Chapter 1985 The Dragonblood Legion’s Power

The Dragonblood warriors slaughtering their enemies had suddenly bunched together. Their bodies began to shine, and they formed a giant arrowhead formation.

At the tip of the arrowhead was Guo Ran with his golden sabers crossed in front of him. Energy from all the Dragonblood warriors converged upon him.

A giant cross slashed out, and anyone in its path, whether it was a genius Life Star disciple or a Netherpassage elder, as long as they touched it, was blown to smithereens.

This was their first time using this move since they had advanced to the Life Star realm. Every Dragonblood warrior was wearing armor that Guo Ran had made, armor which was a perfect set with their swords. Those were all divine items, and their divine runes had been made specially by Xia Chen so that they could all share the Dragonblood warriors’ world energy and dragon blood energy.

Now, this attack became the most thunderous and grand attack to appear on the entire battlefield. Even the Unfettered Allseer and Ji Wuming’s expressions changed.

They were Netherpassage experts of the third step, but even they sensed the threat of death from this attack. Their life and death energy erupted as they defended.


The giant cross of death exploded into blinding divine light, and a powerful shockwave sent even Long Chen flying. As for Xie Luo, Di Feng, Gui Can, and Yan Wei, they were hacking of blood, and Gui Can in particular almost exploded due to his weaker physical body.

Perhaps it was simply his bad luck, but while the others were flying back, Gui Can ended up closer and closer to Long Chen.

“I’ll send you on your way.” Long Chen had almost coughed up blood from the impact, but seeing Gui Can getting closer, he attacked without hesitation.


Gui Can exploded, another genius dying. His death was truly unlucky.

True Immortal Jiaoqi, the four Fate Princes, Huo Lieyun, Gui Can. Seven of the Martial Heaven Continent’s peak geniuses had been killed. Now, the only ones left were Di Feng, Xie Luo, and Yan Wei. However, the three of them were in a miserable state from the shockwaves of the Dragonblood Cross Slash. It was unknown if they were even alive.

After all, that was an attack containing the power of the entire Dragonblood Legion. The world was deformed from this one attack.

As the dust settled, it revealed two wretched figures in the sky. The Unfettered Allseer had blood dripping from his mouth. His Daoist robes were in tatters, making him look like a beggar.

Ji Wuming was a bit better. He wasn’t injured. However, his hair was in disarray.

“Two third step Netherpassage experts worked together, but one of them was still injured…” One of the neutral camp’s experts sighed with shock.

“The Unfettered Allseer’s cultivation base should probably be a bit lower than Ji Wuming’s. Furthermore, Ji Wuming has the Fantasy Star Sword. The difference between them is obvious.”

The Fantasy Star Sword might have lost a great deal of power due to the destruction of Heavenly Fate Island’s divine pool, but that damage was more like a slow poison. The Fantasy Star Sword’s power and life were slowly dripping away. But right now, it still had most of its power.

“I’ll go kill Long Chen. You eliminate the scum,” said Ji Wuming, shooting toward Long Chen.

Ji Wuming went off after Long Chen, but it was the Dragonblood Legion that collapsed upon the Unfettered Allseer. Gu Yang was the first to attack.

Gu Yang’s manifestation was active behind him, and runes revolved around his entire body. The muscles on his arms bulged, and it was like there were serpents wriggling beneath his skin. His spear unleashed immense divine power.

“Little ant, scram!” The Unfettered Allseer was infuriated. The Dragonblood Cross Slash had injured him. If he hadn’t been with Ji Wuming, he would be in an even more wretched state. In just a day, he felt like he had gone through countless torments. If he didn’t vent a bit, he was sure he would explode.


The Unfettered Allseer swung through the air. His life and death energy burst out as he unleashed a full-power strike. However, what shocked him was that Gu Yang didn’t die. Gu Yang was blown back. His arms were broken, but he was otherwise alive. 

The neutral camp’s experts were stunned. A Life Star disciple had just received the attack of a third step Netherpassage expert. Originally, they had predicted that nothing would be left of Gu Yang after that attack. After all, a third step Netherpassage expert was an existence that stood at the pinnacle of the Martial Heaven Continent.

The Unfettered Allseer was about to attack again when Sword Qi slashed toward him. His heart shook, and he hastily raised his ruler to block.

