Chapter 2022 The Primal Chaos Bead’s Power (Teaser)

Long Chen noticed that when the stone statues were fighting themselves, the runic swords would vanish. The beasts were clearly bound by a formation. As long as he destroyed one of the beasts, it would break the formation.

Long Chen repeatedly smashed one of the stone monsters. Normally, in the secular world, households with status would have two stone lions guarding them. But these two stone monsters had the bodies of lions, the wings of falcons, plus a horn and a tail each. Long Chen didn’t recognize what they were.

Long Chen struck the statue harder and harder. The entire palace was shuddering. Those experts that had entered a meditative state were startled awake, unable to stay in that state with this disturbance.

All those experts stared in shock. Had Long Chen gotten addicted to destroying things? Did he also want to destroy the Brahma Divine Palace?


Divine light exploded, and some...

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