Chapter 2047 Dongfang Yuyang

During these days, quite a few ancient powers that had come out recently had sent a few of their people to the Martial Heaven Alliance. It could count as an expression of goodwill.

Many of those sects and powers had had relationships with the Martial Heaven Alliance before sealing themselves off. By sending people over, they were both indicating that they hadn’t forgotten that past relationship as well as telling the Martial Heaven Alliance to announce to the world that they had returned.

Although there were also ancient powers resurfacing amongst the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and even the Corrupt path, the majority of the powers coming out were connected to the Martial Heaven Alliance.

That was why this return of the ancient powers was not a bad thing to the Martial Heaven Alliance. With them present, the Martial Heaven Alliance would not be forced into a passive position.

“The Dongfang family? Who are they?” asked Long Chen.

“They are one of the four everlasting families. They existed in the same glorious era as the Sovereigns, and their foundations run deep. Come greet them with me. We can’t make them wait,” said Qu Jianying.

“Then I just won’t go. I’m thinking of going to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race next. I still have a lot to do.” Long Chen wasn’t interested in the everlasting families.

He understood Qu Jianying’s meaning. She wanted him to come so that at the very least, he was a familiar face to the people of the everlasting families. That would make it easier for him to form connections in the future, but Long Chen was never in the habit of doing such a thing. 

If you helped him, he would help you. But asking him to curry favor was impossible.

“You have to.” Qu Jianying directly ordered him, not giving him any room to negotiate.

“Come on, you are the Martial Heaven Alliance’s number one genius. If you weren’t here, then it wouldn’t matter, but since you are here, if you don’t go, wouldn’t that mean that you were putting on airs?” said Ye Lingshan with a smile.

Long Chen was startled, not expecting Ye Lingshan to possess such eloquence. She left him with no room to retreat.

“Not everyone is as bad as you imagine. Many of those ancient experts have their own elegance. They are also geniuses that crushed their generation, and they’re not necessarily your enemy. Having more friends is good.” Seeing Long Chen hesitate, Ye Lingshan pulled him away.

Long Chen helplessly followed. Within the palace, there was a group of young men and women waiting for them.

They were all young. The men were handsome and the women were beautiful. They wore white robes, looking like transcendent figures.

Their leader was a particularly handsome man. His face was enough to infatuate countless women. He wore a jade belt and a golden crown that made him look grand and majestic without appearing tyrannical.

Even Long Chen had to admit that this man was very handsome. It was the kind of appearance that posed the greatest threat to a woman’s heart.

Seeing Qu Jianying, Long Chen, and Ye Lingshan, this man bowed. “Disciple Dongfang Yuyang greets the alliance head. The old family head is old in years, so it wasn’t convenient for him to come. He sent this little one to express his sincerest regret.”

His voice was also warm like jade, and he acted in a refined manner that was neither servile nor overbearing. It was definitely the perfect style for a disciple from a major family. 

This Dongfang Yuyang possessed a special kind of charisma. He seemed mature, steady, and capable, giving people a feeling like they could trust him.

Upon hearing his name, Qu Jianying and Ye Lingshan were startled. There was a record of supreme experts within the Martial Heaven Alliance’s historical records. From the records, they knew that he was a supreme expert from eight thousand years ago, the greatest genius of the Dongfang family. 

When he was born, he had caused a heavenly manifestation to descend and envelop the entire Dongfang family. So he had been viewed importantly by the family ever since he was born.

The result of that special care was that Dongfang Yuyang was born with an innate connection to the Heavenly Daos. He didn’t face a single obstacle on his cultivation path. It was like he was protected by the Heavenly Daos and was a true son of the heavens.

All the heavenly geniuses of his era were eclipsed by his glory. They could only nurse their pride in the dark. Although Dongfang Yuyang had only been a Life Star disciple at that time, he was unrivaled within his generation.

It was said that even a Netherpassage expert of the third step had been slain by him. In his era, that was the peak of the continent.

That was why at that time, the Dongfang family had decided that they could not allow Dongfang Yuyang to simply roam around the world. They had sealed him and gone into seclusion, awaiting the great era.

With the qi flow eruption coming up, Dongfang Yuyang was woken from his seal. He was clearly aiming to become a Sovereign.

Such a figure had actually personally come to the Martial Heaven Alliance and spoken as a disciple.

