Chapter 2046 Dongfang Family

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

When Long Chen arrived in front of the gates of the Xuantian Dao Sect, the disciples guarding the gates shouted excitedly.

It had been a long time since Long Chen had returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect. After the battle in the Yin Yang World, Qu Jianying had expelled Long Chen from the Martial Heaven Alliance, infuriating the disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Long Chen belonged to their sect. He was their pride, as well as their pillar. After that, Long Chen had announced that he was establishing his own separate entity, the Dragonblood Legion. Although he said that he was allied with the Martial Heaven Alliance, it was still difficult to accept, especially to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. They had thought that he might never return.

Long Chen patted those disciples on the shoulder with a smile. “No matter where I go, we will still be a family. The Xuantian Dao Sect is my home.”

Long Chen had deep feelings for the Xuantian Dao Sect. He didn’t want a disaster to befall it while he wasn’t here.

In the end, although the Dragonblood Legion was now an external existence, the Xuantian Dao Sect still existed in his heart.

When Long Chen walked in, the entire sect became chaotic. Even some disciples in seclusion came running out.

“Long Chen, you finally returned. I thought that you no longer cared about us,” said Hua Shiyu, her eyes red.

Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Wang Zhen, Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, all the experts that had once fought alongside him came over, filled with various emotions.

“Let me tell you, such words have to be kept on the down-low. Don’t let that jealous girl of mine hear them, or she won’t let me have the end of it,” joked Long Chen.

Hua Shiyu reddened, but this joking manner only made them feel that Long Chen was still Long Chen.

“I’ll go pay my respects to the Xuan Master first. Once I come back, we’ll have a real drink. I’ll treat you to some fish.” Long Chen waved to them.

This place was the Xuantian Dao Sect, his home. He had to greet the Xuan Master first, or it would be rude.

“Xuan Master, patriarch.” Long Chen walked into the Xuantian Tower. At the top level, he bowed toward Li Tianxuan and the patriarch.

“Really, you… well, just sit first.”

Originally, Li Tianxuan had wanted to chide Long Chen for his actions recently, but seeing him well, he couldn’t be bothered to say anything.

Due to guaranteeing that Long Chen would survive, Li Tianxuan had been under immense pressure. It was his first time feeling like he might be crushed by that invisible pressure. Each day had been a kind of torment for him.

However, when it came to Long Chen, Li Tianxuan didn’t know what to do either. Long Chen’s intelligence was not inferior to his, and yet he always did some dumbfoundingly stupid things.

“I’ve implicated you. Please accept this wine as my apology.” Long Chen directly took out a jug. He knew that he was still too young. He hadn’t expected the old man to actually want to charge into Pill Valley to save him. If Li Tianxuan hadn’t stopped him, Long Chen would have been filled with shame over that matter.

“Alright, I can’t be bothered to say anything about it. The qi flow eruption is imminent. Various powers are surfacing, and all kinds of monsters are coming out. This world belongs to the young. We can only be spectators, so just do as you please!” Li Tianxuan sighed, receiving the wine.

This offering of Long Chen’s was the wine that the High Priest had given him. He was actually giving it away instead of drinking it himself, but he didn’t feel any pain over it.

The patriarch said, “Based on your tone, are you saying that you’re old as well now? Then what about a real old-timer like me?”

Li Tianxuan laughed and passed the wine to him. 

After a few bowls of the wine had entered their bellies, they had discussed the current situation, and Li Tianxuan had finished asking Long Chen about what had happened in Pill Valley.

Upon hearing the details, Li Tianxuan’s expression became a bit grave. He had an urge to say something, but he chose not to in the end.

Eventually, Long Chen left. Watching him leave, the patriarch asked, “What did you want to say?”

Li Tianxuan said, “I feel like the qi flow eruption coming early is strange. It might be something that Pill Valley did.”

“Pill Valley? You really think that’s possible?”

“Actually, I feel like there is some unspeakable secret behind why Pill Valley opened the Brahma secret realm open to everyone. Long Chen might have ruined their plan, but this qi flow eruption might be another plot of theirs.”

“If you had such a guess, why didn’t you tell Long Chen?”

