Chapter 1972 Lightning as Far as the Eye Can See

Originally, the lightning had only been coming from the tear that Long Chen had cut in the sky. But now, it was like the dam had broken, and it poured down from every part of the sky.

All of Heavenly Fate Island shook violently. The lightning spread in every direction.

Although the Heavenly Fate Platform was able to endure the lightning, the surrounding buildings weren’t able to. They instantly exploded.

Heavenly Fate Island was ravaged by the lightning. The beautiful scenery was turned into one of destruction.

Even those who had enmity with Heavenly Fate Island couldn’t help feeling bad that such a beautiful place was being destroyed.

“Long Chen, you vile monster...!”

The Unfettered Allseer lost all his previous calm and disdain. Other than a few buildings that were still standing, everything else within this lightning had been turned to rubble.

As for those buildings that had survived, they were special buildings. There were quite a few of Heavenly Fate Island’s people within them, crying out in shock and terror as they were now surrounded by lightning. They could only rely on the buildings’ defenses to stay alive, but those defenses seemed paper-thin at this moment.

This was just the start of Long Chen’s tribulation, and it would only get stronger. If no one went to save them, those buildings wouldn’t necessarily be able to survive. 

“Island master, save us!” Those people let out cries. There were thousands of them. 

“Long Chen, hurry and leave Heavenly Fate Island! Are you trying to get so many innocent people killed?!” shouted the Unfettered Allseer.

“Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed derisively. As for True Immortal Jiaoqi, Huo Lieyun, and the others, they were repelled by the lightning, unable to get close to him. Long Chen himself, despite being bathed in that lightning, wasn’t harmed in the slightest.

“Innocent people? Why does that sound so laughable when it comes from your mouth? So even you have the concept of innocent people in your minds? Do you know how many wicked deeds you’ve helped Pill Valley with? What about the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race? What about the Righteous path? What about the sects you secretly destroyed? What about the chaos reigning on the Martial Heaven Continent that you’ve intentionally caused? How many people have died because of your sinister plots? Weren’t they innocent as well? You want to talk about innocence with me? Then let me ask you, how many fucking years did you spend cultivating the thickness of your skin so that it’s impervious to sword and fire?” demanded Long Chen.

“You… you…!” The Unfettered Allseer was as red as an apple. It seemed he still hadn’t cultivated his skin to a high enough level. He was so angry that he didn’t know how to reply. In the end, he finally found an excuse, an incredible excuse that was behind belief. “That’s all because of you! If you hadn’t hidden yourself away, those innocent people wouldn’t have died!”

“So based on that, wouldn’t my tribulation here at Heavenly Fate Island be because of you?” sneered Long Chen.

“Because of me? What?!” 

“I sent you a challenge saying I was going to destroy Heavenly Fate Island. If you were smart, you would have simply disbanded your disciples and given Heavenly Fate Island to me. Then there would have been no tribulation! So it’s all because of you, your foolishness, your overconfidence, and your greed. In that case, the innocent deaths of these disciples of Heavenly Fate Island have nothing to do with me, right?” laughed Long Chen.

“You… what bullshit!”

“It’s not as strong as your own bullshit. Stop yapping. If you have the guts, then come bite me!”

Seeing the master of Heavenly Fate Island be so infuriated, the old man and the others laughed. This was a truly satisfying sight.

As for Qu Jianying, she was worried. This heavenly tribulation was too terrifying. Just the first wave of it contained divine lightning. It was difficult to say whether or not Long Chen could pass it.

Even if he could survive, this tribulation would leave him heavily injured. At that time, whether or not they could save him was unknown.

At this time, even Li Tianxuan’s expression was serious. Only two people in this world knew the truth behind Long Chen. One was him, and the other was Ling Yunzi.

Li Tianxuan knew that Long Chen wouldn’t die to other people’s hands. His final fate was to die to heavenly tribulation. This time, even Li Tianxuan had no assurance.

The lightning continued to rumble. True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others were barely able to stay within it. They would need to expend a huge amount of energy just to advance further.

In this kind of scenario, even if they did manage to charge over to Long Chen, their power would be exhausted. True Immortal Jiaoqi had already suffered once thanks to that. No one wanted to be the second.

