Chapter 2033 Double Dragon Destruction Against Heavenly Geniuses

A dragon cry rang out as Lei Long and Huo Long’s giant bodies appeared.

Berserk lightning and scorching flames erupted. The two dragons twisted around each other, forming a giant vortex that forced Di Feng and the others back.

After such a long fight, they had finally sensed Long Chen’s aura drop. His defeat should have only been a matter of time, but now the tides instantly reversed.

One of the ancient race experts was a bit too slow and struck by Huo Long’s body. He let out a screech as his whole body caught fire.

Most terrifying of all, it was like he was soaked in liquid fire. Even his protective divine light was incinerated.

“Long Chen is risking it all! We must hold on!” shouted Di Feng. He actually ignited his essence blood to unleash all the power that he could.

The others clenched their teeth. They knew that Long Chen was out of energy. As long as they could endure this attack, they would be able to wear him down, and the only thing left for him would be death.

Di Feng was the first to ignite his essence blood. The others also unleashed their trump cards, going all-out. They had no other choice. This might be their only chance to kill Long Chen.

One terrifying Empyrean after another ignited their essence blood. Xie Luo’s black hair instantly became white as he sacrificed a portion of his longevity.

They all prepared for a decisive exchange, while Long Chen flew high above them thanks to Lei Long and Huo Long coiling around him.

A sharp light shone in Long Chen’s eyes. He had been waiting for this moment. After so many days, Huo Long had finally managed to control a trace of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame’s power.

Although it could only control a bit of it, it was enough for Huo Long’s power to temporarily match Lei Long. Only when the two of them were relatively on the same level could they unleash the full strength of this attack.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Lei Long and Huo Long instantly sped up by over ten times as they charged toward the surrounding experts.

The Double Dragon Destruction was a technique that Long Chen had made himself. It required a huge amount of his Spiritual Strength to perfectly merge Lei Long and Huo Long’s explosive powers.

For a while now, because Huo Long was weaker than Lei Long, this move had been unable to unleash its full potential. Long Chen couldn’t make up for such a huge difference in power with just Spiritual Strength.

However, while Lei Long had grown much stronger than before, Huo Long had also gotten stronger. It had devoured so many Earth Flame Spirit Beasts and finally refined a bit of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame’s power. With Long Chen’s vast Spiritual Strength, the difference between them was matched, allowing the two of them to combine into a devastating attack.

Lightning and flames devoured the sky. This was a truly apocalyptic attack, capable of destroying all life.

Xie Luo, Lu Zichuan, Di Feng, and Xiong Tianba were blown away into the distance, every one of them coughing up blood.

Even going all-out, they could not resist such a terrifying attack. Some of them had their divine items sent flying even further away.

The experts watching had gotten smarter, and they were huddled together, summoning a giant barrier to protect themselves from any shockwaves. However, when a giant divine tower flew right over their heads, they turned pale.

That tower belonged to a disciple of the Righteous path. It was a core divine item but had actually been cut in two. It flew right by them.

If they were struck by that kind of terrifying divine item, it was unknown just how many of them would die from it.

After this attack, Long Chen instantly turned pale. This attack had consumed a huge amount of his Spiritual Strength because Huo Long could not perfectly control the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame’s power yet.

Long Chen panted for breath. He was exhausted and covered in wounds.

As for his opponents, they were looking even more wretched than him. They were still coughing up blood. Some of them were now missing parts of their bodies.

Long Chen took a step, ignoring the others. His gaze was set on the person with the lightest wounds: Lu Zichuan.

It went without saying that his Yin Yang techniques were truly amazing. Even though Long Chen’s attack was not a physical attack, Lu Zichuan had managed to avoid a portion of it and used that portion to defend himself. He had endured at most eighty percent of the impact that the others had.

Seeing Long Chen set his sights on him, Lu Zichuan started to panic, but then suppressed his fear. His Yin Yang swords appeared in front of him.

“It will only take one move to kill you.” When Long Chen got close to Lu Zichuan, he actually put away Evilmoon and sent a palm toward Lu Zichuan.

Lu Zichuan didn’t get angry at that. After maintaining an absolute calmness, his swords danced in front of him, forming a strange Yin Yang diagram. A barrier of light appeared around him. Within that light were two fish, one white and one black. They spun around each other, embodying the cycle of the Heavenly Daos.

