Chapter 1983 Killed and Eaten

“Azure Dragon Battle Armor!”

A pillar of light soared into the sky, and a dragon’s cry resounded. The experts of the Xuan Beasts and ancient races shuddered, feeling an instinctual terror as a sacred and domineering dragon might spread.

White scales slowly spread along Long Chen’s body, going from his feet, calves, knees, and thighs…

This time, the dragon scales no longer sparsely covered him. He was fully covered.

Gravity seemed to lose effect. Countless boulders began to slowly float into the sky. This bizarre sight was shocking. This was a power that no one had seen before.

Finally, the white scales finished covering Long Chen. It was like he was wearing white scale armor. Divine light flowed on top of the scales, and there was a vague dragon-shaped aura coiling around him.

Once the Azure Dragon Battle Armor was complete, a burst of power spread in every direction, crushing the giant boulders floating in the sky.

His divine ring and Five Star Battle Armor also activated. As Long Chen felt the endless energy welling up within his body, he suddenly let out an earth-shattering roar. It was like he was expelling all of his accumulated resentment during these years with this one roar.


Just as Long Chen was roaring, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, Gui Can, Yan Wei, and the four Fate Princes attacked at once. This time, their expressions were grave. They chose to coordinate their attacks so that they landed at the same time.

They could tell that Long Chen was a monster. Capturing him alive was no longer much of a possibility, so they concentrated all their attacks in an attempt to kill him in one blow.


Evilmoon spun through the air. A black arc shot out, blocking their attacks which came from every direction. As a result, True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others tumbled back, coughing up blood.


The distant experts on both sides were completely stunned. Even after joining forces, those peak heavenly geniuses were forced back so miserably.

“True Immortal Jiaoqi, I told you that you won. You succeeded in infuriating me, so you can be first.”

Long Chen stepped forward, unleashing a simple slash with Evilmoon. He didn’t use any techniques. It was a simple attack, but there were already signs that the void was about to collapse.


True Immortal Jiaoqi roared, going all-out to block. As a result, his halberd went flying, and his arms shattered. His huge body slammed into the ground.

His huge body suddenly vanished. He returned to his human form, summoning his nine-colored celestial horse and the Qilin War Chariot.

He jumped in. Just as everyone was expecting him to use the Qilin War Chariot to fight, he actually fled for his life.

His courage was already broken. That was because Long Chen had summoned the complete Azure Dragon Battle Armor, and his dragon essence blood was fully activated. Dragons were the emperors of all beasts. Even divine beasts had to kneel before them. It wasn’t just a bloodline suppression but also a spiritual one.

Seeing True Immortal Jiaoqi fleeing, Long Chen sneered. “Wilde, this one’s yours.”

The ground in the distance suddenly exploded, and a giant figure came flying out. It was Wilde, and he was quickly in position to block True Immortal Jiaoqi’s path. He swung his bone club.


The Qilin War Chariot exploded, and countless fragments flew out in every direction. A terrifying core ancestral divine item was actually smashed apart just like that.

True Immortal Jiaoqi hadn’t expected someone to be hiding beneath the earth. Even though his chariot blocked the blow, he coughed up blood from the impact. As for his nine-colored celestial horse, it was blown to pieces.

“Die!” Wilde once more swung his bone club.

Wilde had been arranged to be extra help if needed. He had a formation disc on him, and Xia Chen had stealthily made arrangements throughout the battlefield so that he could move Wilde anywhere throughout the battlefield without him doing anything. That was why Wilde was so perfectly suited to block True Immortal Jiaoqi when he ran.

Having gained enough distance to no longer be suppressed by Long Chen’s dragon pressure, True Immortal Jiaoqi’s fear vanished. With a furious howl, he summoned his qilin-drake form once more, swinging his blazing halberd at Wilde.


Wilde’s three-hundred-meter body was small in front of True Immortal Jiaoqi’s giant true body, but the two of them were actually equally matched.

