Chapter 2032 Killing Leng Wufeng

Sword Qi sliced through the air at Long Chen. Even Di Feng and the others were appalled by how powerful this attack was.

“Long Chen, I know a coward like you won’t dare to receive my attack!” sneered Lu Zichuan.

Although the power of this attack was immense, it wasn’t particularly fast nor did it have a lockdown effect. It could be avoided with Long Chen’s movement speed. He had avoided it last time.

However, this time, Long Chen seemed to have been influenced by Lu Zichuan’s provocations. He actually didn’t dodge. Black qi continued to surge out of Evilmoon, and he slashed it at the white sword.

Upon seeing Long Chen actually taking his attack head-on, despite doing his best to conceal it, a wild delight appeared deep in Lu Zichuan’s eyes. “Die!”

The black qi coming out of Evilmoon clashed against the Sword Qi. However, the expected heaven-shaking explosion never appeared. Instead, the two kinds of energy merged together.

The black saber-image merged with the Sword Qi and suddenly turned to slash toward Leng Wufeng who was to the side.

No one had expected the two attacks to suddenly change directions upon meeting. By the time Leng Wufeng realized what was going on, it was too late.

Leng Wufeng was struck and instantly exploded. The combined attack continued to fly even after blowing him to smithereens, tearing a gorge that stretched past the horizon.

Leng Wufeng had died. Someone who had just awakened their manifestation and become a true Empyrean had died.

This death was out of nowhere, so sudden that no one dared to believe it. They had yet to recover from their shock when Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder and said to Lu Zichuan, “Are you curious about what just happened?”

There was still blood dripping down Long Chen’s back. Even with the primal chaos bead’s power, he could only slowly heal because that injury contained immense divine power and Heavenly Dao energy that affected its healing.

Di Feng and the others were all shocked. That combined attack had been so terrifying that not one of them would have been able to receive it. It was just that Leng Wufeng was the unlucky one to be struck. The unlucky fellow could have been any one of them, and thinking of that, they felt a burst of fear.

Even surrounded by such powerful enemies, Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. Instead, he seemed like an undefeatable god of war. Wiping away some blood from the corner of his mouth, Long Chen indifferently said, “Are you curious why Lu Zichuan’s attacks are so strange? Let me put it to you this way: the reason I was injured when he first attacked me was because he was injured by my power.”

“Could it be…” The various experts’ hearts shook.

“Yes. This is the Yin Yang Sword Sect’s secret. The black sword absorbs my power, and then the white sword unleashes it back at me. It’s definitely a marvelous fighting style, and I was caught off-guard at the beginning. Fortunately, I wasn’t going all-out back then, or I might have died to my own hands. I’ve said before that people shouldn’t use the same move against me more than once. It seems that you haven’t heard that. Or perhaps you heard it and didn’t care,” said Long Chen.

In the first attack, Lu Zichuan managed to injure Long Chen. The second time, he tried the same thing, only for Long Chen to dodge his attack. Long Chen had already sensed the problem at that time.

The third time, Long Chen had already figured out how to counter it and used a powerless attack so that Lu Zichuan couldn’t absorb his power, resulting in him being heavily injured by Long Chen.

As for this time, Long Chen had unleashed all his power, and Lu Zichuan had tried to take advantage of it to counterattack. 

However, just how did Leng Wufeng end up dying? Was it a coincidence or part of Long Chen’s plan?

Seeing Lu Zichuan’s panicked expression, Long Chen sneered. “This is already the fourth time you’ve used the same move against me. I suppose I have to admire your courage. My own attacks are powerful, but it seems you forgot one thing. If I don’t face my own attack head-on, instead guiding it, that little bit of energy you attached to it isn’t enough to do anything. Did you think turning my own power around would make it your power? No wonder the Yin Yang Sword Sect hid for so many years. Don’t tell me that you only have this one move? If that’s the case, then the Yin Yang Sword Sect will have to go back into hiding until everyone on the continent has forgotten this secret.”

As Long Chen’s words rang out through the air, people looked at the gloomy Lu Zichuan, strange expressions on their faces. Originally, they had felt Lu Zichuan to be the most terrifying of these heavenly geniuses, but once Long Chen exposed his trick, it seemed that he wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

Lu Zichuan’s strongest point was his ability to use his divine items to absorb an enemy’s power and turn it back on them. It could definitely be called a shocking move that could kill an unsuspecting opponent. But once it was exposed, it wasn’t frightening at all. They just had to pay attention to the black sword.

