Chapter 2053 Nangong Family

There were two ancient mountains standing guard over the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s main gates. These mountains came from their ancestral lands. Rumor was that the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow had possessed a divine totem that they worshipped when they were first born. It was a symbol of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. 

In front of the gates were quite a few experts. However, none of them were speaking to each other. It seemed that they were all strangers.

These people had already been here for several days. They were experts from the ancient sects and powers that had heard of the Dragonblood Legion’s name.

These disciples were not the peerless geniuses that had been sealed away, and they weren’t qualified to challenge Long Chen. However, since they weren’t peerless geniuses, that meant that they could challenge the Dragonblood warriors. They wanted to know just how strong this rumored number one legion was.

However, no matter what they shouted, there wasn’t the slightest response from within. Through the formation, they could see how busy people were inside.

They had shouted for several days and even seen some Dragonblood warriors. Most of the disciples who had come here simply sneered at the Dragonblood warriors for a bit before leaving.

However, some decided to stay and wait for the Dragonblood warriors.

Either way, they would not barge into the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s territory. If they did, that wouldn’t be a challenge but a provocation that would lead to battle.

So, they simply continued to stand outside the gates, occasionally throwing out some mocking words. That didn’t break any rules.

“Hmph, what Dragonblood Legion? They should call themselves the Turtle Legion! What a waste of time,” sneered one expert. He finally lost patience and turned to leave.

Just at this moment, the gates began to rumble. The grand formation shook as countless runes spread out, creating a giant gate that opened.

A black-robed man slowly walked out, followed by a group of experts that gave off a sharp, sword-like aura.

“Long Chen!”

Startled cries rang out. Even these people that had just returned to the Martial Heaven Continent knew Long Chen’s name. Although they had never seen him in person, they had looked at photographic jades of him. They immediately became serious.

They were not the top experts of their time. Although they also came from powerful backgrounds, in the face of the hegemon of this time, they were still a bit nervous.

“Three Empyreans with awakened manifestations. Amazing. Are you the peak experts of your sects?” asked Long Chen.

“No. We are just disciples born around this time. We are not the geniuses who were sealed,” said a man who stood in the air, a sword hanging on his waist. He was a powerful Empyrean whose manifestation had awakened. Although he had yet to summon his manifestation, just standing there, the Heavenly Daos seemed to revolve around him.

“It seems that we came to the wrong place. Who would have thought that the number one legion of this current era wouldn’t even have a single awakened Empyrean?” said another person. He was a large mustached man whose bare arms were exposed. He was most likely a power-type fighter.

“This is the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one legion? What a meaningless title. Long Chen, how about you come out? Let me see whether the number one expert of the current world deserves his fame,” said a thin man. He was extremely tall, and combined with how thin he was, he gave off the impression of a bamboo tree. He was pale like he had never seen sunlight before, and when he spoke, his chillingly white teeth revealed themselves.

They had clearly come for the Dragonblood Legion, but they hadn’t expected that there wouldn’t be a single awakened Empyrean amongst them. They were disappointed. Without any awakened Empyreans, the Dragonblood Legion would only be suppressed. They clearly weren’t on the same level.

Long Chen looked at the slender man and shook his head. “Even the Corrupt path’s people dare to come out so brazenly? Are you really not afraid of me cutting off your head?”

Long Chen instantly saw through that person’s origins. There was no way to conceal the bloody aura emitted by him. He had to have killed countless experts.

In truth, both Long Chen and the Dragonblood warriors also had the blood of countless experts on their hands, but it was the vileness of the Corrupt experts that caused endless resentment to gather around them. They even used that resentment to cultivate. It was an extremely evil kind of cultivation.

However, in the Corrupt path’s ideology, the weak could not be classified as humans. The only meaning behind their existence was to serve the strong. So the Corrupt path’s experts didn’t even bother trying to hide their evil air.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you’re too arrogant. Do you think this world is the same as before? Do you think you’re still unrivaled? Let me tell you, the Martial Heaven Continent has already fallen, and your era is the weakest era. Any genius that was worth sealing in the past has accomplishments far beyond the likes of you. If you wish to live, you had best learn how to walk with your tail between your legs, understood?” sneered the Corrupt expert. He didn’t feel much fear for Long Chen.

“Based on your tone, were you also sealed in the past? You aren’t from this generation, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Correct. I am one of Tian Xiezi’s one hundred and eight guards. All the guards were sealed together with Tian Xiezi. In our time, we dominated the Martial Heaven Continent. Your grandfather had yet to be born at that time, so in front of us, you’re all just a bunch of children,” laughed the Corrupt expert.

The Dragonblood warriors’ expressions darkened.

“Dominated the Martial Heaven Continent? What a joke. If you really had dominated the Martial Heaven Continent, wouldn’t the entire Righteous path have been slaughtered? If you want to lie, put some thought into it. You wouldn’t even be able to trick a child.” Long Chen shook his head.

Although there was a time when the Righteous path had been suppressed, it definitely hadn’t reached the point of being dominated. Otherwise, there would no longer be a Righteous path.

“Hmph, you don’t believe it because you don’t know anything. In our time, Tian Xiezi rose like a shooting star, slaughtering the members of the Corrupt path. In the end, if it weren’t for the Righteous path allying with many different powers to fight us, the Righteous path would have long since vanished from this world.”

“Tch, how is that dominating? All you did was get halfway before retreating back to your tortoise shell. You clearly weren’t able to fight the entire world, so you shrank away, and yet that’s called unrivaled domination by you? Do you even have a sense of shame?” At this moment, Guo Ran interjected himself into the conversation.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter. Isn’t the Dragonblood Legion supposed to be the number one legion of the continent? Let us see your power. Where did all this talking come from?” sneered the Corrupt expert. He was clearly fearless and openly provoking them.

“I’ll handle you.” Gu Yang couldn’t endure it any longer and walked forward with his spear.

That Corrupt expert was about to speak when the large mustached man walked forward, getting between them.

“It seems you’re a power-type fighter. It just so happens that I’m the same. I’ve already awakened my manifestation, but I won’t bully you. I won’t summon my manifestation, so we should be able to have a fair match. As for the Corrupt path, there’s nothing interesting about fighting a group of demonic monsters like them.”

The Corrupt expert’s expression sank upon hearing this.

“Exactly, we came here to exchange pointers. We have no malice. Although I’m a bit disappointed, I have to admit that you’re all true warriors,” said the man with the sword hanging on his waist.

The mustached man said, “Come. Let me see just how strong the Dragonblood Legion is. I hope you won’t disappoint me too much.” He also took out a spear. Strange runes flowed along it, giving it an ancient and heavy air. “My name is Wu Yue. I’m a core disciple from the Nangong family.”

Hearing that he came from the Nangong family, the Corrupt expert’s expression twitched. The Dongfang, Ximen, Nangong, and Beitang families possessed immense power. The other experts’ expressions also changed, especially because of this person’s name.

A core disciple from the Nangong family should have the surname Nangong, but he was actually surnamed Wu. The Nangong family was actually so powerful that it raised an outer disciple to such an extent.

“My name is Gu Yang, the first captain of Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion. To be able to encounter an expert like you is an honor. Let’s not waste any more time.” Gu Yang took a deep breath. With a cry, he suddenly stepped forward, spear-images filling the sky.

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