The halberd and bone club rumbled, causing the world to shudder as well. Neither side was able to suppress the other.

Flames almost burst out of True Immortal Jiaoqi. He had always viewed himself as having god-like power that no one could resist. Being beaten by Long Chen was one thing, as he possessed dragon blood that suppressed him. But where had this fellow come from to actually also not be suppressed by him in terms of power?

A divine rune appeared on True Immortal Jiaoqi’s forehead, and his Blood Qi soared. He was actually igniting his own essence blood in exchange for greater power. As a result, Wilde was steadily forced back. Now Wilde was also enraged, and his bronze skin suddenly became silver, and silver runes appeared in his eyes.


True Immortal Jiaoqi was instantly blown back, almost coughing up blood.

True Immortal Jiaoqi was shocked. He had never seen such terrifying power. This was different from Long Chen.

Wilde once more smashed his club. To defend himself, True Immortal Jiaoqi raised his halberd hastily, but his powerful divine item was actually smashed apart, breaking into two fragments. His arms exploded, blood splattering.

After one smash of his club, Wilde followed it up with another smash. There was no technique. It was like a fool wildly swinging, but his power seemed endless.


True Immortal Jiaoqi let out one final unwilling roar. Having ignited his essence blood, he had lost the ability to quickly restore his arms.

Wilde’s club didn’t stop just because of one unwilling roar. True Immortal Jiaoqi’s head was smashed apart, which resulted in the death of his Yuan Spirit as well. A generation’s genius fell.

Within the Xuan Beasts, an elder let out a furious roar. He was the qilin-drake race’s leader. True Immortal Jiaoqi had been their top genius and was viewed as their hope for the future. Hence, they had bet all their resources on him, thinking that he would lead their race to a new glory. But he had died here.

Once True Immortal Jiaoqi died, even before his body fell to the ground, Wilde pounced forward, biting his corpse.

Crunching sounds rang out. In just a few seconds, half of True Immortal Jiaoqi’s corpse was devoured.


The qilin-drake experts were infuriated and charged toward Wilde. The Xuan Beasts only viewed others as prey, but no one dared to view them like that. Hence, being defiled this way was a huge insult.

Seeing others come to disturb him, Wilde put away True Immortal Jiaoqi’s corpse and raised his club.

What shocked people was that even the leader of the qilin-drake race, a second step Netherpassage expert, was instantly blown apart by a swing of Wilde’s club. His divine item was nothing in front of that club.

After being killed, he transformed into his giant true form that delighted Wilde.


Wilde didn’t cultivate. He strengthened himself purely from eating. During intense fights, he always exhausted a great deal of energy and got hungry.

Now seeing that these people would ‘become Magical Beasts’ after being killed, he was ecstatic. He charged toward the Netherpassage experts.

Even Netherpassage experts were unable to block Wilde’s attacks. That bone club was too terrifying. Ordinary divine items would instantly be blown to bits.

However, very quickly, Wilde became dumbfounded to find that even after he had killed several more people, they didn’t transform into Magical Beasts. Long Chen had told him that unless he had no other choice, he couldn’t eat people. If they didn’t transform, he couldn’t eat them.

“Wilde, aim for the bigger ones. Those people will transform into Magical Beasts. You can eat those!” shouted Guo Ran from the distance.

Hearing this reminder, Wilde immediately charged toward one of his larger enemies. As expected, once he was killed with a simple swing of Wilde’s club, he transformed into a giant Xuan Beast, delighting Wilde.

Wilde might be powerful, but his intelligence was low. He found it miraculous that a person could transform into a Magical Beast. He charged through the Xuan Beasts, able to mostly tell who they were.

As for those Xuan Beasts, their expressions changed. A figure suddenly appeared, wielding a rod-like weapon and smashed it at Wilde.

“That’s Long Juncang!” Qu Jianying and the others’ expressions changed. The one blocking Wilde was actually the leader of the ancient races.

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