Chapter 1933 Guo Ran’s Performance

“Sorry… to disappoint everyone…” Gu Yang barely had the energy to speak.

“Is something wrong with this trial? The real Gu Yang is exhausted, but the fake one isn’t even breathing hard. The difference is too great,” questioned Li Qi.

Gu Yang hadn’t made any mistakes from the start. Even while suppressed, he hadn’t given up a single chance to counterattack, but he was still defeated.

“In truth, the fake Gu Yang also doesn’t have much energy. It’s just that the fake won’t act weak,” explained Yue Xiaoqian. “Gu Yang, you’re very amazing to have lasted a full four hours. I’m ashamed of my own time.”

Yue Xiaoqian’s best record was only half an incense stick’s time longer than Gu Yang, and that was after she had challenged the Devil Blood Pool several times. She had plenty of experience, while this was Gu Yang’s first time.

Suddenly, at this time, Guo Ran walked over with his chest puffed out, patting Gu Yang on the shoulder. “It’s fine, don’t be depressed. If you’ve been defeated, then leave it to me.”


Everyone looked at Guo Ran with confusion. They even suspected that this Guo Ran was a fake.

When they encountered any trial, Guo Ran would dodge it if he could. The Guo Ran that always rolled on the ground begging for release could also say something so heroic? 

“It seems you’ve all misunderstood me. Do you really think I’m a coward? You question my bravery in challenging the Devil Blood Pool?” sighed Guo Ran.

“No… I don’t question your bravery in challenging the Devil Blood Pool…” Li Qi shook his head.

“Hehe, that’s right.” Guo Ran nodded.

“... I question whether you have any bravery at all.”

“What the…”

Guo Ran almost coughed up blood. He loudly said, “I’ll tell you the truth. Before, I was intentionally acting cowardly. Do you know why?”

Everyone shook their heads, looking at Guo Ran suspiciously. Why was it that today’s Guo Ran was like a different person? Had he been possessed?

Guo Ran heroically announced, “Alright, then I’ll tell you. I acted cowardly for boss. In my heart, boss is like a god. As they say, the sky cannot have two suns, and the people cannot have two masters. I don’t want my light to overshadow boss…”

“Guo Ran, Guo Ran. As your brother, I’m not trying to criticize you, but don’t you think you’re bragging a bit too hard? Do you even believe yourself? Ask your own conscience if you believe it,” said Song Mingyuan.

“Ah, well when you put it that way…”

Guo Ran suddenly felt that things had taken a turn, and that if he continued, he would be exposed. He glanced at Long Chen who was looking at him contemptuously. Spiritually, he scolded, “Stop messing around. If you don’t have that skill, don’t force it. There’s no need for this. Just start your display.”

Guo Ran cleared his throat and said, “Alright, I won’t joke. Gu Yang’s defeat is because he lacked one thing. Inside his heart, he didn’t feel confident in definitely winning. Why? Because he was facing himself. If he was facing anyone else, anyone from the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, even if they were equally matched in power, I believe that Gu Yang would definitely win. Why? Because he has no other choice but to beat them. Defeat would signify death, and death would implicate the lives of even more of his brothers. A person can go all-out against others, but going all-out against themselves? That’s the most monstrous aspect of the Devil Blood Pool. It creates a duplicate of yourself, which makes you feel like it’s unfathomable. It sees through your techniques, making you feel helpless. The lack of confidence you feel is the main problem. The duplicate of the Devil Blood Pool will immediately use a warmed-up one-hundred-percent-power attack. That’s actually a psychological blow. Using an attack that surpasses common sense will leave a shadow on your heart. A voice will repeat in the depths of your heart that you cannot possibly defeat your opponent. The moment that shadow appears, you’ll already be defeated. Gu Yang only had any chance of defeating himself in the first hour. After that, as he grew weary, the shadow on his heart only expanded, and the effort of continuing to fight against that shadow exhausted more energy. That’s why the fake Gu Yang seemed to still possess energy, but the real Gu Yang couldn’t last any longer.”

After hearing all this, everyone’s expressions changed. Guo Ran was previously only capable of saying some big nonsensical words, but now his words were all reasonable.

