Chapter 1961 Who Subdues Who

After waking up, when Long Chen thought about what happened, he was sure that the whole sacrifice plot had been designed by Leng Yueyan.

Her goal had been that pillar, and cutting that pillar required the energy of the Corrupt God. However, the energy of the Corrupt God would only descend during the sacrificial ceremony.

Although he didn’t know Leng Yueyan’s whole plan, Long Chen knew that Leng Yueyan had possessed some methods to interrupt the ceremony and absorb the energy on her own. She had been fully prepared, and he had just barged his way in, throwing his life away. When he looked back at it, he felt it to be a cold joke.

“But I like your foolishness.” Leng Yueyan hugged Long Chen from behind, resting her face against his back. “I really do like you, and I know you like me. It’s nice that someone in this world is willing to face life and death with me. Do you know? You really helped me out this time. You saved me a trump card, and this trump card will decide whether or not I can survive my next tribulation.”


Leng Yueyan walked out from behind him, facing him and wrapping her arms around his neck. “Of course it’s true.”

Upon facing Leng Yueyan, Long Chen’s heartbeat quickened. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself down. But when he saw her perfect face, as well as a certain gorge too deep to see the bottom, he couldn’t stop his heart from pounding.

“Am I beautiful?” teased Leng Yueyan.

“Very beautiful.” Long Chen instinctively spat this out.

Leng Yueyan suddenly blushed. That was a rare sight. “You’re a scoundrel, you know? I was always looking for a reliable mountain in this world that could change my fate. I went through many people with great potential. I always started hunting them down, making them quicken their cultivation speed so they could survive. But none of them could ever keep up with my footsteps. They all died to my sword, proving that they weren’t my prince. But when I encountered you, I had a feeling that you would be the only one capable of saving me. I started to hunt you down, but you are an absolute fool. You actually started cultivating with a group of people. Just how much were you slowed down dragging them up with you? I told you that you were slowing yourself down, but you refused to listen. I don’t know when it started, but I started to look after you more and more, and eventually I found I could no longer view you as just my savior. Then in the Spirit World, I attacked you, trying to kill you, and you actually had mercy on me. Tell me, don’t you think you’re a fool?”

Leng Yueyan began to cry, but she continued, “You foolish scoundrel, you made me love you. How could I continue to use you? I released you, even preparing to repay you for your two favors to sever our ties with each other. But… just as I made my determination to face my fate alone, you appeared again. What are you trying to do to me? You’re a scoundrel…”

“If you need help, just tell me. Wouldn’t it be nice to face it together?” Long Chen gently wiped away her tears.

He knew that Leng Yueyan’s origins were mysterious. Whatever she was facing, it was definitely beyond his imagination. But he was willing to share her burden.

Leng Yueyan shook her head. “You have too many burdens already, affecting your cultivation. You can’t help me. Let’s not talk about such a heavy topic. In any case, I’ve pretty much finished my preparations. Once it comes, I’ll have a battle to the death with it.”

“It? What is it?”

“You don’t need to ask. I’ve already made my arrangements. With the evil dragon essence soul and the totem of faith energy, I’m eighty percent confident in suppressing it,” said Leng Yueyan.

Seeing that Leng Yueyan refused to say, Long Chen could only drop it. He understood her character. It was very difficult to change the things that she had decided on.

“Long Chen, would you like me to dance for you?” Leng Yueyan suddenly looked at Long Chen with a faint blush.

“A dance? That’d be great!” Long Chen clapped. It was hard for him to imagine that the coldblooded and merciless Devil Empress would actually dance for someone.

Leng Yueyan smiled and really began to lightly dance.

Long Chen felt his heart rising up his throat. Leng Yueyan’s body was perfect in every way. Just standing there, she was beautiful enough to make a person forget how to breathe. As she danced, Long Chen felt dazzled. He felt like he was no longer in control of his body.

As Leng Yueyan danced, she began to undo her robes. Her arms revealed themselves and then her feet. Next, a belt came undone and a thin lower garment.

Her long legs revealed themselves, possessing great charm. This was a dance that could take a person’s life.

