Chapter 200 Graveyard of the Exiled

Three days later, Long Chen walked out of his immortal cave in an exhausted state. He saw that outside the immortal cave, his entire faction had gathered to send him off. And it wasn’t just his people, but also Ye Zhiqiu’s faction had come as well.

Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and five other core disciples had also come over. They had all expressed their support for Long Chen on that day.

Unfortunately, their support hadn’t changed the monastery’s decision. But in any case, they were still filled with respect for Long Chen.

His strength wasn’t necessarily the strongest, but he always dared to resist the rules, dared to confront enemies, and dared to face any hardships without any fear.

“Oh, how lively; did you all come here to send me off?” laughed Long Chen.

“You really are my good brothers, my good sisters. But you guys look a bit too unpresentable. Where are the streamers and ribbons? If you waved those around while cheering my name, that’d definitely be grander.”

Everyone saw that Long Chen appeared completely exhausted. They assumed he had begun to feel the pressure of being exiled.

But no one ridiculed him. After all, that was a path of definite death. For him to even dare to choose that path already proved his bravery.

Most amazing of all though was that Long Chen didn’t appear to feel the slightest bit of despair or fear. He actually could still joke around with everyone at such a time.

Tang Wan-er walked over to Long Chen. Her tears streamed down before she could even say anything.

Long Chen laughed, “You can’t cry in the future. I’ve already said I’d make anyone who made you cry bleed. Do you want me to stab myself?”

Tang Wan-er wanted to laugh, but she was unable to. A painful feeling filled her heart, but she didn’t even know what that feeling was.

She had a mountain of things she wanted to say, but at this moment, she was unable to say anything.

“Don’t worry. Who do you think I, Long Chen, am? As a huge scoundrel, I have a sturdy life that will survive any disasters. I’ll be fine.” Long Chen consoled Tang Wan-er when he saw her continue to cry.

“Stay safe.” Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen through her tears.

“I promise, I’ll return alive.” Long Chen solemnly extended a hand.

“Ok, then I’ll trust you. But if you break your promise, I’ll hate you for a lifetime.”

Tang Wan-er clasped hands with Long Chen. Long Chen’s promise calmed her down a great deal. She knew Long Chen was someone who kept his promises.

Now Qing Yu walked over and gently tidied up his collar. “You have to be careful this time. You can’t be negligent or careless at all. Do you understand?”

In front of Qing Yu’s older-sister-like love, Long Chen’s heart soured slightly. But he suppressed his own emotions and nodded.

“Boss, you must definitely return. We’ll all go take revenge together.” Guo Ran also came up, reluctant to part with him.

Long Chen patted him on the shoulders. “Good brother, I’ll definitely return. When I do, we’ll properly go settle our debt with them.

“I still have something to tell you. You possess an expert’s Dao-heart, and you obviously understand what it truly means to protect something.

“But your talent isn’t all that high. So in the future, you’ll suffer greatly. If you really want to become a true expert, you need to blaze a new cultivation path.”

Guo Ran nodded, understanding what Long Chen meant. He possessed no advantage by just cultivating normally. He needed to find an unorthodox method to break through of his current self.

Suddenly, the sky darkened and a huge Hawk Eagle flew over, descending to the ground. It was over fifty meters long and gave everyone there an intense pressure. It was a powerful third rank Magical Beast.

There was an Elder standing atop the Hawk Eagle. He said to Long Chen, “The time has arrived. Say your final goodbye to your friends.”

Long Chen shook his head and smiled slightly. Jumping atop the Hawk Eagle, he said, “There’s no need for farewells. We will see each other again.”

Looking at his brothers and sisters, he shouted, “Ok, everyone return and work hard to cultivate. I’m going to have a little stroll.”

That Elder patted the Hawk Eagle and it spread its wings, releasing a powerful astral wind as it soared into the sky. It disappeared from people’s vision in an instant.

Seeing that figure disappear, everyone said their own farewells and returned to their factions. Now that the gap had been pulled open, if they didn’t cultivate as hard as they could, the gap would only grow wider.

Tang Wan-er returned to her immortal cave. Atop the table were countless bottles and jars as well as a piece of paper.

The paper told Tang Wan-er that the name of these medicinal pills was the Tendon Nourishing Pill. It was a medicinal pill for use at the early stage of Tendon Transformation. It would allow spiritual qi to nourish the tendons faster, increasing one’s cultivation speed.

She looked from the words on the page to the bottles of medicinal pills. That was the result of Long Chen refining for three days and nights.

Tang Wan-er could no longer hold back at all, bursting into tears. Qing Yu walked over and patted her on the shoulders, consoling her.

“Long Chen will definitely return. He refined these medicinal pills for us because he was afraid that we wouldn’t have enough points to keep up with the others while he’s gone. So what you need to do now is to distribute these medicinal pills to everyone. You and Ye Zhiqiu also need to quickly increase your own strength.”

Tang Wan-er wiped away her tears and nodded, “Sister Qing Yu, I know. I’ll get stronger. I have a debt to settle with those bastards.”

