Chapter 1975 Not Differentiating Between Friend or Foe (Teaser)

The lightning gate in the sky slowly opened. More and more lightning beasts descended from within, and they were clearly more numerous than before.

However, there was a certain lightning mark on their heads. The senior generation was stunned by that sight.

“The divine mark of the Heavenly Daos! Long Chen has fully infuriated the Heavenly Daos!”

This mark represented the will of the world. When it appeared, it meant that the world was intent on annihilating someone. In other words, Long Chen could no longer exist within the Heavenly Daos.


When the first lightning beast with that mark descended, one of the lightning drakes went to block it. However, it was actually sent flying.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others’ expressions changed. True Immortal Jiaoqi received one of their blows, resulting in him almost losing his grip on his halberd.

“What do we do? Without...

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