and summoned his manifestation. A rune lit up on his forehead, and an explosive power erupted within him.

Space rumbled as Gu Yang suddenly shot forward, his power raised to a certain peak.

“Good!” Wu Yue’s eyes lit up as his battle intent ignited. He didn’t like flashy exchanges. He would rather have a clash of brute power.

Wu Yue’s spear danced. Golden light flowed out of it, transforming into a blossoming lotus flower.

The ground rumbled as their spear-images clashed. Surging qi waves erupted.

“Boss Gu Yang has gotten even stronger!” exclaimed the Dragonblood warriors.

“That Wu Yue is also extremely powerful. Even without his manifestation, boss Gu Yang doesn’t have any advantage over him. He probably hasn’t even used eighty percent of his real power.”

“Really, the few of you only look on the surface. I feel like this Wu Yue is a very good match for Gu Yang,” said Guo Ran.

“A match? Are you using the wrong word?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Guo Ran shook his head. “No, that’s the right word. Look, that Wu Yue has quite the manly face. If we cut off his facial hair, he’d be very handsome. Then we put his facial hair onto Gu Yang’s head, and he’d be very handsome too. So don’t you think that they’re a good match?”

The surrounding people almost coughed up blood. Guo Ran’s brain definitely worked differently than others. The two of them were in the middle of fighting, and he was imagining how they could make up for each other’s weak spots.

Space continued to rumble as the fight between Gu Yang and Wu Yue intensified. Neither side was able to suppress the other.


Finally, the two of them retreated at the same time. Gu Yang coughed up a mouthful of blood, causing everyone to jump.

“I’ve lost,” sighed Gu Yang.

“Actually, it’s my loss. Without realizing it, I was naturally absorbing energy from the air to assist me. It was an instinct that I couldn’t control. But if we were in the same condition, I probably wouldn’t be a match for you. Well, saying that doesn’t mean anything. Once your manifestation has awakened, let’s have a real fight.” Wu Yue put away his spear.

He and Gu Yang actually ended up being friends through this battle. Sometimes fighting was able to make you understand someone in an instant. 

“Alright, then once I awaken my manifestation, I’ll definitely come to have a good fight with brother Wu.” Gu Yang nodded.

“Awaken your manifestation? You make it sound easy,” sneered the Corrupt expert.

Wu Yue’s expression sank, and he pointed his spear at him. “A group of fiends, the heavens haven’t put you in your place, so are you asking me to personally send you to hell?”

“Send me to hell? It seems that you don’t have that ability. Others might be afraid of your everlasting family, but the Corrupt path isn’t,” sneered that expert.

Although he had been a bit shocked at Wu Yue’s identity at the start, he had only found it to be surprising. He wasn’t particularly afraid. After all, any expert worthy of being sealed in the ancient era was a vicious character unwilling to be suppressed.

Killing intent appeared on Wu Yue’s face. He despised these fiends that never should have existed in this world. He was about to summon his manifestation when a figure walked out of the Dragonblood Legion.

“Leave this one to me.”

It was Yue Zifeng. Cheers rang out from the Dragonblood warriors. Yue Zifeng’s power gave him an extremely high position in their hearts.

Seeing Yue Zifeng have a sword on his back, the man with the sword hanging on his waist said, “We’re both sword cultivators. How about we exchange pointers?”

“You aren’t a sword cultivator,” said Yue Zifeng bluntly.

That man’s expression changed. These words were a bit hurtful. It was an insult to say that he wasn’t a sword cultivator.

“Are you ready? I’m going to attack.” Yue Zifeng ignored him though and looked at the Corrupt expert. His right hand slowly reached for his sword.

“A sword cultivator? I’ve already killed three. It seems that you’ll be the fourth.” The Corrupt expert smiled and suddenly took out a soul banner.

Buzzing rang out, and blood mist filled the air, turning the world red. Countless wails stabbed into people’s ears and even their souls.

The surrounding space seemed to have become a sea of blood. Within that sea of blood were the wails of countless souls in pain. Even the people outside the sea felt a needle-like pain in their heads.

As for Yue Zifeng who was within that sea of blood, just how terrifying was the impact on him? No one could tell.

“Bastard, this is a Soul Devouring Blood Sea! Just how many innocent people have you killed?!” shouted Wu Yue.

“Haha, so someone actually recognizes my Corrupt path’s famous Soul Devouring Blood Sea. Not bad, not bad. I’ll tell you then. I exterminated over three hundred sects to gather enough resentment to condense it. Then after another ten years of fighting, I don’t even know how much resentment I have gathered. But I can say that anyone who entered my blood sea has never been able to walk out. They will only become another resentful spirit strengthening it.”

The Corrupt expert laughed, and his manifestation suddenly appeared behind him. Countless sinister heads appeared within his blood sea, swimming toward Yue Zifeng.

These heads were condensed from the resentful spirits that had been slain by it. They were tortured to death in order to bring out as much resentment as possible. 

If there was the slightest weakness within your will, they would invade your soul. Even without any opening, their sharp cries would disturb the soul of anyone inside.

This kind of evil art had already been lost in the recent clashes between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. That was because there was no way for them to gather enough resentment to condense this Soul Devouring Blood Sea.

So in recent generations, such a thing had never appeared. But as someone from an everlasting family, Wu Yue knew about it.

“It’s just a deviant ability. I’ll break it with one swing of my sword.”

Yue Zifeng’s expression was still calm even in the middle of the Soul Devouring Blood Sea. The screeching cries and soul invasion of the resentful spirits were unable to shake his Dao-heart.

Suddenly, his sword came out of his sheath, and it was like a dragon cry combined with a flash of lightning. Sword Qi slashed out.

“Haha, it’s useless. My Soul Devouring Blood Sea is condensed of Spiritual Strength. It’s formless… what?!”

Just as the Corrupt expert was laughing, his blood sea was cut in two by Yue Zifeng’s sword. Those resentful spirits disintegrated in front of it.

The will contained within his sword surpassed the Heavenly Daos. It was a peerless sword, above the heavens, above the earth, above gods, and above devils. With one slash, heaven and earth shook, while gods and ghosts fled.

The Sword Qi continued through the blood sea to the Corrupt expert. Without any hesitation, the Corrupt expert raised his soul banner in front of him.

Shockingly, this terrifying divine item was also sliced in two by Yue Zifeng’s sword. It then cut off a piece of the Corrupt expert’s head.

This one slash stunned everyone who saw it. The Corrupt expert’s soul almost fled in terror. He suddenly threw the destroyed soul banner at Yue Zifeng. “Explode!”

He was actually detonating his own divine item. However, another sharp sword-light flashed, destroying his soul banner and not letting it explode.

The Corrupt expert was finally afraid. Even when he had swept through the world with Tian Xiezi, he had never encountered such a terrifying sword cultivator.

He suddenly bit off a finger, drawing a rune in the air with it. “Heavenly Evil Blood Evasion!”

This was an evasive art, one of his trump cards for preserving his life. However, just as he was about to jump within the rune, Yue Zifeng’s sword tip pointed toward him.

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