Chapter 1980 Completing the Tribulation

This attack had practically been a heaven-destroying, earth-shattering attack. It was also an unavoidable strike. This attack had not just contained terrifying power but also a kind of law. That claw would strike no matter what.

“Long Chen!” Ye Zhiqiu stepped forward, her eyes reddening. But she was stopped by Daoist Heavenly Feather.

“Foolish girl, Long Chen’s aura is still present.”

Only now did people realize that Long Chen’s aura was still there. However, it was now incredibly weak. It seemed that he had been heavily injured.

The silver drake king roared, about to charge at the lightning azure dragon.

“It’s mine.”

However, a cold voice rang out from the ground. That voice contained an indomitable will that stunned the drake king.

The dragon claw actually began to shudder and slowly rise out of the ground. As it rose, people saw a black blade holding it back, and Long Chen’s figure revealed itself once more.


People were unable to believe their eyes. Long Chen had actually survived that terrifying attack?

Although there was blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, it didn’t actually seem like he was heavily injured. Evilmoon was unleashing black light that forced back the dragon claw.

The ground continuously rumbled. Long Chen eventually stepped into the sky, forcing back the azure dragon one step at a time.

“How is that possible?!”

This scene was unbelievable to all those that were witnessing it. Long Chen was like an ant in front of the azure dragon. But this ant was continuously forcing back the azure dragon.

Finally, Long Chen and the azure dragon both retreated. Long Chen looked at his giant opponent and cupped his fists. “Thank you. Thank you for giving me another chance. This time, I won’t be defeated.”

Long Chen knew that this azure dragon was the result of the karma of the Heavenly Daos. It was not truly the azure dragon whose scale he now possessed. However, last time, he hadn’t managed to subdue the azure dragon reverse scale. Although he had obtained the essence blood, he hadn’t managed to suppress its will.

Perhaps that was the true reason why he had yet to fully control the azure dragon essence blood. For this azure dragon to appear now, it was another chance for him. 

The azure dragon’s reply was a sharp claw that was even fiercer than the last attack. It didn’t give Long Chen any time to rest.

This time, Long Chen managed to block it. Evilmoon unleashed a ray of light that actually sliced through the claw.

Now Long Chen took the initiative to attack. He followed up with another slash, and a giant saber-image appeared. Long Chen was using the seventh form of Split the Heavens.


The azure dragon blocked Long Chen’s attack. The saber-image exploded, but the azure dragon’s body shrank, a portion of it crumbling into runes.

Long Chen was like a madman as he fought the azure dragon, going all-out. After several exchanges, he was coughing up blood, but more and more of the azure dragon was transforming into runes that left its body and were devoured by Lei Long.

“Don’t fight it head-on. Your cultivation advancement is causing your confidence to inflate. You can fight with technique to beat it,” said Evilmoon.

“No, I can only fight it directly. Last time, I failed to subdue the azure dragon reverse scale. This time, I will use my will to subdue it, or it will leave a flaw on my Dao-heart,” said Long Chen.

“Who the fuck cares about some flaw? If you keep fighting like this, you might die!” raged Evilmoon.

“You don’t understand. My cultivation technique is special. I know it’s stupid, but it’s the only way.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth and continued to fight like a madman. He also didn’t want to fight this way, but the pride within his soul was making him win back his lost face. He didn’t know if this was the influence of the Pill Sovereign’s will, but he knew that if he didn’t defeat this azure dragon, his Dao-heart would be gravely affected.

Long Chen’s right hand broke. The immense divine pressure inhibited his recovery abilities, so he switched to holding Evilmoon with his left hand, continuing to attack crazily.

The huge body of the azure dragon was constantly shrinking, but Long Chen’s aura grew ever weaker.

In front of this azure dragon, he knew that the only thing he could do was use his will to suppress his opponent. If his will was suppressed, he would definitely die. He could see the only opening within this tribulation.

Spiritual yuan? Not important. The power of his stars? Also not important. Even the power of his Yuan Spirit wasn’t the key. It was his will.

The power of this azure dragon had already far surpassed the limits of what he could handle. Even a third-step Netherpassage expert would definitely die to it.