Although there was no music, just the sight of her was enough to make a person’s heart burst.

“This is the Corrupt path’s Heavenly Devil Dance. A woman will only dance it when she marries the man she loves. I was taught it when I was very young, but anyone who has seen me dance, whether man or woman, has already been killed by me.”

Leng Yueyan walked gracefully over to Long Chen. With a flick of her finger, her last piece of cloth also fell….

In that instant, Long Chen’s heart stopped beating. A beautiful scene was laid bare to him.

Although he had bathed with Meng Qi once, he still felt light-headed seeing Leng Yueyan like this.

She didn’t have the slightest bashfulness. All of her was laid bare to Long Chen, front and back. She was like the goddess of beauty, yet also like a demoness who could take people’s lives with just her charm.

Long Chen gulped. He suspected that he was in a dream. In this dream, he didn’t even dare to move as he was afraid of waking up.

Leng Yueyan walked even closer to Long Chen. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her eyes were like gemstones, staring into his eyes. Long Chen’s hot blood was surging, and he was no longer able to hold back. He grabbed her tender waist, and that feeling made his head buzz. He went to kiss her lips.


However, he had just moved when he felt a sharp pain on his shoulders. Leng Yueyan’s hands had slammed into him, sending him flying back into the stone wall behind him.

They were currently in a cave. It was unknown what energy was supporting the walls, but Long Chen was wracked with pain upon smashing into the wall, while it wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

“You… what are you doing?!” raged Long Chen. Why did this girl go hostile so fast?

“You are my man, but I didn’t say that I am your woman. Have you forgotten? In this world, no one can subdue me. I, Leng Yueyan, am the one who subdues others.” Leng Yueyan appeared devilishly beautiful, her eyes twinkling and her hair flowing gently.

“Fuck, is there even such a thing as who submits to who in this kind of matter?!” demanded Long Chen angrily.

“Of course. I’m taking the initiative, so I’m subduing you.”

Leng Yueyan suddenly appeared in front of Long Chen, her hand reaching for Long Chen’s chest. Long Chen instinctively tried to dodge, but he was one step too slow.

Long Chen’s robes were torn apart by Leng Yueyan. At the same time, five spots of blood appeared on Long Chen’s chest.

“Fuck, let’s see who subdues who!” Long Chen was angry now. He smashed a fist at Leng Yueyan. Leng Yueyan hadn’t used her Heavenly Dao energy, while he didn’t summon his divine ring or battle armor.

Leng Yueyan’s hand nimbly pushed aside Long Chen’s fist. Not only did she manage to do that, but her hand also tore off his sleeve.

Long Chen repeatedly punched, but Leng Yueyan’s hand arts were too bizarre. Her hands were like spirits, and Long Chen was quickly down to just his underwear.

Long Chen was finally starting to panic. “Evilmoon, come out and help!”

“Can you have some face? She’s not using a weapon.” Evilmoon merely gave him one lazy reply before going silent, not answering his summons.

Finally, Leng Yueyan grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into the wall. His last comrade, his underwear, died in battle, fully exposing him.

“Give up. You’ll become my man with great dignity,” said Leng Yueyan, looking at him like an empress.

“I’m unwilling to hit you or injure you, but don’t force me!” shouted Long Chen as he covered himself.

“Give it up. I have a barrier set up here. Your speed, your power, your senses, they’re all suppressed. You can’t beat me, so be obedient. I’ll be very gentle.” Leng Yueyan smiled bewitchingly.

No wonder Long Chen had felt Leng Yueyan to be so powerful all of a sudden. It wasn’t that she had become stronger, but rather he had become weaker!

Leng Yueyan suddenly pounced. Other than that bath with Meng Qi, Long Chen had never been naked in front of anyone since his childhood. He had no way to fight. In just several moves, he was pressed down to the ground by Leng Yueyan.

“I won’t let you have it as you please!”

Long Chen shouted. As a man, even if he was facing a woman he loved, he wouldn’t accept such a method.

Long Chen focused himself, suppressing the flames of desire within him.

Leng Yueyan smiled faintly. She pressed a hand against Long Chen’s chest, and his expression instantly changed.

