Chapter 2044 The Third Great Slap in the Face

This powerful punch contained the power of the Heavenly Daos. Spatial energy circulated, making it impossible to dodge.

This attack didn’t just envelop Long Chen. Even the experts in the distance that were retreating suddenly found that they were within its range. 

The more powerful Empyreans had it better off. They merely felt space twisting around them, causing their speed to fall.

However, the rank nine Celestials were shocked to find that space had frozen around them. They couldn’t move.

“Are we going to die?”

Those experts felt despair. They had never thought that the power of awakened Empyreans was so terrifying.

It was said that the power of Empyreans with awakened manifestations was enough to topple mountains and invert the seas. It was the power to suppress the world.

However, then they had heard that Long Chen had managed to fight thirteen such Empyreans, even killing two of them, causing the awe that people felt for awakened manifestations to fall.

Perhaps they weren’t as legendary as the legends said. After all, they had only seen them through photographic jades and were unable to sense their terrifying pressure and Heavenly Dao energy.

However, this awakened Empyrean in front of them had gone insane from being slapped by Long Chen. He was even igniting his essence blood in his rage.

If Long Chen unleashed a full-strength counterattack to receive his crazy attack, then while the Empyreans would be fine, anyone below a rank nine Celestial would be blown to bits by the explosive shockwaves.

In fact, it was very likely that this mysterious man had used some secret technique to activate a paragon art! Otherwise, such terrifying spatial constrictions were inconceivable.

Those weaker experts were unable to even speak. They could only hope for Long Chen to save them.

Long Chen was still in his strange posture. His divine ring appeared behind him, slowly spinning. Five stars also appeared in his eyes, but no white scales appeared on his body.

His expression was calm. He patiently awaited his opponent’s fist to arrive.

“Die! Exploding Blaze Meteor Fist!”


Long Chen also let out a shout. Upon twisting his waist, his right hand transformed into a blur that flew past his opponent’s fist and struck him in the face.

Another crisp explosive sound rang out, and he was once more sent flying, once more following the same path. However, this time, he continued beyond the horizon.

Several breaths’ time passed, but he still didn’t return.

The spatial restriction faded, and those experts regained their freedom. Having just survived a brush past death, they were still filled with some lingering fear.

“That’s done.” Long Chen patted his hands as if he had done something insignificant. He walked over to those frightened women he had been with and smiled. “Alright, I’ve helped you vent. Next time, if anyone makes things hard on you, just tell me and I’ll make sure to beat them black and blue. I have some stuff to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Long Chen waved and actually walked away, going toward the city.

Watching him leave, the woman who had been caught by that man couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. Her eyes were red, and she almost cried.

She knew that she and Long Chen were in different worlds. The connection between the two of them would be forever limited to this brief interaction.

An unrivaled hero like Long Chen who crushed the rest of his generation was in a completely different realm compared to her. There was no way to bridge that gap.

The experts present were all filled with reverence and worship for Long Chen as they watched him leave. That unstoppable disciple of an everlasting family had been unable to receive a blow from Long Chen.

Long Chen hadn’t even fought him. He had simply slapped him three times, and the third time, Long Chen had slapped him so hard that he had vanished. The difference between the two of them was not just a matter of one or two levels.

That terrifying expert still wasn’t qualified to challenge Long Chen. That meant that Long Chen really had reached an unimaginable level.

They also understood why Long Chen ignored his taunts. He had never viewed him as a real opponent.

“Can’t smile, can’t smile. Stay calm, look like a transcendent expert. Hehe, but I really can’t endure it…”

Long Chen knew that the crowd was watching him, but he really was too happy right now. The eighth form of Split the Heavens had practically been made for him.

Its focus was the control of power. To Long Chen, that could not be simpler. However, to others, it was as difficult as ascending the heavens.

Others only had one astral space where their power was gathered, but Long Chen had 108,000 of them that he could use freely.

He could use one hundred of them at once, or he could use a thousand of them. It all just depended on what he wanted. 

When it came to his control in his regard, he was even greater than the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s old man.

Actually, he could have controlled the eighth form of Split the Heavens in just a short moment, but he had concealed it in an attempt to weasel the ninth form out of the old man.

It was like he was saying, “Look at how stupid I am, it took me forever to learn the eighth form. Even if you taught me the ninth form, I wouldn’t be able to learn it, so it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

However, the old man hadn’t fallen for it. He hadn’t even given Long Chen a crumb about the ninth form.

As soon as Long Chen had learned the eighth form, he had been thinking about how he could use it. He had managed to infer many things from its base technique.

As for this disciple of an everlasting family, he was truly powerful, powerful enough to even surprise Long Chen. At the very least, he was much stronger than those awakened Empyreans he had fought before. 

Before this, Long Chen would have been forced to bring out his real power to handle him. But after merging the eighth form of Split the Heavens with his divine face-slapping art, he managed to defeat him effortlessly and even put on such a marvelous show.

Long Chen walked into the Huayun auction house, but Zheng Wenlong hadn’t arrived yet. He had already alerted Zheng Wenlong yesterday that he was coming, so he was surprised that he wasn't here.

As an outstanding businessman, Zheng Wenlong had always been the one waiting for him. It seemed that this was Long Chen’s first time waiting for him.

The attendant respectfully poured tea for Long Chen. She was also a disciple of the Huayun Sect. She was quite pretty, and her cultivation base had reached the Life Star realm. However, based on her aura, she had just broken through and couldn’t control her aura perfectly yet.

Long Chen sighed inside. Zheng Wenlong’s life was really good. He actually had Netherpassage experts as bodyguards, as well as all kinds of attendants.

Then he thought of himself. He was surrounded by enemies, not attendants. Should he switch professions and become a businessman?

He shook his head. Making money as a businessman was slow. Plundering was much better. Thinking of the mountains of spirit crystals inside the primal chaos space, he smiled.

For Long Chen to suddenly smile made his attendant jump. “Sorry, did I do something wrong?”

This attendant was young and nervous. After all, Long Chen was a peak genius who had shaken the continent. Normal people never had a chance to interact with him.

If she hadn’t advanced to the Life Star realm, she wouldn’t be qualified to wait on him. For Long Chen to smile now, she thought that she had done something wrong.

“No, I’m just happy about some little business I finished recently,” said Long Chen.

Hearing that, the attendant calmed down. “Your little business probably isn’t small at all. We all heard of it. Here is your tea!”

The attendant passed over a cup of tea that she had just steeped with both hands.

Long Chen thanked her and received it with both hands as well. That kind of etiquette surprised her as it was a very humble action. He was actually treating her as an equal.

Sipping it, Long Chen said, “You know of it as well? Hehe, I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the Huayun Sect’s business though.”

Although Long Chen had a vast sum on his body right now, that kind of wealth still made him a beggar in the eyes of the Huayun Sect. With their terrifying foundation, he didn’t want to be viewed as a country bumpkin.

“Speaking of which, what is Zheng Wenlong busy with?” asked Long Chen.

“He’s a busy man. The various sects and families that have appeared recently are all business opportunities. He’s gone to personally greet them,” said the attendant.

Long Chen nodded. Businessmen really were businessmen. They couldn’t give up on any business opportunities. He was taking the initiative to greet these ancient powers without the slightest hesitation.

Long Chen continued to chat with the attendant. Occasionally she would laugh. The time passed very quickly, and after two hours, Zheng Wenlong finally arrived, looking worn out from travel.

He apologized, “Sorry to make you wait. On my way back, we encountered an unconscious expert. We saved him and learned that it was actually someone from the everlasting families. Don’t you think that’s coincidental? Hm, what is it?”

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