Long Chen acted like he didn’t see any of this. He continued to slam his palm down.


Long Chen instantly felt a huge absorptive force as soon as his palm met that barrier. He felt all his energy being rapidly sucked away, and it was difficult to even pull back.

“Haha, Long Chen, now you’re dead!” Lu Zichuan laughed madly, but midway, he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The Yin Yang manifestation behind him started to shudder. This fully awakened manifestation actually began to crack. It was like a perfect picture scroll was breaking down.

“You…” Lu Zichuan stared in shock at Long Chen. He currently sensed his astral space shuddering out of his control. It was contracting and growing increasingly unstable.

“Don’t you like absorbing other people’s energy? What, have you eaten too much?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

Lu Zichuan’s specialty was absorbing other people’s power, and then through his manifestation, sending it back out. That would require his astral space to be part of the process.

If he relied on just his body, then Long Chen’s power would make his body explode. The only reason he could absorb so much energy was because of his astral space and his Heavenly Dao manifestation.

Just now, as he had absorbed Long Chen’s energy, Long Chen had activated the primal chaos bead.

Long Chen had never managed to learn the secrets of the primal chaos bead, but when he activated it, it made Lu Zichuan absorb a portion of the primal chaos bead’s power as well.

As a result, the instant the primal chaos bead’s energy entered his body, Lu Zichuan coughed up blood. It felt like a forbidden energy had penetrated his body.

Getting a bad feeling, Long Chen suddenly flapped his lightning wings, retreating.


Lu Zichuan’s entire body exploded. At the same time, a terrifying burst of spatial laws tore through the air.

Although Long Chen had retreated quickly, he was still caught by the shockwaves. It felt like a hammer had struck him, and he flew back with a muffled groan.

As for Di Feng and the others, they had yet to recover from Long Chen’s Double Dragon Destruction when this burst of energy struck them, sending them flying once more.

“His astral space actually exploded.” Long Chen panted for breath, shocked. He had been testing something just now. He couldn’t actually force the primal chaos bead to do anything, but he could activate it, shifting it from a passive state to an active state. In theory, when some outer force tried to absorb his energy, it should be able to absorb a bit of the primal chaos bead’s energy with it. That had been Long Chen’s guess.

However, Long Chen hadn’t expected Lu Zichuan’s astral space to directly explode as a result. If he hadn’t sensed something wrong and fled, he would have been caught in the core of the explosion.

Even the master of an astral space wasn’t able to make it explode. An astral space had its own life, and while it belonged to a cultivator, it wouldn’t allow its master to dictate its life and death.

For most Empyreans, it was only possible to control a portion of an astral space’s power. Only Empyreans with fully awakened manifestations could perfectly merge the power of their astral spaces with their Heavenly Dao energy.

Even for them, controlling its power did not mean that they could will it to die. Once a cultivator died, their astral space would become a masterless object and be lost in the flow of spacetime. It would very likely be shattered by the spatial laws, but there was also a chance it could survive within a crack in space.

An astral space had its own kind of life and will that was not completely subservient to its creator, so Lu Zichuan’s astral space exploding actually had more power than his full-strength attack. It had almost taken Long Chen’s life.

“The primal chaos bead is terrifying. It’s just regretful that I still can’t use it,” sighed Long Chen.

Even since he had obtained the primal chaos bead in the Jiuli secret realm, he had been studying it, but he hadn’t managed to learn anything about it. Right now, its greatest use was only helping him be a farmer. He always felt that to be wasteful.

With Lu Zichuan dead, Long Chen took a deep breath. He began to circulate what little energy he had left. He raised his hand, and a flame lotus gradually condensed in his hand.

“Long Chen, don’t be stupid. If you unleash that move, you’ll be killed,” warned Evilmoon.

The current Long Chen was out of energy. If he once more unleashed such a big move, he would lose the ability to fight. That wasn’t wise.

“It’s fine, I don’t need to unleash the full World Annihilation Flame Lotus, and I’ll still have a bit of energy left over. I can kill a few more of them before calling it quits.”

A giant flame lotus grew within Long Chen’s hand, igniting the air.

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