The flames of desire he had just suppressed instantly erupted, even fiercer than before.

“Long Chen, you are fated to be my man. Resistance is useless.” Leng Yueyan slowly descended.

“Hey, wait, I know a much better way we can do this… aiya, that hurts! What the hell?!” A sharp burst of pain interrupted Long Chen. It was different from that ecstatic feeling mentioned in legends.

“This is the only way to make things fair. If I hurt, you hurt. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called subduing…” Leng Yueyan’s voice was still calm, but it was shuddering as she also became lost in the feeling.

Very quickly, the sound of deep breaths and a voice like immortal music began to ring out like the sound of birds and bees. However, for Long Chen, there were more pained groans and angry howls…

After an unknown period, Long Chen felt exhausted to death and lost consciousness. He felt like his bones were about to collapse.

When he woke up again, he not only felt a fiery pain down below, but there were also quite a few bloodstains. As for Leng Yueyan, she had vanished.

He couldn’t help grinding his teeth. “Fuck, she definitely did that on purpose! It hurt!”

How had that been the legendary coupling between men and women? It had been more like torture! Leng Yueyan had tormented him for six hours, and Long Chen had been unable to beat her or resist.

“That woman’s a crazy monster! How did I end up so unlucky?” Long Chen hatefully spat on the ground.

Instead of properly enjoying it, she had tormented him. Her head definitely wasn’t normal. There was no way to reason with such a person.

The only way to talk reason with her was to suppress her and return all the things she had tormented him back to her.

“Was it everything you dreamed of?”

Evilmoon’s wicked laughter rang out.

“Fuck off.” Long Chen was angered. This bastard actually came out at such a time to throw stones at him.

“Cursing someone is a display of powerlessness and a show of no upbringing. Long Chen, you’ve fallen,” said Evilmoon, intentionally putting on a regretful tone.

Long Chen ignored it and looked around the cave. It was a round cave only a few hundred meters wide. There was only one small exit.

He thought about it for a short moment before he started to get to work. He began to dig and bury several long chains into the ground.

“What? Are you laying a trap?” exclaimed Evilmoon with surprise.

“Shut up!”

Long Chen found it difficult to dig into this ground. It was like the ground was a divine item, and even a divine item barely left any marks on the ground. This was the result of Leng Yueyan’s formation.

Long Chen took out the fragment of the Eastern Wasteland Bell and cut through the ground like tofu with it, feeling delighted. After that, he began to bury his chains, working for several hours before finishing.

Fortunately, during this time, Leng Yueyan never appeared.

“Actually, since Leng Yueyan is gone, can’t you just leave? Is it interesting to waste your time like this?”

“Not getting vengeance isn’t the style of a man,” said Long Chen angrily.

“Wasn’t it just a question of who took the passive position? What’s the big deal about it? Let me tell you, that Leng Yueyan’s origins are very frightening…”

“Shut up! If you wanted to help me, you should have helped back then. Since you don’t want to help, I’ll handle it myself!” snorted Long Chen.

That had been his legendary first time which had been stolen away. Worst of all, Leng Yueyan hadn’t cherished it at all. Although it had also been her first time, how was it fair that if she hurt, he should also hurt? Leng Yueyan’s desire to conquer others was very strong. However, it was also strong in Long Chen. This enmity had to be avenged.

As a result, Long Chen waited for three days. Finally, on the third day, Leng Yueyan returned.

However, today, she was not wearing the normal red robes she wore but an imperial dress. Her hair was tied up in a high bun instead of falling naturally.

Today, Leng Yueyan appeared even more majestic, more noble, and more aloof than usual.

Leng Yueyan was startled upon seeing Long Chen. Before she could speak, Long Chen pulled on a chain in his hand.

Leng Yueyan was instantly bound by the chains he had arranged. Meanwhile, Long Chen immediately pounced, knocking her down.

“Today, if I don’t make you grab the railings and bite the sheets, I won’t be called Long Chen!” he roared. He tore at her clothes. “Don’t think changing clothes is enough for me to forget that enmity!”

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