He was actually only able to block a portion of the Sword Qi. The rest of it continued past his defensive barrier of divine energy and left a foot-long cut on his chest, causing blood to soak his tattered Daoist robes.

“What terrifying sword intent!” The neutral camp’s experts gasped. There was no lack of true experts here, and they could sense that Yue Zifeng had relied on the will of the Sword Dao to pierce the Unfettered Allseer’s life and death energy.

Although it was just a superficial injury, an attack that was able to break through the defenses of a third step Netherpassage expert was a world-shaking attack.

“The youngsters today really are terrifying!” Even Daoist Heavenly Feather sighed emotionally. 

“Rumor is that the Heavenly Sword Gate has produced two amazing geniuses, and those two geniuses are actually a pair of master and apprentice. This Yue Zifeng is the apprentice, while the other one is called Ling Yunzi. He’s a monstrous figure that has completely toppled the cultivation world’s iron laws. Despite missing his golden cultivation time, he still soared like a shooting star,” said an elder. This world was filled with monsters. Many monsters were bearing witness to the event today, but who knew how many of them were still hiding in the dark?

As for Yue Zifeng, he was another monster aside from Long Chen. He didn’t have the slightest aura of the Heavenly Daos on him. For a person not blessed by the Heavenly Daos to be so terrifying, how could those so-called heavenly geniuses live with themselves?

The Unfettered Allseer’s fury soared upon being injured. His hair stood on end like an angry lion, and he smashed his ruler at Yue Zifeng. “Die!”

“You’re the one who will die.”

Countless willow branches descended from the sky, moving like pythons. The Unfettered Allseer’s expression changed as he sensed immense danger from those branches. He almost instinctively gave up on attacking Yue Zifeng and tried to charge out from the branches.

However, there were too many branches, and more of them blocked his path as he broke them. Although he was able to break through the branches, his expression was ugly. These branches possessed their own life and death energy that was resisting his own energy. Fortunately, he had fled right at the start, or if he had let them surround him, he would have been in trouble.

The moment he charged out of the cage of willow branches, two golden giants appeared, smashing giant pillars at him.

The Unfettered Allseer couldn’t dodge. He defended, and those two giant pillars exploded. However, his momentum came to a stop, and the willow branches behind him once more crept up.

A black light-sword suddenly shot out, filled with the air of annihilation. It was Cloud.

The Unfettered Allseer was hesitating over whether or not he should dodge or block when a wind blade sliced toward him. It was like a crescent moon, so sharp that it sliced apart the laws of space and time. Tang Wan-er’s attack arrived at the same time as Cloud’s.

“Soul Wound in the Dream, Soul Burial.”

The Unfettered Allseer’s eyes fluttered. His eyelids grew heavy.

Not good!

The Unfettered Allseer suddenly bit his tongue, using the sharp pain to wake himself up. At this moment, all the attacks landed.


A huge qi wave blew the Unfettered Allseer into the sky. He was covered in blood. Blood runes had appeared on his ruler. He had actually used his own essence blood to power his divine item and increase its defensive prowess, but he was still heavily injured.

Two rays of Sword Qi slashed toward him at the same time. One came from Yue Zifeng, but the other was unleashing crystals to appear in the sky, and a soul-chilling cold enveloped the Unfettered Allseer. It was Ye Zhiqiu.

She was also a member of the Dragonblood Legion, and she had joined in now, causing the Unfettered Allseer’s expression to change.

The Unfettered Allseer hastily blocked, but Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi once more managed to ignore his block and strike him. As for Ye Zhiqiu, her attack made frost cover his entire body, and he felt a stabbing cold in his bones. At this moment, Gu Yang’s attack arrived. He had already recovered from his injuries. He hadn’t even had to do it himself. It was the powerful healers of the Dragonblood Legion that had allowed him to instantly recover.

“Kill this bastard! We’ll make him really unfettered!” shouted Guo Ran. He had originally been guarding over the Dragonblood warriors to prevent any other experts from disturbing them, but Xia Chen had finished establishing a grand formation, so he joined in as well.

The Unfettered Allseer, under their combined attacks, was in a panic despite being a third step Netherpassage expert. He was surrounded, unable to charge out of their encirclement.

On the other side, Long Chen had Evilmoon lazily resting on his shoulder as he looked at Ji Wuming indifferently.

“Based on your expression, it seems you don’t like me much.”

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