Chapter 197 Killing People

Cold light flashed by and blood spurted. Three heads soared into the sky, blood from their necks spurting out.

When those three heads once more tumbled to the ground, those expressions were still locked in a ridiculing sneer.

Long Chen’s blade was too fast, far beyond any of their expectations. Those three would never have even dreamed that Long Chen would kill them.

Drip. Drip…

Blood slowly dripped from his blade onto the ground. That sound was extremely light, but in the currently deathly silent battlefield, it sounded more like a huge hammer crushing people’s hearts.

“You caused my brother to bleed and my beauty to cry. My merciless blade will cut down any traitors.” Looking down on those three corpses, he involuntarily muttered. It was like he was an ignited explosive. His killing intent had completely surged out to fill the entire world.

Long Chen suddenly moved, appearing before the two still stupefied traitors from Ye Zhiqiu’s faction.

His eyes were completely scarlet, just like some kind of crazed beast from hell.

Arriving in front of them, Long Chen’s terrifying killing intent completely broke all of their courage. Their faces were as pale as paper and they were horrified to realize that their bodies wouldn’t listen to them. They wanted to run but were unable to even move.



Long Chen’s blade mercilessly cut across their necks, cutting off their voices.

The scent of blood filled the air. People were completely stunned as they smelled that scent.

Killing… Long Chen was killing people?

Everyone was completely horrified. Looking at that blood-dyed person who was like a death god demanding their lives, there was not one person whose heart didn’t tremble in fear.

Although they had already experienced a life and death trial in order to join the monastery, that was their limit.

In front of Long Chen whose killing intent was filling the entire world around them, they all felt their bones shivering. Some people clenched their mouths tight.

That was because if they didn’t, their teeth would involuntarily clatter together.

Lei Qianshang, Qi Xin, and Gu Yang’s expressions all changed. They had never expected Long Chen to be so ferocious and kill others in front of this many people.

“In my life, I will never betray anyone. But I also will not allow anyone to betray me…”

He had actually wanted to say more, but suddenly he felt the world spin around him. Having summoned the FengFu Battle Armor and used Split the Heavens, he was already out of energy.

He was then attacked by Lei Qianshang, causing him to be extremely injured. After all, he wasn’t in the Tendon Transformation realm, and his spiritual qi was still lacking compared to him.

Then, he saw the scene of his faction disciples betraying them, his brother being severely injured, and Tang Wan-er inconsolably sobbing. His head had buzzed. An unprecedented killing intent had soared out of him.

That kind of killing intent wasn’t just his own, but also from the will within his soul. Even in that state where he had had no spiritual qi, he had killed five people.

Now that he had killed those five traitors, he was absolutely unable to endure any longer. He collapsed. But before he could fall on the ground, two soft bodies came to hold him.

A pure spiritual qi poured into his body. Both Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu had come.

A dab of warmth had appeared on Ye Zhiqiu’s normally icy expression. Tear stains could still be seen on her beautiful face.

As for Tang Wan-er, she was still sobbing. As she gave Long Chen spiritual qi, she also choked back her tears.

“Don’t cry. Didn’t I already tell you? I’ll be in charge of handling these fools, and you’ll be in charge of being as beautiful as a flower. If that group of bastards makes you cry, I’ll make them bleed.” Long Chen forced out a laugh.

“Scoundrel, you’ve caused a disaster for yourself.” Tang Wan-er couldn’t help but cry. She hadn’t expected Long Chen to go kill others. Thinking of the consequences, she was filled with grief. She couldn’t control herself, and all she could do was send him spiritual qi.

On Skywood Mountain, Ling Yunzi was watching everything lightly. A bit of admiration appeared in his eyes when he had seen that death god-like figure.

“It really is just like the legends say. Tu Fang, look, there’s someone else taking out the trash for you.”

Tu Fang bitterly smiled. “This Long Chen really has guts. Does he not know what taboos are? And sect leader, what do you mean about the legends?”

Ling Yunzi stood up and walked to the edge, looking up at the floating clouds covering the peak of Skywood Mountain.

“The legendary Divergents are born in defiance of the Heavenly Daos, and everything they do is in defiance to them. They don’t fear the Heavenly Daos’ oppression, defying their laws.

“Such a person dares to resist even the will of the Heavenly Daos, not even caring about the laws set in place by them. Do you think they would care about the rules of our monastery?”

Tu Fang shook his head, “Are Divergents crazy? If they act like that, then the only result would of course be death. Who dares resist the Heavenly Daos?”

If you lived within the thousand major worlds, then you needed to comply with the laws of the Heavenly Daos. Only by understanding and following the will of the Heavenly Daos could you live. To defy the heavens was to foolishly ask for death.

No matter how powerful a person was, they would always be under the laws of the Heavenly Daos. It was no wonder all Divergents were like shooting stars, rising abruptly and bursting out their radiance like a firework, only to be short-lived and disappear.

