Chapter 1958 Breaking the Barrier

Xie Luo’s head had actually been cut off by Long Chen. His head was flying through the air and screaming.

“Damnit, I missed.” Long Chen felt like his head was about to split. He was past his limit. Just now, he had been aiming to pierce right through Xie Luo’s head, but he had ended up striking the neck instead.

If Long Chen had struck Xie Luo right in the head, he would have had a fifty percent chance of controlling his Yuan Spirit. However, he had failed.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen was about to make up for his missed attack when one of the Corrupt path’s elders flew over, smashing a palm at him.

Long Chen instinctively raised his saber to block and was sent smashing back like a shooting star, crashing into the ground. 

He coughed up blood. He felt like the world was spinning around him. He was about to collapse.

“Long Chen, hand over your life!”

Just at this moment, Xie Luo came charging over. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame had dissipated, which had restored his Heavenly Dao energy. Xie Luo had recovered to at least seventy percent.

Thinking of how miserable his plight had been just now, Xie Luo was infuriated.


Suddenly, the sky tore apart. A giant lightning dragon came out, once more clashing against Xie Wentian. Meanwhile, Xie Wentian’s expression was calm. The space around him crumbled as he displayed the power of the leader of the Corrupt path.

“Long Chen, just what did you do? I can’t beat him. I’m unable to use my full power here,” said the silver drake king to Long Chen.

So as expected, he had lost? Long Chen couldn’t help sighing. After the Double Dragon Destruction, Huo Long had detonated, while Lei Long had preserved a bit of its energy to condense spatial runes in secret.

When Xie Wentian had tried to interfere, Lei Long had created the spatial channel, summoning the silver drake king.

Long Chen hadn’t had any extravagant hopes that the drake king would be able to annihilate all his enemies. One reason was that the spatial channel limited its energy, and Long Chen couldn’t create a larger channel that could allow it to use more of its power. He had merely hoped that it could buy him enough time. As long as he could capture Xie Luo, he would have gained a powerful trump card. If he could use Xie Luo’s life in exchange for Leng Yueyan’s life, perhaps he might have managed to get away.

However, it was all over now. Xie Luo had recovered, and the drake king was blocked by Xie Wentian. Long Chen was finally seeing the power of the leader of the Corrupt path. That kind of power wasn’t something he could face.

Right now, Xie Wentian wasn’t even going all-out. He was easily able to block the silver drake king from getting to Long Chen.

“It really was an absolute failure!” Long Chen sighed. His original plan was to first release Leng Yueyan from her chains, but that wooden pillar was too strange, and Leng Yueyan had directly told him that it was impossible.

Then he had switched to capturing Xie Luo as a hostage. His plan had been to summon the silver drake king and bring them into the lightning field, and then he would think of some other way to return to the Martial Heaven Continent. However, it was all over now.

Xie Wentian clearly had more than enough power to stop the drake king. Even if Long Chen had managed to capture Xie Luo, he wouldn’t have been able to leave the Heavenly Evil Region. This place was a deathtrap.

Long Chen clenched Evilmoon. Evilmoon still had a bit of energy. It was flowing through his body, and although its power had already dropped, Long Chen wouldn’t give up.

Long Chen stared at Xie Luo, while Xie Luo glared daggers at him. He had originally been planning on crushing Long Chen, and his spear was already raised. However, he never let it fall. He suddenly smiled sinisterly.

“Long Chen, don’t you call yourself someone who cares about friends and relationships? Then let me test whether that’s really true.” Xie Luo suddenly waved his hand, unleashing a ray of divine light at the distant altar.

The altar’s divine runes lit up. The light seemed like flame serpents dancing through the air.

Sixteen wooden pillars slowly rose out of the altar, reaching all the way into the sky. The void rumbled as fragments of spacetime shattered and crumbled. The altar actually formed a giant channel.

“Long Chen, I’ll let you personally witness Leng Yueyan being sacrificed! Look well as her flesh and soul are stripped away, hahaha!”

With one order from Xie Luo, hundreds of the Corrupt path’s experts suddenly knelt on the ground. They began to chant something.

More runes lit up on the altar. This time, they were blood-colored and flowed toward Leng Yueyan like bloody rivers.

