Chapter 1973 The Drakes Dance

This was the buffer room in the heavenly tribulation’s tempo. It was like a brief breather. Before gathering strength, people would usually take a deep breath. The heavens were the same.

Once the first wave of the tribulation was over, the second wave would descend, but first there would be a brief moment of accumulating energy. True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others had been waiting for this brief moment.

Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation did have some benefits to them. When they had gone through their tribulations, divine lightning had only come down toward the end. There had been a limited time for them to use it to temper their bodies. Now they had another chance to temper their bodies.

However, while True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others had been able to patiently wait for this moment, Heavenly Fate Island was not. Their buildings had been destroyed. Each one of those buildings was connected to cores and formations under the ground. Those were buildings that generations of people had poured their blood, sweat, and tears into building. They had already been nourished by the minerals beneath them for countless years and had given rise to their own spirits. They were very beneficial for the disciples when it came time to read the lines of fate.

It was like a towering tree they had cultivated for years had been knocked down. Just how long would it take it to regrow?

The four Fate Princes were red-eyed. How could they not be infuriated by the damage Long Chen was doing to their home?

So while True Immortal Jiaoqi had been content to keep waiting, the four Fate Princes weren’t. So True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others had to attack now to fight over their chance to kill Long Chen.

Long Chen snorted at their attacks. A dragon’s cry rang out, and a lightning portal appeared behind him.

Roars shook the sky as giant lightning drakes flew out. They were the lightning field’s drakes.

In the past, Long Chen was unable to create a large channel due to his limited power. However, now he was using the surrounding energy of the tribulation lightning to create the largest possible channel.

The lightning drakes soared out, charging at True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others.

“These lightning drakes are many times stronger than back in the Yin Yang World!” A cry rang out. 

Nine lightning drakes appeared, forcing back True Immortal Jiaoqi. Long Chen had no intention of further attacking though. The main thing was that he couldn’t do anything even if he did. “Don’t be impatient. The good show will start later.”

According to reason, he should currently be condensing his astral space. However, this wild torrent of lightning hadn’t caused his body to change at all. Perhaps the current strength of the lightning wasn’t enough for him to condense his astral space, so he was waiting for stronger lightning.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others had no time to try attacking again. Lightning condensed in the sky, and a group of humanoid figures descended from it.

“Ancient Heroic Spirits!”

The Life Star experts were stunned to see such existences appear. These figures had only appeared at the final moment of their tribulations, and they had ended up using up all their power to defeat them.

The Ancient Heroic Spirits were geniuses that had failed their own tribulations and been killed. The heavens had branded their techniques into themselves, summoning them for future tribulations. They were extremely powerful, and most Life Star experts that failed their tribulations died to them.

An ordinary Life Star expert would normally only have one of them appear at the end. As for the geniuses that had been gathered here? The majority of them had encountered nine of the Ancient Heroic Spirits at once. Nine was a peak. It had taken an intense battle for them to beat the Ancient Heroic Spirits and complete their tribulations.

That battle had been dangerous and difficult, but it was one of the battles they were proudest of. Now, that pride shattered as they looked up at the sky.

At this moment, the sky was filled with Ancient Heroic Spirits. 

“What kind of monster is he? Who on earth would possess such a terrifying tribulation? How are you supposed to pass?!” The Life Star experts felt like they had gone crazy. Even the Netherpassage experts were stunned.

The Ancient Heroic Spirits flew down from the sky, their bodies wrapped in lightning. Other than that, they appeared no different from real people. There were men and women, but they were all young and powerful. All kinds of runes appeared in the sky as they used their magical arts and divine abilities.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others were also drawn into fights with them. However, people were shocked by how powerful they were.

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd danced, and he killed three of the Ancient Heroic Spirits in an instant, transforming them into lightning runes. That made people sigh in admiration. He was worthy of being an expert that stood at the peak of all heavenly geniuses.