Furthermore, through Long Chen’s reminder, they found that Lu Zichuan’s Yin Yang energy was not perfect. There were flaws. There was a fraction of a second between when he absorbed energy and when he could unleash it.

More importantly, because he was controlling someone else’s power, the greater that power, the weaker Lu Zichuan’s own control over it would be. So when he had unleashed his attack just now, it was mostly the energy from Long Chen. Just by adding some tricks, Long Chen could guide it in any direction he wanted. As a result, Leng Wufeng ended up dying without even understanding why.

There was one more fatal flaw. That was that Lu Zichuan’s counterattacks did not have any locking power, so it was not difficult to dodge them.

Now everyone understood why Lu Zichuan had been constantly provoking Long Chen. It was to anger him into a direct clash.

However, Long Chen had seen through his trick, so how could he fall for that? With his strategy completely exposed, Lu Zichuan was shocked and infuriated.

“So what if you know? I am still a perfect counter for you. If you have the guts, come at me!” howled Lu Zichuan.

“As you wish.” Long Chen snorted and suddenly shot toward Lu Zichuan.

“Attack together!” Di Feng immediately had a bad feeling. Perhaps amongst all of them, only Lu Zichuan was capable of receiving Long Chen’s full-strength attack with his special technique. If he was killed, it would be trouble for the rest of them. At that time, let alone killing Long Chen, their own lives would be in danger.

Di Feng, Xie Luo, Yan Wei, and the others attacked with their divine items. Divine light rumbled through the air.

Evilmoon danced through the air, unleashing giant saber-images, while Long Chen was like a phantom, flitting through their midst.

One of the ancient race experts had his leg cut off by Long Chen’s saber. Blood spurted out, but he clenched his teeth and forcibly stopped Long Chen’s advance.

The others’ attacks came charging over. Long Chen’s body once more became bloody.

However, the attackers were not having a good time either. Other than Lu Zichuan, anyone who faced one of Long Chen’s attacks would either have severed limbs or cough up blood.

Long Chen was also starting to risk his life as the battle grew more intense. Long Chen was soaked in blood, but Di Feng was almost cut in two, while one of the Xuan Beasts had half his head cut off.

However, that Xuan Beast was the descendant of the two-headed evil drake, and the head that Long Chen had cut was not where his crystal core was.

There were dozens of injuries on Long Chen’s body, some so deep that it was possible to see his bones. The remnant divine energy was reducing his healing speed.

“Everyone, stop! The twelve of us can definitely exhaust him! As long as we don’t take any risks and maintain this formation, Long Chen will definitely die!” shouted Di Feng in encouragement. Long Chen was truly terrifying. He was worried about someone revealing an opening due to their fear and Long Chen taking advantage of that opening.

This might be their only chance to kill Long Chen, but the slightest mistake could be disastrous to them. The only reason they were so united right now was because if any one of them died, the rest might just be cut down one by one.

As they fought, they realized why Leng Wufeng was the first to die. That was definitely not a coincidence.

When they had besieged Long Chen before, due to Leng Wufeng’s sea of swords, no matter who Long Chen had attacked, the sea of swords would have gone to assist them. They had been his greatest hindrance. 

Without Leng Wufeng, the pressure on them increased. There were several times they only narrowly escaped death. 

Just watching this battle made people’s hearts shake. They were all watching with tense expressions, especially those disciples that were loyal to Pill Valley. Each time they saw someone almost be killed by Long Chen, their hearts skipped a beat.

Regretfully, they hadn’t awakened their manifestations. They weren’t qualified to join this battle.

As for the others, seeing that Long Chen was even more of a monster than what the legends said, they learned what it meant to be an unrivaled expert, one who suppressed all the light of the rest of his generation.

“Ugh, in the end, he can’t handle them. Long Chen’s aura is starting to decline,” sighed someone regretfully.

After fighting for two hours, Long Chen’s aura finally showed clear signs of dropping. As for the other experts, due to their awakened manifestations, they were practically still in their peak condition.

“Long Chen, you’re definitely dead today! Didn’t you say that if you couldn’t kill me, you would cripple your cultivation base? Go ahead and cripple yourself!” laughed Lu Zichuan as if he had won.

Long Chen remained indifferent as if he hadn’t heard it. After a bit longer, he suddenly smiled and sighed with relief.

“Huo Long, Lei Long, come out!”

Two giant dragons suddenly appeared in the air behind Long Chen. Their cries shook the heavens.

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