Long Chen roared and charged toward the altar. However, just as he was approaching it, he was repulsed by some invisible energy.

He was blown back many miles before stabilizing, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood that was actually black. It seemed that he had been cursed.

Leng Yueyan was looking at Long Chen. Tears dripped down her face, but she didn’t have the slightest fear or panic on it. The only thing left there was a tender emotion.

Long Chen charged forward once more, this time piercing forward with Evilmoon. However, he was blown back again.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, do you know? In front of the divine altar, you’re nothing more than an ant! Your struggling is foolish. All it will do is bring you closer to death. How is it, is it satisfying?” laughed Xie Luo delightedly.

He felt like killing Long Chen while he was lost in the deepest pit of despair would be much better.

In the distance, Xie Wentian was still blocking the drake king. He didn’t say anything about Xie Luo’s actions.

If he allowed Xie Luo to torment Long Chen, it might make up for the flaw in Xie Luo’s Dao-heart from losing to Long Chen. If he was lucky, perhaps the heart-devil would disappear once Long Chen died.

At this moment, the lightning channel shrank. The lightning drake let out an unwilling roar as it was pulled back into the lightning field. Long Chen no longer had any more energy to maintain the spatial channel.

“Long Chen, give up. This barrier is made of divine energy. You can’t get past it, even if you were in your peak condition. You’ve lost,” sighed Evilmoon. Defeat was truly just the tip of the iceberg.

“I, Long Chen, definitely won’t give up as long as I’m alive. I never lived off luck. Every slightest chance I get is something I won. No matter how remote the odds are, I have to fight. Giving up would mean lowering my head to fate, and I don’t lower my head to anyone, not fate, and not the heavens!”

Long Chen wiped some blood off his mouth. Xie Luo’s laughter rang in his ears, but he ignored it.

Leng Yueyan was covered in blood-colored runes, and the spatial channel in the sky was unleashing divine might. It was like a god was really descending upon this world.

“Blessing of the Corrupt God, cleanse my body. Let me have no fear. Let me forget myself, forget reality. The only thing in this world is god’s blessing. For bestowing me my body, I will carry out the will of the heavens, to let the strong survive, to let the weak die, to let all lives grow stronger…”

All the Corrupt path’s experts piously knelt down, chanting. Their voices shook the sky.

Long Chen stepped forward carefully. Before this, he had been unable to pinpoint the exact location of the barrier. This time, he found it.

“I’ll test this!” Long Chen suddenly took out a bronze fragment. He carefully pushed it forward, and when it was about to touch the invisible barrier, he slammed it forward.

Suddenly, a black opening appeared in space. At the same time, Long Chen spat out blood and was blown back once more.

The opening rapidly grew throughout the barrier. Cracks then appeared on the altar and even the surrounding space. It was like the world was crumbling.

“Not good! The divine blessing has just descended, but the barrier was broken!” Xie Wentian’s expression changed, and he hastily rushed over. There was a pair of black wings on his back, which he used to prop up the formation. Divine light fell.

“Xie Luo, capture Long Chen!” Xie Wentian suddenly shouted because he saw Long Chen charging back.

Even he hadn’t anticipated that Long Chen would have the ability to break this barrier. He hadn’t even seen what Long Chen had used.

“Long Chen, if you can receive this next blow, I’ll spare your life!” shouted Xie Luo. He put away the snake-head spear, instead slamming a palm at Long Chen.

“Trash, your words are just crap. After being defeated, you ate your promise. Is the taste of your own crap good?” cursed Long Chen.

Xie Luo’s expression sank. He thought of his agreement with Long Chen to release him if he was defeated, and he truly had been defeated.

If it hadn’t been for Xie Wentian and the other Netherpassage experts of the Corrupt path, he might already be dead. Having this point be brought up, he felt like he had been slapped in the face.

“Bastard, shut up!” Xie Luo roared and suddenly spread his arms. Divine runes appeared, forming a runic net that attempted to capture Long Chen. Long Chen was out of energy, and Xie Luo wanted to capture him alive.

“You shut up!” Long Chen suddenly smashed a cyan brick at Xie Luo.

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