Chapter 1959 You Are My Man

The Heaven Flipping Seal’s divine light erupted. After accumulating energy for such a long time, its power was shocking.

Long Chen could tell that there was no way he was escaping alive. If he could at least bring down Xie Luo with him, today wouldn’t be a total failure.

The Heaven Flipping Seal smashed toward Xie Luo. It didn’t hold back at all.

When Xie Wentian saw the Heaven Flipping Seal, his expression changed. He shouted, “Go help!”

If it was a normal time, perhaps Xie Luo wouldn’t need to fear this attack. But his power had already dropped from his peak. Although it looked like he had seventy percent of his power on the surface, he was still filled with internal injuries and couldn’t bear such a powerful attack.


The surrounding Netherpassage experts immediately launched their attacks to stop the Heaven Flipping Seal. Over ten rays of divine light struck it and shattered upon contact.

The Heaven Flipping Seal had been accumulating energy for a long time, and Long Chen had advanced to the twelfth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation, meaning his Spiritual Strength was stronger and able to provide better nourishment for it.

Xie Luo’s expression changed. With a furious roar, he slammed his palms into the Heaven Flipping Seal.

After a powerful explosion, his body had been flattened into a meatloaf. Long Chen was about to direct the Heaven Flipping Seal to kill him in this state when the Netherpassage experts shot over, sending it flying.

Long Chen couldn’t bother with that. He once more pierced the bronze fragment in his hand at the barrier. This time, he created a giant cut.

This piece of bronze was a fragment of the Eastern Wasteland Bell. He had just been testing it, but it really had worked. It was able to tear through this barrier of divine energy.

Cracks covered the entire barrier, and it crumbled. Even Xie Wentian wasn’t able to stop it.

Divine energy raged as fragments of the barrier shot out in every direction. As the person at the front, Long Chen was struck first. But the Heaven Flipping seal came flying over, blocking it for him. Despite that, Long Chen sensed his bones shatter.

The Corrupt path’s experts were alarmed and hastily defended. However, this divine power was horrific, and some of the Life Star experts were slain.

Long Chen felt like he might collapse at any time. Even the sounds of the outside world were growing distant. However, he couldn’t faint yet. Fainting was a kind of escape, giving up.

With his immense willpower, he kept his eyes open. His vision was murky. With his last bit of Spiritual Strength, he examined his surroundings. This world had been ruined.

Other than the altar and the statue of the Corrupt God, everything else had been destroyed. That was the power of a god.

Leng Yueyan was still bound at the center of the altar. Her head was lowered, and Long Chen couldn't tell if she was alive or dead.

Tottering on his last legs, Long Chen stumbled toward Leng Yueyan. Dust filled the air, and the remnants of that divine energy lingered, terrifying people. It was like a god had been enraged.

One figure after another popped out of the ground. One of the Netherpassage experts pulled out a piece of meatloaf. Yes, it was the Corrupt path’s genius, Xie Luo.

Xie Luo was unconscious. If it hadn’t been for that Netherpassage expert’s protection, he would have died.

Even with his body in this state, it could be restored in the future. This physical body was still the best one for Xie Luo.

One expert popped out after another, pale with terror. Was this the wrath of the Corrupt God?

Only a single lonely figure continued to walk toward the altar.

The sound of blood dripping echoed. Fresh drops continued to bloom on the ground.

That scene was similar to when he had first come. However, at that time, Long Chen had appeared mighty and domineering. The blood dripping had belonged to the Corrupt path’s experts.

Now, Long Chen’s robes were in tatters, his body was on the verge of collapse, and it looked like he might crumble at any moment. The blood dripping down was his. Each drop represented another step closer to death.

However, Long Chen’s gaze was still calm. It hadn’t changed from when he had first come.

The sounds of his footsteps and dripping blood were the only things that could be heard. Despite Long Chen being the Corrupt path’s greatest enemy, their greatest threat, this sight of him shook them to their core. They knew that he was exhausted, and that any ordinary disciple would probably be able to kill him. But they didn’t move. They couldn’t. 

Xie Wentian was gloomy as he floated in the sky. The altar’s barrier had actually failed. That was a blasphemy to the Corrupt God.

His gaze was sharp as he looked at Long Chen. He was currently thinking about how he could appease the Corrupt God. Should he keep Long Chen here or should he offer Long Chen up as a sacrifice as well? If he did, it would have to be a complete sacrifice, including his weapons, his souls, and his memories.

If that happened, his secrets would belong to the altar. What infuriated him the most was that even if he made that sacrifice, he wouldn’t receive any reward. If anything, just appeasing the Corrupt God’s anger would be not bad.

A vein bulged on Xie Wentian’s forehead. Glancing at the meatloaf in the distance, he was even angrier.

Xie Luo’s Dao-heart was doomed, and a good sacrificial altar had been turned into this state. On top of that, they wouldn’t obtain anything good either. 

Leng Yueyan’s eyes were closed, and her face was pale white. There wasn’t the slightest aura around her. However, the fluctuations of life around her proved that she was still living.

When Long Chen finally staggered over to her, Leng Yueyan’s eyes slowly opened. There was a faint tender emotion in them.

“Was it worth it for you to do this?” Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression. She knew that he cared deeply about relationships, but it was also because of this that he had to cherish his own life. He always said that his life didn’t just belong to him but to all who loved him.

Now, just for her, he had clearly sent himself to his death, fighting for a chance that never existed. 

“Who knows? In any case, I’m not going to just watch as someone kills you, unless they’re stepping over my corpse…”

“You really are a fool.” Leng Yueyan shook her head, but she had a sweet smile, one beautiful enough to topple all lives.

“Reactivate the altar and sacrifice the two of them to appease the Corrupt God!” barked Xie Wentian.

Xie Wentian had made his choice. He didn’t want Long Chen’s secrets anymore as appeasing the Corrupt God was more important. If they offended their god, they would receive a terrifying punishment.

The Corrupt experts began to chant solemnly once more. The runes on the altar slowly lit up.

“Fuck, after courting death for a lifetime, I’ve finally succeeded.” Long Chen took a deep breath.

“Do you regret it?” asked Leng Yueyan.

“I’ve done many foolish things, but not one thing that I regret.”

“Thank you…”

Leng Yueyan suddenly reached out and hugged Long Chen, kissing him on the lips.


Long Chen couldn’t speak with Leng Yueyan’s mouth blocking his.

Everyone’s expressions changed, including Xie Wentian’s. Leng Yueyan had clearly been bound by the Corrupt God’s altar. Just how was she free to move?

“Starting today, you are my man.”

Leng Yueyan smiled and the paleness on her face vanished. In fact, she looked healthier than ever and didn’t look injured at all. She extended a hand, and her bone sword appeared. She slashed it behind him.


Divine light exploded. Leng Yueyan had actually sliced apart the wooden pillar.

The portion of the pillar she had sliced off was actually taken by her. Long Chen was staring at her in shock, not understanding.

That pillar contained the faith energy of the Corrupt path. Just how was it possible to break it with mortal power? The two were not on the same level.

Everyone was stunned, not daring to believe their eyes.

Suddenly, Xie Wentian slammed his palm at Leng Yueyan, his expression grave. He seemed to have noticed something.

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