Chapter 1957 A Frantic Battle to the Death (Teaser)

Xie Luo didn’t hesitate or use any probing blows. He immediately unleashed his strongest attack, wanting to defeat Long Chen in one move to wipe away his previous disgrace.

This was no longer his first fight against Long Chen, so they were both familiar with each other’s techniques. Long Chen’s fighting style was very simple. It was to win with power.

“Split the Heavens 7!”

Long Chen also didn’t hold back. He directly used the seventh form of Split the Heavens.

The two of them unleashed their strongest attacks right off the bat. Xie Luo’s goal was obvious. While Long Chen was still at the peak of Soul Transformation, Xie Luo wanted to crush him with absolute power to show off his own power.

If he could only win after fighting a protracted battle, that would make him a laughingstock. After all, he was already at the third Heavenstage of Life Star.


Evilmoon unleashed an explosion of divine light. It was like...

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