“You’re too courteous. To personally witness the glory of the peak genius of eight thousand years ago is our blessing,” said Qu Jianying when she recovered from her shock.

“I was sealed when I was only thirty-six years old, so the way I speak might have some discrepancies with the current era. I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m lacking in etiquette. This is just a small gift from my Dongfang family. I hope that you won’t laugh at its contents.” Dongfang Yuyang beckoned, and a woman behind him walked forward with a jade case.

“The Dongfang family is too courteous.” Qu Jianying smiled. Ye Lingshan walked forward and accepted the jade case, expressing her thanks to Dongfang Yuyang.

“I heard that the successor of the Martial Heaven Alliance was a nation-toppling beauty. Now I see that it’s true. Most amazing of all, your manifestation is in the midst of evolving. You’ll be able to awaken it within ten days. Let me congratulate you ahead of time,” said Dongfang Yuyang.

Qu Jianying and Ye Lingshan were both badly startled by this. Ye Lingshan just came out of seclusion three days ago as Qu Jianying had opened the Martial Heaven Alliance’s divine spring for her. The Martial Heaven Alliance only had a little bit of that divine liquid left, enough for just one person.

Thanks to that, Ye Lingshan’s manifestation had started to progress. There really were signs that she was about to fully awaken her manifestation.

However, that matter was something Ye Lingshan had only told Qu Jianying. No one else had known about it.

Ye Lingshan was not releasing her aura, but Dongfang Yuyang had still noticed some clues. His gaze was shockingly sharp. His cultivation base had reached an unfathomable level. 

“Miss Lingshan, please don’t blame me for being rude. When I awakened my manifestation, I also went through this process, which is why I sensed it. I wasn’t trying to pry. I only said that because I was happy that another awakened Empyrean will soon be appearing within our human race,” said Dongfang Yuyang hastily.

“No, I’m not angry. I’m simply amazed by your perceptiveness,” said Ye Lingshan. She wasn’t angry. She looked at her master. Having taken the jade case, she didn’t know if she was supposed to put it away or open it.

“This is just a small gift from the Dongfang family. You can open it and look. To tell the truth, this was arranged by the family head, so even I don’t know what’s inside,” said Dongfang Yuyang.

Hearing that, they naturally had to open the case. Seeing her master nod, Ye Lingshan was about to open it when Long Chen, who hadn’t said anything this entire time, suddenly said, “Be careful of being bitten.”

Qu Jianying’s expression immediately darkened. Why did this little brat have to be so similar to the old man?

Those disciples of the Dongfang family immediately glared at him coldly. Was Long Chen doubting their sincerity?

On the other hand, Dongfang Yuyang didn’t show any displeasure. He looked at Long Chen, a faint light shining within his eyes. “You must be the current world’s number one expert, Long Chen. Seeing you today, I must say that you really are a dragon amongst men. Nice to meet you.”

“You’re too courteous. I wouldn’t dare to be called the world’s number one expert. Compared to the geniuses that once dominated their generation like you, I definitely can’t compare. You were all unrivaled, while I’m beaten black and blue. Originally, I was hoping to make a living with my handsomeness, but after seeing you, it seems I’ll have to change plans, or I might starve to death.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

“Hahaha, brother Long is too humble. Such direct words show a clear heart. It was definitely the right thing to come here today. I’m happy to see sister Lingshan and brother Long’s abilities,” said Dongfang Yuyang. The tense atmosphere once more relaxed.

Qu Jianying sighed with relief. Dongfang Yuyang was a genius of the ancient era. When it came to his accomplishments or fame, he was greater than Long Chen. She truly hoped that Long Chen could have some allies like this. 

Long Chen had practically flipped the continent, and the world was filled with his enemies. She really was worried that Long Chen would die one day.

Although the Martial Heaven Alliance was powerful and known as the continent’s number one alliance, they weren't completely united, and so when it came to reliability, they could not compare to the immense power of an everlasting family.

Seeing that Dongfang Yuyang could talk and laugh with Long Chen, she felt much more at ease. She told Ye Lingshan, “Go ahead and open it. Let’s see what’s inside.”

Le Lingshan nodded and was about to open it when Long Chen once more spoke.

“Be careful of being bitten.”

Qu Jianying’s expression changed, and she was so angry that she had an urge to slap Long Chen. As for those disciples that had come with Dongfang Yuyang, killing intent started to manifest within them.

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