Chapter 2042 Arrogant and Despotic

That sword instantly arrived in front of Long Chen, causing others to jump in fright.

That sword was a divine item that had been sent flying by the current expert challenging the man enveloped by divine light. It was actually coincidentally flying toward Long Chen.

The power of that sword made the people beside him turn pale with terror. Even if Long Chen blocked it, the shockwaves would definitely kill them.

However, the sword suddenly came to a stop in the air. The immense power it was unleashing also vanished, like a stone falling into a sea. Two fingers had caught the tip of the sword, wiping out all the power behind it.

Long Chen hadn’t wanted to cause a disturbance here. By accompanying these women into the crowd here, he had been very low key. But this action of his immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“Long Chen!”

Startled cries out. Of everyone present, the only one capable of stopping such a terrifying attack like this was Long Chen.

“Sorry, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…” The red-faced ancient race disciple walked over. That sword was his. Not only had he lost, but his sword even caused such a ruckus. It was an embarrassment.

This disciple had actually gone into the Brahma secret realm as well. He hadn’t joined Pill Valley’s side, so he couldn’t count as Long Chen’s enemy. In fact, because Long Chen had let people like him into the core region and cut down the divine pillars so that everyone could benefit, he was actually quite grateful to him.

“Winning and losing is common. I also almost lost my life in Pill Valley, but I’m still living well now.” Long Chen smiled slightly and returned the sword to him.

That disciple couldn’t help feeling grateful. The comfort of a supreme expert like Long Chen was especially touching.

It was true that in the end, it was Long Chen who had fled from the battle in the Brahma secret realm. But no one could say that he had lost. For Long Chen to use his own wretched state to comfort this person made the surrounding experts feel even greater respect for him. They also understood why Long Chen possessed such powerful charisma. Other experts did not treat the weak kindly while still being domineering in the face of other experts.

In fact, it was commonly the opposite for other experts. They were show-offs in front of the weak while dogs in front of the strong. This was also one reason why so many people worshipped Long Chen.

People looked toward the women that had been with Long Chen. They didn’t seem too special.

“You are Long Chen?” The man in divine light looked down at Long Chen from the sky.

Long Chen smiled derisively. “Why bother asking? If you didn’t know who I was, would you have tested me like this?”

The sword that Long Chen had just blocked hadn’t just contained the power of the ancient race disciple. It had also contained this mysterious man’s power. He had clearly sent it flying over to Long Chen intentionally.

“Hmph, I heard that you claim to be the present age’s strongest expert?”

“Were you sleeping in a coffin for so long that your ears rotted, or did your brain turn to mush? Who said that I claimed to be the strongest? Ignoring others, the Wine God Palace’s High Priest and the Divine Ice Palace’s Daoist Heavenly Feather could crush me with a single finger. If you want to challenge me, find a better reason. To tell the truth, I’ve long since grown tired of this kind of unchanging show-off method.” Long Chen shook his head.

The other experts present couldn’t help cheering for this development. They had long since found this mysterious man to be irritating. His mouth was especially malicious. 

Everyone on the continent knew Long Chen’s character. His arrogance was not a show for others. He wouldn’t say something like he was the strongest person in the world. This was clearly a taunt.

“Hmph, cut the crap. Do you dare to fight?” demanded the mysterious man.

“Nope.” Long Chen shrugged indifferently.

“You…” The mysterious man almost coughed up blood. This response was especially unexpected.

“I still haven’t recovered from my last battle, so I don’t want to fight. That’s one reason. Another reason is that I don’t like meaningless battles, nor do I exchange pointers with people for some empty title. If you want to say that you’re the strongest, then you’re the strongest. If you want to say that I’m trash, then fine, my skin isn’t made of paper. But you should know that even arrogance has its limits. If you go past a certain point, you’ll have to pay a price.” Long Chen had long since stopped being the youth that had walked out of the Phoenix Cry Empire whose blood would grow hot as soon as someone provoked him.

Perhaps that was growth. He had become more reserved, so even seeing so many unbridled people, he didn’t feel indignant. If they wanted to be unbridled, then fine. As long as they didn’t run into him, he didn’t care.

“You really spout a lot of crap. Do you dare to fight or not? Could it be that your title as the number one expert is a fake?” sneered the mysterious man.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, teach him a lesson!”

“Exactly, they’re from a completely different era than us. Don’t let them look down on us.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, these people are all too arrogant.”

Countless shouts rang out from the crowd. This mysterious man had drawn too much fury recently, but no one was able to beat him.

“It isn’t that he doesn’t want to fight but that he doesn’t dare to. He might be able to claim to be king over your era, but hmph, in our era, he wouldn’t even be fit to carry the shoes of the top geniuses. Once he fights, he’ll no longer be able to say he’s number one,” sneered the mysterious man.

“Provoking me is useless. Tell me, what power are you from?” asked Long Chen.

“Hmph, someone who doesn’t even dare to fight isn’t qualified to know my origins.”

“Alright, then goodbye. I’m actually quite busy.”

Long Chen turned and walked away. He had real business to discuss with Zheng Wenlong.

“Hmph, I knew that your fame was fake. You really are trash,” sneered the mysterious man.

Seeing Long Chen leave, the others couldn’t help feeling disappointed. They had hoped for Long Chen to come out and win some face back for their era.

“You should count yourself lucky that my mood isn’t bad today.” Long Chen didn’t look back. 


Just at this moment, one of the women that had been beside Long Chen suddenly let out a cry. She was carried over to the mysterious man’s side as if she had been grabbed by a large invisible hand.

“Girl, your looks aren’t bad. You can be a bed warmer for me.”

Long Chen came to a sudden stop and slowly looked back. He had a pitiful expression. “Why bother?”

“What? Is it your business if a disciple of an everlasting family wishes to have a bed warmer? If I sent out word, there would be a line of beauties outside my gate wishing to fill this position. This girl is lucky,” said the mysterious man.

After hearing that he came from an everlasting family, the spectators’ hearts shook. Many people’s expressions changed. No wonder he was so powerful.

The everlasting families were powerful families that had experienced the time of the Sovereigns. Their foundations were unimaginable. Those who had been defeated couldn’t help deflating slightly, their anger vanishing.

To be defeated by such an expert wasn’t embarrassing. But this disciple in particular was too arrogant.

Long Chen shook his head. “Everlasting or not, it means nothing to me. Tell me, do you really want to fight me?”

He was finally a bit angry. He didn’t want to implicate someone like this. 

“What, do you finally dare to fight? Alright, then I won’t have time to bring back this bed warmer. Miss, apologies, but you won’t have that fortune.” The mysterious man waved his hand, sending the girl tumbling toward Long Chen.

Long Chen caught her, but she was still pale with terror. She hadn’t had the slightest ability to resist in the face of that man’s power, being unable to even speak or blink. He was unimaginably powerful.

She cried out, “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, don’t fight him for…”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you out a bit.” Long Chen sent her back to her group and slowly walked toward the man enveloped by divine light.

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