Chapter 1984 Slaying Huo Lieyun

The leader of the ancient races, Long Juncang, personally went to handle Wilde with a copper rod in his hand. Legend was that this rod’s runes had been personally engraved by an almighty expert of the ancient races, an expert so powerful that they had merged the magical arts of the human race and the divine abilities of the Xuan Beasts.

Wilde didn’t care who his opponent was though. Seeing that he was another big one, Wilde was delighted.


The bone club collided with the copper rod. As a result, black cracks spread throughout the whole air.

Wilde’s hand broke, and he flew across the ground. As for Long Juncang, he was actually forced back several steps.

“Old fellow, I want to eat you!” Wilde charged back toward Long Juncang.

The experts present were all stunned. Just what kind of monster was Wilde to be able to survive an attack from a third step Netherpassage expert? In fact, he didn’t even seem to view him seriously.

Wilde was swinging his club through the air in a wheel-like fashion against the copper rod. They began to repeatedly clash, and they were actually evenly matched.

“How is that possible?”

The great leader of the ancient races was actually stopped by a member of the junior generation? Long Juncang clearly wasn’t holding back, but Wilde was capable of stopping him. No one had expected there to be such a terrifying figure within the Dragonblood Legion capable of stopping one of the overlord figures of the continent.

However, at the very least, Wilde had been stopped, allowing the Xuan Beasts to sigh with relief. They were terrified of Wilde.

On the other side, the old man was fighting against Yu Xiaoyun. This time, Yu Xiaoyun had learned from his last fight against the old man. The Brahma Divine Diagram and Daynight Furnace danced through the air, not giving the old man any chance to use the ninth form of Split the Heavens. He was clearly afraid of that move and didn’t want to give the old man a chance to use that suicidal move. Even he wasn’t confident in receiving the old man’s suicidal blow.

Qu Jianying was blocking Di Long, Yan Nantian was blocking Zhong Ziyang, and the other three Grand Elders were blocking Peng Wanli and Xie Wentian.

“Hmph, your longevity has run out. There’s no way you can reach Samsara. Are you just using your lives to fight at death’s door?” sneered Xie Wentian.

“Haha, fighting at death’s door? We haven’t reached that point, right? We've been very lucky. We can already see hope for the future. Even if we die, we can die at peace. But it seems that the Corrupt path is different. One of the three Corrupt Kings was slain by Lingshan, and so you had to add a replacement. But even so, they’re unable to stop Long Chen. It seems that the one at their death’s door is your side!” responded the Grand Elder fighting him.

Originally, due to their longevity running out, they would have only been able to unleash seventy percent of their peak power. However, Long Chen had brought back the Life Extending Fruit from the Yin Yang World. If used during a person’s middle ages, then it could increase their lifespan by three hundred years.

However, the Grand Elders had already gone too far. Even consuming them had only given them an extra twenty years.

They didn’t really care about being able to live twenty more years. They had already witnessed the passing of countless years, of countless changes in the world. The only thing that had been holding them back from leaving peacefully was their worry for the Martial Heaven Alliance.

The reason why they cared about the Life Extending Fruit was because it allowed them to unleash ninety percent of their original peak power. Although they would die after going all-out, they were satisfied.

Furthermore, the most terrifying thing in this world was someone who didn’t fear death. The Grand Elders were exactly that. As soon as they started fighting, they would be fighting to the death no matter what. Their killing power was not a joke.

That was why the supreme powers were not actually fighting. Other than the old man and Yu Xiaoyun, as well as Wilde and Long Juncang, the others were simply facing each other. There were two critical figures that made them unable to fight all out. One was the Unfettered Allseer, and the other was Ji Wuming.

The two of them had already charged past, going toward Long Chen. So Xie Wentian and the others didn’t need to attack. They just needed to make sure that their opponents didn’t get to interfere.

As for why Qu Jianying and the others didn’t do anything, that was because just as those two had started flying over, Li Tianxuan had sent a message to them that Long Chen wanted to let the two of them pass. Although they didn’t know what Long Chen was planning, they chose to trust him.

On that side, Long Chen was still dominating his battlefield. His blade was unleashing waves of Saber Qi that were like crescent moons.

After True Immortal Jiaoqi had fled, he had fallen at Wilde’s hands. Then the others had attacked, but Long Chen blocked Huo Lieyun, Xie Luo, Di Feng, Yan Wei, and Gui Can’s attack with one slash of his saber and then attacked the four Fate Princes as their swords lit up, not giving them a chance to unleash their combination arts.

