Chapter 1978 Dragonization Tribulation (Teaser)

Long Chen entered the large cave of the stone mountain. The lightning beasts followed. However, the cave was too small for them to fit, so they began to attack the mountain. That cave quickly collapsed, and following that, the entire mountain crumbled.


In the distance, the Xuan Beasts were dripping blood as they saw their headquarters being destroyed. Peng Wanli in particular was furious.

Although he had managed to get here before Long Chen and ordered people to retreat, there were still many treasures within their headquarters that they hadn’t had time to remove.

Many ancient inheritances were carved into the stone walls and now, they were destroyed.

Although their inheritances had copies in other places, it had been their ancestors who had made those carvings, and the will inside the carvings could not be replicated.

Not only that, but some inheritance pools, blood totems, and...

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