Of those experts who stood at the peak of this world, not one was a Divergent. That was because Divergents only had one fate: to be exterminated under the Heavenly Daos. So Tu Fang couldn’t help but sigh sorrowfully.

“This time you’re wrong. Sometimes the process is even more important than the result. The world is endless, and cultivators are like grains of sand. But how many people are able to have a good death?

“Even if they comply with the Heavenly Daos, as they attack the supreme realms above, aren’t the majority still destroyed under the Heavenly Daos?

“Death isn’t the end. The journey is the most important part of a cultivator’s life. There are millions of Daos when cultivating. Some are grand Daos while some are ordinary Daos. As for whether someone has a grand Dao or an ordinary Dao, who can possibly tell?

“Since no one can, then no one has the right to judge the path that others choose. Remember, no matter how high your cultivation base is, you must maintain a humble heart.” Ling Yunzi solemnly gave Tu Fang a reminder.

Tu Fang respectfully bowed. “Many thanks, sect leader. Sensing my current state of mind, it’s improved by quite a bit. It seems I really was too attached.”

Tu Fang was filled with respect for Ling Yunzi. He could sense that in terms of the mental state, he was far too lacking compared to him.

“But sect leader, since Long Chen has killed others, then according to the rules, he must be expelled,” said Tu Fang.

Long Chen’s potential was endless. But they also absolutely could not change the rules of the monastery. Tu Fang really couldn’t bear to expel such a genius.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just watch a bit more.” Ling Yunzi smiled and continued watching. He wanted to see what Elder Sun would do.

Elder Sun himself had never expected Long Chen to be so daring as to kill people here. But that actually delighted him inside.

When Long Chen had killed the first three, he had been too surprised, but he had been entirely capable of stopping him from killing the other two traitors. However, he hadn’t in order for Long Chen to violate the sect’s rules even more. That way no one could protect him.

“Long Chen, you are too brazen. You killed members of the same sect in the competition. With such a berserk heart and vicious methods, you are no different from the Corrupt Devils.” Elder Sun only righteously stood up once he saw Long Chen had already broken as many rules as he was going to for now. 

With Tang Wan-er’s assistance, Long Chen had recovered a bit. Although he couldn’t fight, he could at least stand on his own now.

Lightly shrugging off their support, he walked a couple of steps. Although he was still extremely weak, after seeing him kill five fellow disciples, everyone in front of him recoiled, forming a path for him.

As for Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, they followed behind him. They were both uneasy about his punishment.

Looking at Elder Sun with his sanctimonious expression, he suddenly laughed.

“Shameful! What are you laughing about?!” raged Elder Sun.

“I’m laughing at you, an old idiot who is clearly laughing joyfully inside but acting like some righteous man with morals. Even a lying whore is better than you,” said Long Chen contemptuously.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu glanced at each other, both seeing the despair in the other’s eyes. Long Chen truly did cause them to both like and hate him. Even at this time, he purposely went to infuriate Elder Sun.

They had actually been hoping to save him, perhaps somehow lightening his sentence. After all, Long Chen’s potential was so great, and the monastery’s rules did favor the strong.

But Long Chen’s insult completely ruined any of their hopes. Giving Elder Sun a slap in the face like that and then asking him for a favor was just seeking humiliation for themselves.

“Long Chen, don’t talk nonsense.” Senior apprentice-brother Wan walked up and gave Long Chen a reminder. He gave him a meaningful glance, telling him not to resist and that there was still a chance.

Long Chen smiled slightly and nodded to senior apprentice-brother Wan. He was grateful for his good intentions, but he was also helpless. Perhaps he might be able to accept a bit of humiliation, but he was not able to accept his friends being bullied.

Most importantly, he was unable to accept being betrayed. That had left an unforgettable hatred within him, hate that made him want to kill all traitors.

Long Chen sneered at the angered Elder Sun. “Although I haven’t been a member of the monastery for long, I know the monastery’s objective is to use righteousness to eradicate wickedness.

“But everyone has all seen what just happened. How is that righteousness? Using the trust of comrades to stab them in the back?”

Qi Xin sneered, “Idiot, this is called strategy and smarts. All is fair in war, and if you couldn’t even think of it, that just means you were stupid.”

Qi Xin’s words immediately infuriated all of Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s people.

“What kind of crap is this? Those who join our factions are our brothers. This is how you treat our trust?”

“Fuck your granny. According to your words, we should all just stop cultivating and start stabbing each other in the back.”

A rain of curses hailed down on Qi Xin. Betrayal was always the most painful thing for people.

But Qi Xin just sneered with a mocking smile in response to those inflamed disciples.

Gu Yang, Lei Qianshang, and all their people stood together, disdainfully looking down on them.

“Contemptible trash will forever be just trash no matter how much they cultivate. Long Chen, we’ll support you.”

Suddenly, two people walked out of the crowd and stood by Long Chen.

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