Chapter 199 Exiled

Suddenly, a middle-aged man appeared in front of them. No one was able to see how he had appeared.

“Greetings, sect leader.” Elder Sun was given a fright and hastily bowed. Following him, the others also quickly bowed.

All the new disciples were shocked. This was their Xuantian Monastery’s sect leader, a top expert of legends.

Long Chen’s heart was also moved. Looking at Ling Yun-zi, he was shocked to find that although he was standing right there, his Spiritual Strength was unable to feel his presence.

It was like he was just an empty image. He was unable to sense his cultivation base. It was like he had already merged with all of heaven and earth.

“What a terrifying cultivation base…” Long Chen was completely shocked. Of all the experts he had ever seen, other than that Spirit World’s expert, Ling Yun-zi was definitely the strongest.

Ling Yun-zi nodded. Looking over everyone, he smiled, “Your actions just now are useless. The monastery’s rules were set by the ancestors and cannot be changed. Even I am unable to change them. If you think you can threaten the monastery like this, you are wrong. Even if you all leave the monastery, the monastery’s rules cannot be changed.”

Tang Wan-er and the others’ expressions all changed. Even the sect leader was unable to change the rules. Then didn’t that mean that it was already set in stone that Long Chen would be expelled?

Long Chen looked at the people supporting him. “I appreciate all your good intentions. But I will accept the consequences of my own actions. And there’s no need to be so sad. It’s not like I’m dying. Even if I won’t be in the Xuantian Monastery, I’ll still grow on my own.”

“Long Chen…” Tang Wan-er’s voice shuddered.

Long Chen waved his hand, cutting her off. “We’re all no longer children. Don’t let your emotions control you. You all had your own reasons for coming to the monastery, so don’t mess around like an angry kid.”

Tears covered Tang Wan-er’s face as she lightly sobbed. The others also found this unacceptable, but now it seemed Long Chen would definitely be expelled.

As for the distant Gu Yang and the others, they naturally sneered. Elder Sun also sighed in relief. If Long Chen wasn’t expelled, he wouldn’t be able to carry out his scheme.

Admiration appeared in Ling Yun-zi’s eyes as he looked at Long Chen. “In accordance with the monastery’s rules, Long Chen, you have two options. One is to be expelled, and the other is to be exiled.”

“Exiled?” Long Chen was startled, never having heard of this second option.

“Correct. The monastery’s rules favor the strong, so there is still a chance for you to stay in the monastery. It is up to you,” said Ling Yun-zi.

“I suppose this exile is not something so simple, am I right?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course. This so-called exile is for core disciples who have violated the rules. They will be sent to a rubble wasteland tens of thousands of miles from the monastery. Let me warn you, that is the territory of third rank Magical Beasts. There are even fourth rank Magical beasts there,” explained Ling Yun-zi solemnly.

Everyone’s heart shook. Third rank Magical Beasts? Wasn’t that just forfeiting their lives? And you might even encounter a fourth rank Magical Beast? Just how many people were even capable of defeating third rank Magical Beasts?

Fourth rank Magical Beasts were on the same level as the Bone Forging Elders! Wasn’t choosing exile just choosing death?

At least, if you were expelled, you could keep your life. If you were exiled there, there was no way you could survive.

“Has there ever been anyone who has chosen exile?” Long Chen asked after a moment of thought.

“There has. Ever since the monastery was established, there has been a total of one hundred and seventy-three people who have chosen exile,” answered Ling Yun-zi.

“Then how many people succeeded?” Long Chen was more concerned with the pass rate.

“It’s very regretful, but no one has ever returned alive.”


Everyone besides Long Chen let out a startled exclamation. So in thousands of years, there were over a hundred core disciples who had chosen exile, and none of them had returned alive?! That was not a slim chance but essentially no chance!

“Long Chen, don’t do it. That’s just a path to death!” urged Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen smiled and consoled her, “Don’t worry.”

Turning to Ling Yun-zi, he said, “Many thanks, sect leader. Disciple chooses exile.”

Everyone was stunned. Was Long Chen really a madman? That was clearly a road to death.

But then thinking about everything Long Chen had done in the monastery, it seemed he had never done anything the normal way.

He dared take action in a fighting-forbidden region, fighting with law enforcers, cursing an Elder. Were those things a normal person would do?

“Hahaha, good. Return and make your preparations. Three days from now, you will be exiled to that rubble wasteland.”

Ling Yun-zi laughed and his body faded away right in front of everyone’s eyes. It was just like when he had arrived; no one could see how he left.

Elder Sun then announced the rankings. Gu Yang’s faction was originally number two, but after stealing their flags, he had immediately become number one.

The second and third places were Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin’s factions. The two of them had evenly split Ye Zhiqiu’s faction’s flags.

As for the fourth place, that went to the last person who had awakened his ancestral mark, Guan Wennan.

