Chapter 1978 Dragonization Tribulation

Long Chen entered the large cave of the stone mountain. The lightning beasts followed. However, the cave was too small for them to fit, so they began to attack the mountain. That cave quickly collapsed, and following that, the entire mountain crumbled.


In the distance, the Xuan Beasts were dripping blood as they saw their headquarters being destroyed. Peng Wanli in particular was furious.

Although he had managed to get here before Long Chen and ordered people to retreat, there were still many treasures within their headquarters that they hadn’t had time to remove.

Many ancient inheritances were carved into the stone walls and now, they were destroyed.

Although their inheritances had copies in other places, it had been their ancestors who had made those carvings, and the will inside the carvings could not be replicated.

Not only that, but some inheritance pools, blood totems, and other divine entities that could not be absorbed into spatial rings were now being destroyed.

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expression was a bit unsightly. It was entirely because of his actions that Long Chen had come here to destroy the Xuan Beasts’ headquarters.

The other experts began to show up, watching from a distance as the endless lightning beasts destroyed this place. They all gulped. Some of the traitors of the Martial Heaven Alliance were afraid now.

Long Chen was ruthless, and they were afraid of being targeted. Even a domineering existence like Heavenly Fate Island had been destroyed by Long Chen. In comparison, their sects could be crushed like ants.

They regretted choosing a side so early. They should have continued watching. Now, they could only pray that Long Chen would be killed quickly, or they would have to be on edge for the rest of their days.

“How has the heavenly tribulation not ended yet?!”

The Xuan Beasts were all panicked. Why was it that Long Chen’s tribulation was so long?

In just a few minutes, the Xuan Beasts’ headquarters and the surrounding area were destroyed. Long Chen was slaying the lightning beasts with his spear, but even after such a long time, he didn’t seem tired in the slightest.

“He’s not human, he’s a fucking monster.”

Seeing his appearance, other so-called geniuses felt despair. Long Chen was actually not the slightest bit tired during such a terrifying heavenly tribulation. That could only be described as monstrous.

As Long Chen killed the lightning beasts, Lei Long devoured their lightning runes. It was growing stronger and stronger.

Long Chen was looking around in the sky. All of a sudden, he looked in a direction and charged over.

Peng Wanli’s expression changed. That direction was the gathering place of the Xuan Beasts. Many Xuan Beasts were there, and if Long Chen went over, there was no way they would be able to escape.

Long Chen had just started moving when the world shook. The lightning beasts attacking Long Chen dissipated.

However, a majestic divine pressure crashed down from the sky. The entire world became silent.

People looked up in shock. That giant lightning gate in the sky had cracked, and a giant white claw was slowly climbing out of it. The gate was unable to endure its power and was breaking.

“What is that?!”

Both friend and foe were stunned. Not only had Long Chen’s tribulation not ended, but it seemed an even more terrifying entity was coming out.


Finally, the lightning gate shattered, and a giant head appeared in the sky. It was actually a dragon head. It looked at Long Chen without the slightest emotion.

The sky continued to crumble. The dragon pressure coming from it caused the experts from the Xuan Beasts and the ancient races to cower. They were pale with terror.

The dragon was the emperor of all beasts. That dragon pressure terrified any who were related to beasts.

“As expected, it’s a dragonization tribulation.” Daoist Heavenly Feather muttered to herself.

“Dragonization tribulation? The tribulation of the dragon race? How could it descend upon a human?!” Qu Jianying was shocked.

“Unclear. Perhaps only Long Chen knows.” Daoist Heavenly Feather shook her head. When Long Chen’s tribulation had just started, she had seen some clues but hadn’t been sure. But now she knew that she had been right.

Even Yu Xiaoyun and the others were dumbfounded. How could a human encounter a legendary dragonization tribulation? Wasn’t that a tribulation specifically prepared for the dragon race?

Another white dragon crawled out of the sky. Then another and another…

The world shook. Nine white dragons appeared in the sky, all looking emotionlessly at Long Chen. A destructive aura filled the world.

If it was anyone else, just the divine pressure crashing down from the sky would be enough to kill them.

The distant experts were silent. They could only stare in silence at those nine dragons.

“This is a bit big.” Even the old man gulped. This heavenly tribulation was killer. Whoever tried to interfere would definitely die. There was no way to save Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you’re definitely dead today! This dragonization tribulation is impossible for you-”


One of the Xuan Beasts’ experts had shouted to disturb Long Chen, but he had just spoken when the surrounding experts cursed him and fled.

That expert who had tried to disturb Long Chen was struck by a bolt of lightning. Not only did he die, but dozens of people who had been the closest to him and hadn’t had time to run were killed as well.

The dragonization tribulation was for the dragon race, while the dragon race was the proudest divine beast in this world. Even their tribulations contained their divine might. They could not be blasphemed. For someone to disturb Long Chen’s tribulation now was an insult to the dragon race, so they were destroyed by the dragonization tribulation.

Following that ‘fearless’ expert’s death, the nine white dragons began to revolve, forming a giant ring in the sky. Lightning swords rained down.

BOOM! Long Chen’s spear and wings exploded. They were actually unable to resist this lightning that contained the power of the dragon race.

“It’s useless. This is no ordinary divine lightning. It’s the dragon race’s tribulation lightning that has killed countless experts of the dragon race. Your little bit of divine lightning is unable to compete with it,” said Evilmoon.

“How did I end up in a dragonization tribulation? Is it related to the azure dragon reverse scale?” asked Long Chen. He was solemn. 

“Yes. This is karma. Since your fate has been changed by the azure dragon reverse scale, you have to endure the karma that it brings you. This dragonization tribulation should be the tribulation that the owner of the reverse scale underwent when its scale shed,” said Evilmoon. “Now you should understand. Something casual that you might not even notice can bring you karma that must be accounted for during your tribulation.”

Long Chen could only switch to fighting with his bare hands. He smashed apart one of the lightning swords, but his fist split open and bled.

As more lightning swords rained down, he became covered in blood. At the same time, the thunderforce surged within his body, and his dragon blood seemed to be awakened.

Long Chen continued to fight with his fists. His hands were being turned into masses of flesh.

“What is senior apprentice-brother Long Chen doing? Why isn’t he using a weapon?” The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples didn’t understand.

“He’s our number one expert. This is a real domineering display! He doesn’t even want to use a weapon against the strongest tribulation!” exclaimed one disciple worshipfully, thinking that Long Chen was doing it on purpose.

However, quite a few experts had noticed something else. There was a vague dragon cry each time Long Chen’s fists met the lightning swords. Perhaps this was his only way to resist the dragonization tribulation.

Long Chen was going all-out, but he was still covered in wounds. His appearance was very frightening. Ye Zhiqiu, Ye Lingshan, and the others’ hearts clenched. It seemed that this would be the final wave of the tribulation and would also be what decided Long Chen’s life or death.

Lei Long tried charging out several times, only to be destroyed by the lightning swords. It could not resist their power. Helplessly, it could only hide within Long Chen’s body and absorb the thunderforce coming in.

As more lightning runes poured into Long Chen’s body, his 108,000 stars began to spin, automatically absorbing the thunderforce to strengthen themselves.

“It seems my Life Star realm involves condensing 108,000 astral spaces.”

Although he had been prepared for this, seeing his 108,000 stars transform still shocked him. At the same time, he sensed his dragon blood being cleansed and undergoing some kind of transformation. As his body was torn open, it was healed. After being repaired, it was even tougher and stronger.

“Could it be that only after going through the dragonization tribulation can I use the azure dragon’s power?” Long Chen suddenly seemed to understand something.

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