Chapter 1966 Monsters Gather (Teaser)

The wild Huo Lieyun instantly stopped, looking at Mo Nian in shock. The latter had actually taken out a formation disc again, but this time, there were hundreds of divine items behind him.

Although those divine items were all quasi divine items, the sight of so many of them was still shocking.

The thing that people didn’t understand was how Mo Nian was capable of controlling so many divine items. It had to be known that each divine item had its own item-spirit. A person’s Spiritual Strength was limited, and normally they could only control a single divine item.

Controlling two divine items was difficult, and those who could control three to five were very rare.

The fact that Mo Nian had taken out a dozen divine items before and instantly absorbed all their divine energy had already been shocking enough. Now he was doing the same thing, but with hundreds of them.

“Are you not coming? Don’t worry, I won’t kill...

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