Other than these top four, the other factions possessed pitifully few flags. Many didn’t even have more than ten.

Those who were tied in terms of flags were ranked in accordance to how many of their members were still standing at this point.

As for Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s factions, they didn’t have a single flag, so they naturally ranked last. As for who was last or second last, naturally, it was insignificant.

After that declaration, a large group of Healing Hall disciples came over to help everyone recover.

Long Chen also saw several familiar faces.

“Oh, aren’t you that kind brother? Here, let me heal you.”

One maiden suddenly saw Guo Ran and hastily ran over to him, healing his wounds.

There were also quite a few others who came to feed him medicines, circulating their spiritual qi to also heal him.

Those maidens all possessed a trace of wood energy, and under their assistance, Guo Ran’s pain was alleviated greatly.

“Thank you all,” thanked Guo Ran.

“No need to thank us. It should be us who thanks you. Last time, if you and that brother hadn’t come, we’d all have been ousted. Now I finally have a chance to repay you!” explained one of them excitedly.

Guo Ran smiled bitterly. “Perhaps in the future, you’ll often have a chance to repay me…”

Those maidens seemed to have not heard what his actual meaning was. After healing his bones and using their spiritual qi to help him recover, his body was already healed greatly.

They told him not to use too much force for the next three days. Afterward, he should basically be fine, and he should be fully healed after ten days.

Although these girls were somewhat amateurish, their spiritual qi was extremely suited for healing. This recovery speed was extremely quick.

Looking at everyone that was covered with wounds, those girls' eyes lit up excitedly, causing everyone to shiver. Everyone understood that they saw their injuries as experiments.

But still, that was mutually beneficial for both sides. They could fight as intensely as they wanted without being afraid of being wounded.

And these maidens could heal their wounds to accumulate more experience, raising the entire capability of the Healing Hall.

“Brother Long Chen, let me give you a check-up.” One maiden shyly came up to Long Chen.

She was very bashful, and Long Chen still remembered how she and the rest of them had used him and Guo Ran as a tool for experimentation. His arm still remembered that stinging pain.

And it was this girl who had contributed the most to that pain. Back then, she had been so nervous that she had almost cried. Long Chen actually had had to continuously console and encourage her before she finally managed to perfect her technique.

Long Chen smiled and was about to refuse when a cold shout suddenly rang out, “A person about to die doesn’t need an examination. Do you not have anything else to do?”

At some unknown time, Lu Chuan had walked over, disdainfully looking down on Long Chen.

That maiden angrily retorted, “Brother Long will be fine! Senior apprentice-brother Lu Chuan, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Hmph, what kind of joke is that? That wasteland is called the graveyard of the exiled. In this long of a time, there hasn’t been a single exile to walk out of there alive. Right now, he’s basically already dead. Don’t waste time on a corpse. I order you to go heal other people’s injuries,” shouted Lu Chuan.

He was the leader of this group from the Healing Hall. These new disciples were all under his direction, so he had the authority to order them.

“You… that’s nonsense! Brother Long is a good person; he’ll return alive!” That girl’s eyes reddened and a tear rolled out. She stubbornly refused to leave.

“How brazen! You dare ignore my orders? Do you believe me when I say I will kick you out of the Healing Hall?” raged Lu Chuan. He hadn’t expected a shy little girl like her would dare defy him.

Long Chen walked up a step and said to Lu Chuan, “Looks like you forget yourself as soon as the scar fades. Do you believe me when I say that at this distance, cutting off your head is as easy as turning my hand?”

Lu Chuan was appalled and couldn’t help but take a step back. If someone else had said that, then he would have just snorted disdainfully.

But when it came to Long Chen… It seemed that there was nothing in the world that Long Chen didn’t dare do. 

Now being glared at by Long Chen, his hair immediately stood on end and sweat trickled down his back. He felt as if a blade was already being pressed against his neck.

“Did you know, even if I kill you, there won’t be any punishment? I’ll still just be sent to that exile place.” Long Chen icily stared at Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan gulped. Being stared at by Long Chen was like being stared at by the Grim Reaper. Sweat dripped from his forehead, and his face was pale as paper. He was absolutely terrified.

“If I return alive and hear that you’ve purposely made things hard on this junior sister, I will cut your head off to use as a stool.”

After saying that, Long Chen turned to the girl and gently said, “I don’t need any healing. Study well. I believe you’ll become a true expert of the Healing Hall one day.”

Long Chen was disinclined to bother any further with Lu Chuan. He departed with Tang Wan-er and the others.

Returning to their immortal cave, Long Chen told Tang Wan-er, “These three days are extremely important. I’ll give you a list of medicinal ingredients; you and sister Zhiqiu use all your points to exchange for them.”

Tang Wan-er had no choice but to go to Ye Zhiqiu, because her own points were unable to buy all of them.

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