“Let’s not be impatient. Once the first wave is over, before the second wave starts, there will be a brief moment. We can attack together to slay Long Chen.” Di Feng sent a message to the others.

They nodded and spread out, surrounding Long Chen. This thunderforce wasn’t able to cause too much damage to them. Because they were also heavenly geniuses, they had also been tempered by divine lightning during their tribulations, so they possessed some resistance.

“Zither Fairy, Long Chen is a slaughterer who is currently killing innocent people without the slightest mercy! Are you going to watch on the side as they are murdered?!” The Unfettered Allseer suddenly turned to Zi Yan.

Everyone’s attention immediately turned to Zi Yan. Qu Jianying and the others’ hearts clenched.

In this kind of situation, perhaps only Zi Yan possessed the power to get Long Chen killed. As long as she wished it, she could use her zither music to affect Long Chen, strengthening his heart-devil and getting him killed.

The old man narrowed his eyes. As long as Zi Yan made any move, he wouldn’t care about any consequences. He wouldn’t allow anyone to harm his child.

However, Zi Yan merely smiled and shook her head. “Innocent? Actually, I’m also innocent, but no one helped me.”

Zi Yan’s smile was bitter and contained a mocking feeling. Actually, she had left out the final bit: in the end, the only one that had extended a helping hand had been Long Chen.

In the Yin Yang World, she had been affected by Grand Elder Yan Nantian’s words and made an agreement with the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither to suppress her power and make her an ordinary rank nine Celestial. She had viewed the world from a different angle than that of the Zither Fairy.

As a result, as soon as her view changed, the beautiful world she had once seen became vile and despicable. Once people tore off the disguise they pretended to have around her, she saw the darkness and blood.

In the Yin Yang World, the people that had once been respectful to her and happily listened to her expound on the Dao turned to mock her. They had once treated her like a god, but now they raised their butcher’s knives against her. Although she said the same words, instead of respect, she was met with derision.

She had suffered immensely in the Yin Yang World during this period. Killing people out of greed, the strong devouring the weak, she had personally experienced them.

The worst was when she had saved someone, only to have that person backstab her and try to kill her. After that, her heart had grown cold. 

The unexpected thing though was that the only one who came to help her was Long Chen, her fated enemy.

Now the Unfettered Allseer wanted her to target Long Chen with the excuse of saving these ‘innocent’ people? She felt it to be almost laughable. 

Seeing Zi Yan decline, the old man sighed with relief and turned back to Long Chen. He had a bitter smile. He glanced at the distant Qu Jianying and thought to himself that Long Chen truly had some abilities. As for himself, he was unable to handle even a single woman.

Qu Jianying smiled, while Mo Nian rolled his eyes. He felt like he shouldn’t have come today. He was given blows from every direction. This Zi Yan had also been seized.

“Fickle-hearted men aren’t reliable, don’t you think so, little sister Lingshan? I feel like a person should focus only on one person,” whispered Mo Nian.

Surprisingly, Ye Lingshan shook her head. “I disagree. An outstanding man should be like a mountain others look up to. They should fight, they should strive. As for those without a single woman beside them, they aren’t interesting. If others didn’t want them, then there’s definitely some problem with them. Focusing on one is just an excuse. Others look down on them, so focusing on one is their only choice.”

“Damn… my heart…”

Mo Nian was embarrassed. Was there really such logic in this world? Furthermore, for it to come out of a woman’s mouth left him speechless. He felt like Ye Lingshan had said it just to anger him.

The Unfettered Allseer’s expression sank at Zi Yan’s refusal, and he was about to speak when rumbling rang out.

The buildings had finally reached their limit. Their formations crumbled, and the disciples within let out cries of despair as they were blown to bits.

“Long Chen, I’ll make sure you have a miserable death today!” roared the Unfettered Allseer. The deaths of these thousands of people put him on the spot because this plan had been made by him.

More rumbling rang out. The lightning in the sky suddenly began to weaken.


This was the best time to kill Long Chen. True Immortal Jiaoqi led the charge, attacking together with Huo Lieyun, Xie Luo, Gui Can, Di Feng, and the four Fate Princes.

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