Long Chen felt like he was full of energy and that he would explode if he didn’t use it.

The four Fate Princes had just been injured by his attack when a black saber-image tore through them, slaying them easily.

True Immortal Jiaoqi had fled, and now the four Fate Princes were dead. That was a fatal blow to their morale. Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, Xie Luo, Gui Can, and Yan Wei were panicking. They were already going all-out, but unable to suppress Long Chen in the slightest.

“Hold on! He’s not going to last much longer!” shouted Huo Lieyun. Using some unknown method, he began to incinerate his own body, causing his power to leap once more.

Huo Lieyun and the others could tell that they no longer had any chance of defeating Long Chen. But as long as they could hold on a couple more seconds, the Unfettered Allseer and Ji Wuming would arrive. Then it would still be their victory.

As long as they could last a breath’s time, they would be able to get away. But during that one breath’s time, they couldn’t retreat.

That wasn’t just because they were afraid of Long Chen escaping. It would signify an absolute defeat, one that would be crushing no matter what the circumstances were. They had to endure.

Di Feng, Xie Luo, Gui Can, and Yan Wei also went all-out, not only igniting their own essence blood for power, but also sacrificing a great deal of their vitality to activate their divine items.

“Split the Heavens 7!”

For the first time, Long Chen used Split the Heavens in this battle. He didn’t even need to accumulate energy. He could unleash it as he wished.

Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, Xie Luo, Gui Can, and Yan Wei’s combined attacks were blown away, and the five of them were sent tumbling back, coughing up blood. Huo Lieyun’s flames had dimmed greatly from the start.

Long Chen’s gaze turned to Huo Lieyun, and Saber Qi streaked across the air. The flame giant that was Huo Lieyun was sliced in two.

“I’m a flame spirit! I possess an undying body! You can’t kill me!” roared Huo Lieyun, the two halves of his body merging back together.

Long Chen once more slashed his saber, interrupting his merger and cutting him into four. His flames once more dimmed.

“Hahaha! It’s useless! Even if you slice me into a million pieces, it will only weaken me. You can’t kill me!” Huo Lieyun laughed crazily. It seemed that this was the only aspect he could be proud of in front of Long Chen.

“When did I say I wanted to kill you?” sneered Long Chen.

“Watch out!” The other four suddenly let out terrified cries.

A giant flame dragon appeared in the sky, devouring one of Huo Lieyun’s four portions. When that portion of himself was devoured, Huo Lieyun let out a horrified shriek. He found that his connection to that flame energy had vanished.

“Being cut in four makes you the perfect size,” mocked Long Chen. The flame dragon devoured another portion. 

Huo Lieyun had condensed the Flame Devil Body and was made of the purest flame energy. At the start, Yu Xiaoyun hadn’t had any hopes of Huo Lieyun actually managing to condense it, but upon seeing him succeed, Pill Valley had let him devour the majority of their Earth Flames in order to strengthen him.

It could be said that Yu Xiaoyun had once more placed high hopes on Huo Lieyun. But now his Flame Devil Body had become a fat piece of meat for Huo Long.

Huo Lieyun was terrified. He tried to flee, but his body was still split, and his reactions were slower. As a result, one more piece of him was devoured.

Huo Lieyun howled. With just a quarter of his energy, he had no power to flee. He cried for help, but Huo Long devoured him without the slightest mercy. Another genius died.

“Long Chen, face your death!”

Once Huo Lieyun was killed, the Unfettered Allseer and Ji Wuming finally arrived. Long Chen met them with a disdainful smile.

In truth, the two of them had had a chance to save Huo Lieyun just now, but they had intentionally slowed down a bit.

Clearly, they hadn’t wanted to save him. Their Heavenly Fate Island and four Fate Princes had been destroyed. Even if they wanted to create a new sect, it wasn’t too likely it could rise once more. This was all the fault of Pill Valley. Heavenly Fate Island only had a few weak disciples left and the two of them. In their hatred, they wished for others to meet an equally miserable fate.

The Unfettered Allseer and Ji Wuming had just approached Long Chen when a shout rang out.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

A giant cross split heaven and earth in two. It was like the harbinger of death, and the center of it streaked toward the Unfettered Allseer and Ji Wuming.

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