Chapter 1961 Who Subdues Who (Teaser)

After waking up, when Long Chen thought about what happened, he was sure that the whole sacrifice plot had been designed by Leng Yueyan.

Her goal had been that pillar, and cutting that pillar required the energy of the Corrupt God. However, the energy of the Corrupt God would only descend during the sacrificial ceremony.

Although he didn’t know Leng Yueyan’s whole plan, Long Chen knew that Leng Yueyan had possessed some methods to interrupt the ceremony and absorb the energy on her own. She had been fully prepared, and he had just barged his way in, throwing his life away. When he looked back at it, he felt it to be a cold joke.

“But I like your foolishness.” Leng Yueyan hugged Long Chen from behind, resting her face against his back. “I really do like you, and I know you like me. It’s nice that someone in this world is willing to face life and death with me. Do you know? You really helped me out this time. You saved me a trump card, and this trump card will decide whether or not I can survive my next tribulation.”


Leng Yueyan walked out from behind him, facing him and wrapping her arms around his neck. “Of course it’s true.”

Upon facing Leng Yueyan, Long Chen’s heartbeat quickened. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself down. But when he saw her perfect face, as well as a certain gorge too deep to see the bottom,...

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