For others, they needed to use all their power to beat the Ancient Heroic Spirits, but True Immortal Jiaoqi slew three of them with a casual blow.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others no longer had an opportunity to bother Long Chen. There were too many Ancient Heroic Spirits. They covered heaven and earth, and the experts were surrounded. They could only slaughter the Ancient Heroic Spirits.

As for the lightning drakes, they also didn’t bother with True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others any longer. They began crazily devouring the Ancient Heroic Spirits.

“Many thanks, brother Long!” The lightning drakes cried out in delight. They were like starving beasts that had finally encountered meat. Last time, the Dragonblood Legion’s tribulation hadn’t been enough to satisfy them.

As for Lei Long, it was devouring the Ancient Heroic Spirits that approached Long Chen. Originally, the majority of the Ancient Heroic Spirits had been charging at Long Chen, but after going through the lightning drakes, the number that reached him was much lower. Lei Long didn’t need to expend much energy to devour them at all. The Ancient Heroic Spirits were not actually alive. They were husks created by the tribulation.

Ever since the start of the tribulation, Long Chen had yet to personally do anything. The only thing he had done was slap True Immortal Jiaoqi that one time. Then he had just been standing there.

“This is practically cheating.” People’s jaws dropped. Who actually went through tribulation like this?

“No wonder Long Chen can control lightning tribulation. He actually has such a terrifying lightning beast.”

People now understood the rumors of Long Chen being able to control heavenly tribulation lightning. Before this, they had thought that those were simply exaggerated rumors, but now they witnessed it personally.

Countless experts were crazy with envy. No wonder Long Chen dared to challenge the heavenly tribulation. With such a terrifying lightning housepet, then even if there was a flaw after a tribulation, he could use the housepet to undergo a second tempering. That lightning beast was a priceless treasure.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others were pleasantly surprised to find that after they killed the Ancient Heroic Spirits, the latter would transform into lightning runes that would be absorbed by them. When they had gone through their tribulations, the thunderforce hadn’t been so pure.

“This bastard, he’s been blessed by the heavens! No wonder he’s so strong!” Di Feng suddenly sent a message to True Immortal Jiaoqi, Huo Lieyun, Xie Luo, Gui Can, and Yan Wei. “Long Chen’s lightning tribulation is very beneficial to us. He’s been blessed by the heavens. Why don’t we strip him of this luck by sharing his tribulation?”

Even Huo Lieyun could sense the thunderforce cleansing the impurities in his new flame body. His flame energy was growing purer. Hence, all the others also agreed with Di Feng’s proposal.

Di Feng was quite crafty, and he intentionally left out the four Fate Princes. Di Feng and the others didn’t care about the destruction of Heavenly Fate Island. They just wanted to kill Long Chen, and any benefits they could dredge up by doing so were a bonus.

Before this, they had been worried that the four Fate Princes would be able to slay Long Chen on their own, but now it seemed that if they all didn’t cooperate, just the four of them wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Di Feng’s proposal quickly received replies of assent from the others. Only the four Fate Princes were still glaring at Long Chen, looking for a chance.

The four Fate Princes were able to seamlessly work together, and they had profound combination tactics that made the Ancient Heroic Spirits unable to even approach them.

“Brother Long, this is amazing!” One of the lightning drakes shouted out in joy. They were now addicted to Long Chen’s tribulation lightning. As they devoured more lightning, they grew larger and stronger. That also meant that they were capable of devouring even more of the Ancient Heroic Spirits. Now, Lei Long didn’t even need to join in.

Lei Long shrank down and patiently coiled around Long Chen’s body, watching as the nine lightning drakes shouted. It suddenly rubbed its head on Long Chen’s face.

Long Chen couldn’t help scolding, “It’s enough for me to have bad language. You shouldn’t learn it.”

Lei Long was growing more and more intelligent, and it was actually scolding the lightning drakes as country bumpkins with no experience, making Long Chen speechless. Lei Long was actually mirroring his own words. It seemed it had been corrupted by him.


The sky shook, and five-colored lightning descended. One giant lightning beast after another came roaring down.

“This is… five-colored peak lightning?”

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