Chapter 1981 Fighting Heavenly Geniuses

The Dragonblood Legion arrived, surrounding Long Chen. Meng Qi and Chu Yao placed their hands on Long Chen’s back, pouring their life energy and Spiritual Strength into him.

Long Chen had already reached his limit against that lightning azure dragon. With their support, he entered a meditative state once more.

“Who cares about the Dragonblood Legion? Watch me destroy it with a wave of my hand!” sneered True Immortal Jiaoqi. His manifestation erupted, and a giant qilin monster with a drake tail appeared.

“His manifestation has fully awakened?!”

“No, he’s one step away. If his manifestation was fully awakened, that figure would be able to leave his manifestation!”

However, although his manifestation was not fully awakened, his power caused even the Netherpassage experts’ hearts to shudder.

“Destroy us? It seems those slaps in the face were ineffective. Does your face not hurt? How about this, if you can touch my sleeve, it will count as your win!” declared Guo Ran.

Within the Dragonblood Legion, Xia Chen formed hand seals. All the Dragonblood warriors’ armor lit up, and runes enveloped every one of them.

Heaven and earth seemed to fall out of existence. The Dragonblood Legion looked to be a mix of reality and illusion.

“Die!” True Immortal Jiaoqi furiously swung his halberd. Long Chen’s slaps had been the greatest humiliation of his life, and Mo Nian and Guo Ran were constantly bringing it up.

A ray of divine light shot out of his halberd, going straight toward the Dragonblood Legion. It shot straight through them without the slightest resistance.

However, this attack really just shot through them. It didn’t cause any damage. It was like they were just a reflection that didn’t truly exist.

“Idiot, I already said that I’d count it as your win if you could even touch my sleeve?” Guo Ran’s disdainful expression grew greater.

During Long Chen’s tribulation, the Dragonblood Legion had been hiding in the distance with one of Xia Chen’s formations hiding their existence. Due to the great distance, even experts like Yu Xiaoyun hadn’t sensed them.

They had secretly chased Long Chen from Heavenly Fate Island to here, and they had maintained their peak condition the entire time.

“They’re fully equipped with divine swords and divine armor! How can the Dragonblood Legion possess so many divine items?!” Startled cries rang out. When did divine items become so cheap?

“That’s not all. It seems their armor and swords are linked and freshly forged. Could it be… that they made them themselves?”

“That might be true. Look, their armor is connected into a grand formation. Other divine items can’t possibly do that.”

People saw through the clues as to why True Immortal Jiaoqi’s attack missed. It definitely had to do with the formation that the Dragonblood warriors had formed. However, such a formation with so many people was something even the old monsters present had never seen before.

Others also attacked, but as a result, they all missed without exception. The Dragonblood Legion was simply standing there, yet they also didn’t seem to exist. They were untouchable.

True Immortal Jiaoqi furiously charged toward the Dragonblood Legion, but somehow the Dragonblood Legion was able to maintain a certain distance from him no matter how he tried to approach them.

“What bullshit is this?!” raged True Immortal Jiaoqi.

Tens of thousands of experts had charged into the Brahma Divine Diagram. But not one of them was able to approach the Dragonblood Legion. That was truly a bizarre sight.

“It definitely has to do with their formation! Brute power isn’t going to do anything!” shouted Di Feng.

Suddenly, the Brahma Divine Diagram shook. Rays of divine light fell from it, enveloping the Dragonblood Legion.

The light was like ropes, twisting space. It actually marked the Dragonblood Legion’s true position. Although it had looked like the Dragonblood Legion wasn’t moving, they were actually moving according to some specific orbit.

“Now let’s see where you will run!” roared True Immortal Jiaoqi. He once more launched a powerful attack with his halberd.

This time, with the Brahma Divine Diagram marking the Dragonblood Legion’s position, they couldn’t dodge. The halberd’s divine light struck the Dragonblood Legion head-on. However, it crumbled as it struck another layer of defense in front of the Dragonblood Legion.

“Idiot, who’s running? Your head really doesn’t work too well. I already said, just touching my sleeve would be your victory,” said Guo Ran.

More attacks came from the experts of Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts. However, the majority of those attacks missed. After all, not everyone’s attacks were as sharp as True Immortal Jiaoqi’s. The Dragonblood Legion was like a fly, so fast that most people were unable to hit them.

“Spread out and activate your world energy to suppress space!” shouted Di Feng. The tens of thousands of experts spread out, attacking the Dragonblood Legion from every direction.

These people were powerful Empyreans, and using their world energy to suppress space, they formed a giant net that rapidly contracted.

The spatial suppression also suppressed Xia Chen’s formation. They were getting closer and closer, and there wasn’t much room for the Dragonblood Legion to move any longer. The surrounding space had been frozen by their world energy.

Eventually, the Dragonblood Legion’s movement formation lost all effect. They were no longer able to move anywhere.

“You are called Guo Ran, right? Today, I, True Immortal Jiaoqi, shall cut you to pieces.”

To balance out their encirclement, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, Gui Can, Yan Wei, and the others had also spread out, making sure that the Dragonblood Legion couldn’t charge out.

Suddenly, the Dragonblood Legion’s formation dissipated. Just as everyone thought that it had crumbled under the pressure of tens of thousands of experts, a powerful surge of energy burst forth from within.


The world energy suppressing the space exploded, and the surrounding experts were blown back. Their encirclement instantly enlarged. Only people like True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Huo Lieyun, and Di Feng weren’t blown back. The others were sent flying, with some even coughing up blood.

Shocked, they looked at the center of the Dragonblood Legion to see that Long Chen, who had been exhausted, was now recovered. He was once more standing in the air, a sharp light in his eyes.

“He actually directly broke through to the first Heavenstage of Life Star!”

Just now, that burst of power had been Long Chen’s aura. With Meng Qi and Chu Yao’s help, he had managed to link every single one of his astral spaces with the energy of his Yuan Spirit. They were now in one giant formation, with the core being the primal chaos space and the 108,000 astral spaces as a loop of energy. In that instant, Long Chen gained another kind of energy: world energy.

“Brothers, today is a special day. The Dragonblood Legion has encountered countless dangers, countless sinister schemes. Why is that? Because we weren’t strong enough, and because we weren’t ruthless enough. Our enemies actually viewed us as easy targets. Today, we will bare our fangs, tear their flesh, and use their blood and corpses to show that the Dragonblood Legion is not so easy to bully. Whoever attacks us, we’ll make them pay a painful price! I hereby announce that the Dragonblood Legion is becoming a major power, one that will not accept anyone’s suppression! Brothers, today, show the world our oath! Dragonblood Legion, attack!”

Long Chen’s voice surged out like thunder, ringing throughout the sky. The Dragonblood Legion roared, their killing intent soaring.

Long Chen charged out, heading directly for True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“True Immortal Jiaoqi, you’ve always claimed that the Xuan Beasts are number one in power. Try and receive an attack from me!”

Long Chen swung Evilmoon, using only his brute strength. However, this simple attack caused a tearing sound as if the world could not contain it.

Having defeated the azure dragon that he had not defeated before, a knot that had been in his heart was undone. At the same time, his azure dragon essence blood had gone through a change, becoming even purer. He was now able to control it at will, and he felt full of power.

“Even a little human dares to be arrogant?!” True Immortal Jiaoqi furiously smashed his halberd at Long Chen.

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