Within an Elder’s immortal cave, a young disciple was standing before Elder Sun. From his robes, he seemed like a law enforcer, one of Long Chen’s senior apprentice-brothers.

“Feng Hai, did you remember everything I told you? First is to bring back Long Chen’s spatial ring, and the other thing is to capture his soul in this Soul Locking Pearl. You mustn’t forget,” warned Elder Sun solemnly.

“Disciple understands.” That person respectfully bowed.

“Although you are already an expert in the mid Tendon Transformation realm, that doesn’t mean anything in the rubble wasteland. There are countless third rank Magical Beasts, and there are even fourth rank Magical Beasts.

“I’ll give you two aura concealing pills. Once you take it, as long as you don’t intentionally release your aura, no Magical Beasts will be able to sense you.

“Take one on the way there, handle Long Chen, and take another one on the way back. Remember, you can’t leak any news of this at all,” warned Elder Sun solemnly once more.

“Yes, disciple understands.”

“Ok, go. Once you accomplish this, I’ll personally help you break through to the late Tendon Transformation realm.”

“Many thanks, Elder.” That person was delighted, hastily bowing once more before leaving.

Seeing that person disappear, Elder Sun smiled sinisterly. Long Chen, just how are you planning on escaping now?

Sitting atop the flying Magical Beast, Long Chen realized that they were flying straight north. All kinds of arduous lands passed beneath them. High mountains, thick forests, deep winding gorges…

“Do you have any regrets?” That Elder was the first to open his mouth.

“No. Even if I had to do it again, I’d do it the same way.” Long Chen shook his head. He knew that he was also helpless about this.

That Elder ruefully looked at Long Chen. “Young people really have it the best. Looking at you, I’m reminded of myself when I joined the monastery. Haha, sixty years passed in an instant. My sharpness has long since been ground away.”

“Elder, can you help me do something?” Seeing that this Elder was so amicable, he had an idea.

“Hey, hey, we’re just chatting. I can’t help you cheat.” That Elder immediately became on guard.

He thought Long Chen would want him to send him somewhere else. In any case, no one else would know. Once Long Chen returned to the monastery afterward, his exile would be over.

“Elder has misunderstood my meaning. I don’t want you to help me to cheat, but after we arrive at the rubble wasteland, can you help me kill a third rank Magical Beast?” asked Long Chen.

“Oh, that’s no problem at all,” promised that Elder.

“This journey is very far. It will probably take a whole day. You should rest first during this time,” he reminded Long Chen.

Long Chen nodded. He really was tired from having refined pills for three days straight.

It wouldn’t be good for him to enter that kind of dangerous wasteland in this state. He needed to recover first.

His huge divine ring appeared behind him, beginning to absorb energy. At this point, his divine ring was no longer any secret, so he didn’t need to have any misgivings about that.

But that Hawk Eagle was given a fright once Long Chen summoned his divine ring. It only calmed down once the Elder consoled it.

It went without saying that the divine ring’s power was amazing. In just six hours, Long Chen’s spiritual qi was completely recovered.

When he once more opened his eyes, he saw that the scenery around him had completely changed. The ground had leveled out, and occasionally, he could see some wild beasts roaming around.

He also saw quite a few vicious Magical Beasts from the air. A huge, fierce tiger with brightly colored fur, a serpent that was even thicker than a water jar, all kinds of Magical Beasts appeared.

Some Magical Beasts let out an angry roar when they saw the Hawk Eagle fly above them. Obviously, that was a warning.

Long Chen let out a startled cry at how terrifying these Magical Beasts were. It was no wonder that not one exile had managed to walk back to the monastery from here.

Who knew just how many years these Magical Beasts had lived for. Their auras were many times stronger than Little Snow’s.

That was because Little Snow had only just reached the third rank. He couldn’t even count as having reached the early stage, but he still possessed such terrifying power.

As for these Magical Beasts that had controlled their domains for many, many years, they had long since reached the mid stage, or some even the late stage. Their power was incomparable.

Even a mid Tendon Transformation expert wouldn’t necessarily be able to walk out alive, let alone Long Chen who was only in the Blood Condensation realm.

It was reported that those core disciples, who had previously been exiled here, had all been in the Tendon Transformation realm. But even so, every single one of them had died here.

However, Long Chen had chosen exile because he had no other choice. These countless third rank Magical Beasts would allow him to gather Magical Beast essence blood. It was an excellent place for him to make the Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.

In the past three days, he had not only refined the Tendon Nourishing Pills, but also the medicinal powders required for the Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood. Everything was arranged for him. All he needed was Magical Beast essence blood, and he’d be able to make it, allowing him to quickly increase his cultivation base.

That was the reason he had chosen exile. This was the only way for him to quickly increase his cultivation base. Otherwise, he would forever be unable to catch up.

At dawn the next day, they arrived at a huge wasteland. Huge rugged stone mountains littered this land. A gloomy sinister scent filled this place.

They had arrived at the rubble wasteland, the graveyard of the exiled.

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