Li Tianxuan shook his head. “If this really was something that Pill Valley did, then speaking of it is definitely not a good thing. Pill Valley forcibly changed the flow of the Heavenly Daos. This is an act against the heavens, and I don’t know what trump card Pill Valley has to dare do such a thing. But any karma related to it is definitely serious, and I can’t implicate Long Chen with it.”

The patriarch could only sigh upon hearing that. “Just what is Pill Valley up to?”

Li Tianxuan began to pace. “I don’t understand this move of Yu Xiaoyun’s. Perhaps it’s related to the gods.”

“With something so huge, don’t you think you should at least subtly indicate something to Long Chen?”

“This relates to the Heavenly Daos, and the entire continent’s qi flow. If Pill Valley wants to scheme against the heavens, let them. I refuse to believe a person’s schemes can go against the heavens. Even if this world has declined, it’s still not something that can be schemed against.” Li Tianxuan shook his head. “Furthermore…”

Li Tianxuan cast his gaze toward the plaza where Long Chen was speaking with Hua Shiyu, Wang Zhen, and the others. He smiled coldly.

Furthermore, a Divergent was an existence not even the heavens could control. No matter how great the scheme, if it encountered Long Chen, countless unexpected things would occur. Whoever schemed against Long Chen would not have a good end.

Heavenly Fate Island was a perfect example, but Pill Valley hadn’t viewed them as a warning for their actions. Instead, they decided to go on an even grander scale. Li Tianxuan really wanted to see just what Yu Xiaoyun was relying on.

Long Chen stayed a night with the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, drinking with them until the sky lit up once more. It was like they had returned to their days of celebrating after defeating the sea demon tide at the eastern sea.

However, the next day, Long Chen left. He sat in a transportation formation straight for the Martial Heaven Alliance’s headquarters.

As expected, as soon as he saw Qu Jianying, she went crazy. Fortunately, Long Chen had come prepared. He had first found Ye Lingshan before seeing Qu Jianying.

Ye Lingshan naturally understood and held back her master, allowing Long Chen to avoid his awkward fate. After all, Qu Jianying was his senior, and he couldn't retaliate.

Once Qu Jianying’s rage faded, Long Chen hastily handed over a jug of wine. He knew that the people that cared about him the most had been very worried during this time.

So Long Chen had no intention of fighting back. He was prepared to face the scolding and cursing. In any case, there was no way she would really kill him.

“Do you think I’m the same as that old ghost? Is this little piss wine supposed to calm me down?” snorted Qu Jianying.

“Isn’t this because I’m acknowledging my mistake? It’s fine if you want to beat and curse me, but I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself in your fury. Then my mistake would get even worse,” chortled Long Chen, knowing that Qu Jianying’s rage had passed.

However, upon seeing that naughty smile of his, Qu Jianying’s rage returned. “You little bastard, you better start behaving yourself now! Various powerful existences have come out because the qi flow eruption is coming. Those hidden sects are all appearing, and any balance that exists currently is hanging by the slightest thread. There hasn’t been any huge fighting yet, but you aren’t permitted to cause any chaos!”

The ancient powers appeared after the phenomenon had occurred. As a result, the conflicts between the original powers of the continent had instantly resolved, as they could no longer afford to keep fighting amongst themselves. Now, none of them was thinking about fighting.

The current situation on the continent was very strange. Although it looked like all kinds of marvelous geniuses were appearing, there were hidden undercurrents. Whether it was the Martial Heaven Alliance, Pill Valley, the ancient races, or the Corrupt path, they were all just keeping watch.

In other words, all the trouble that Long Chen had caused before had been forcibly wiped away for now. This was a rare chance to gain some breathing room. Hence, she needed to make sure that Long Chen didn’t cause any new trouble for now.

“Listen well, the everlasting families have a certain relationship with the Martial Heaven Alliance. Hold yourself back. Do not go offend them, understood?” warned Qu Jianying.

“Ah… what if they provoke me first?” asked Long Chen.

“Even then, you have to endure it for me!” raged Qu Jianying.

Just at this momentum, an Elder walked in, respectfully reporting, “Alliance head, experts from the Dongfang family have come to give their greetings.”

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