The reason why he was able to fight was because he was using his will to suppress it. If he switched to relying on technique, it would be saying he was afraid of fighting it head-on, and his will would loosen. Without his will suppressing it, its power would crush him. Evilmoon didn’t understand that, and this kind of thing wasn’t something that could be explained with words.

Long Chen’s aura was dropping. He was running out of spiritual yuan, and without the protection of his spiritual yuan, his bones were broken. When his hands were both broken and there was no time to heal, he bit onto Evilmoon and continued to swing it.

Finally, Evilmoon slashed into the azure dragon’s head, and the azure dragon exploded into lightning runes.

“It’s over?” Long Chen stared blankly. The tribulation clouds had already faded without him noticing it.

“Not good! Long Chen, I have to leave!” The silver drake king was in the midst of devouring those lightning runes when it let out a startled cry. The spatial channel that Long Chen had condensed was rapidly shrinking.

That was its root. If the spatial channel was closed, it would lose its connection to its source. It would then quickly wither and be devoured by the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent.

It had no more time to devour lightning runes and snuck back into the spatial channel. But right before it vanished, it opened its mouth and sucked up as many lightning runes as it could.

Just at this moment, a diagram covered the sky, enveloping Long Chen.

“It’s the Brahma Divine Diagram!”

Qu Jianying and the others’ expressions changed. This wily old fox Yu Xiaoyun had actually stealthily activated the Brahma Divine Diagram. He launched an attack as soon as the tribulation ended.

However, the light unleashed by the Brahma Divine Diagram possessed no offensive power. It only enveloped Long Chen, so not even he noticed it.

The old man attacked, swinging the Heaven Splitting Blade. However, a giant furnace appeared, blocking his blade. It was Pill Valley’s other core divine item, the Daynight Furnace. Yu Xiaoyun had actually brought both core divine items.

“All Life Star disciples, hear my orders! Enter the divine diagram and capture Long Chen alive!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun.

True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, Gui Can, Yan Wei, and the other experts charged into the Brahma Divine Diagram.

The Brahma Divine Diagram had its own space within it. The light of the diagram was like an extension of it, trapping Long Chen. Since he was like a bird stuck in a cage, Yu Xiaoyun had decided to capture him alive. Seeing this tribulation, he wished to know Long Chen’s secrets even more.

“Long Chen, let’s see where you run this time!” True Immortal Jiaoqi smiled sinisterly. Although he couldn’t kill Long Chen, tearing off a few limbs to vent was good as well.

“Attack!” Qu Jianying raised her sword. All the Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts rose, their auras rising.

“Brothers, kill! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen saved us in the past. This time, we’ll save him!”

The disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance charged under Ye Lingshan’s lead.

The Brahma Divine Diagram possessed its own laws. That barrier of light was something only up to Life Star disciples could enter, so Yu Xiaoyun had Huo Lieyun and the others enter.

The curious thing was that under normal circumstances, Yu Xiaoyun should have directly sucked Long Chen into the Brahma Divine Diagram, but he didn’t.

Just as Ye Lingshan was about to lead the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples into the barrier, Long Chen’s voice rang out.

“Everyone, stay calm. I already said that all you need to do is bear witness to today’s events. There’s no need for you to fight. Is the Dragonblood Legion present?”


Suddenly, the sky exploded, and killing intent unfurled. Over ten thousand figures appeared at once.

“The Dragonblood Legion?!”

Shocked cries rang out. Everyone had been so focused on Long Chen that they had almost forgotten that Long Chen also had his number one legion.

Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, Yue Zifeng, Xia Chen, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Liu Ruyan, and Cloud were all present. Behind them were the Dragonblood warriors. They were wearing blood-colored armor and wielding blood-colored swords. Their eyes were icy, and they seemed like warriors from hell. They were unleashing a terrifying killing intent.

They immediately charged into the Brahma Divine Diagram’s barrier as well, surrounding Long Chen.

Guo Ran shouted, “The Dragonblood Legion is present! Those who wish to reincarnate should hurry on over!”

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