“In truth, you’ve been fooled by my outer appearance. I’m actually a very low-key person, but today, I’ll show you my true self. Brothers, just prepare yourselves. I don’t want my display to cause the whole world to know my great name. I want to maintain my original heart.” Guo Ran stepped forward bravely toward the Devil Blood Pool. “I’ll show you just how you should defeat yourself and your heart-devil. Keep a close watch on my movements. I’ll trouble sister Xiaoqian to activate the trial for me.”

Everyone looked at each other, feeling like today’s Guo Ran was very odd. Yue Xiaoqian looked at Long Chen and he helplessly nodded.

Guo Ran had ended up adding some of his own poser spice into the plan that they had discussed, resulting in people not fully believing him.

Guo Ran’s figure vanished, reappearing in a giant bubble within the Devil Blood Pool. He was standing atop an ancient martial stage, just like Gu Yang had.

Guo Ran summoned his armor. Only his face was revealed. He had just appeared when another figure slowly condensed from blood mist not far from him. That figure was identical to Guo Ran, with even that wretched smile being the same.

Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. Even if you gave a monkey imperial robes, it wouldn’t look like a prince. This kind of poser style didn’t suit Guo Ran. He looked out of place, making Long Chen even regret appointing Guo Ran as the main character of this display.

“Everyone, watch closely!” shouted Guo Ran. His face also became covered in his golden armor.

Suddenly, the opposing Guo Ran slashed its sabers. It was incredibly quick, like a golden bolt of lightning.

The sudden burst of power came without any warning, none whatsoever, and its power instantly reached the pinnacle.


Guo Ran raised his own sabers to block, only to be sent flying. He tumbled back, looking even worse off than Gu Yang.

Guo Ran stabbed his sabers into the martial stage, creating two large cuts. He barely stabilized himself before the fake Guo Ran charged over. A pair of golden wings appeared on its back, and its sabers rapidly spun as it charged over.

“How powerful!”

Although the duplicate Guo Ran was using the same techniques as Guo Ran, its battle style was different. It was fiercer.

Guo Ran was forced back, but his power began to rise bit by bit. Suddenly, with a cry, the fake Guo Ran came to a stop and was then forced back by Guo Ran. The two of them both retreated at the same time.

“After blocking the first wave of attacks, raise your power to your peak. Whether the other side is your enemy or yourself, crush them!”

Guo Ran went on the offense, facing his opponent’s attacks with his own. Two golden monstrosities were clashing crazily. Their colliding weapons and mechanisms were like thunder, while their bodies were like golden lightning.

“Do you still remember what boss said? If you want to get stronger, you need to find a reason to get stronger. Why do you want to be strong? Have you already forgotten? It’s to protect those we cherish in our hearts. No matter who our opponent is, even if it’s a god or devil, they can’t be allowed to take away the people we love. Our lives aren’t our own. If they want to kill us, then they want to harm our beloved. Even if we’re facing ourselves, we have to erupt with our fury. Roar and proclaim that we are undefeatable!”

Guo Ran shouted as he fought. His voice contained a metallic sound to it. The current Guo Ran seemed to have been possessed by Long Chen, having a kind of domineering air to look down on the nine heavens.

He crazily attacked his opponent, but the two of them were equally matched. Neither side was able to suppress the other.

“Erase the fear and apprehensions inside your heart. Don’t be suppressed by your opponent. This is just the first step. In this kind of state, you’ll simply be fighting over who runs out of energy first. You’ll only have a fifty percent chance of winning. However, what we want isn’t fifty percent but a one hundred percent chance of winning! At this time, we have to fight with our true power. We are the great Dragonblood warriors, the number one legion of the Martial Heaven Continent. We have our own pride. Each day, we have to do everything we can to get stronger. We’re stronger than we were yesterday, we’re stronger than we were an hour ago, we’re stronger than we were a minute ago. We have to be stronger than we were a blink ago. As for our opponent, it’s just a replicated version that won’t get stronger. We get stronger with each breath, so tell me, what reason do you have to not win? Kill!”

Guo Ran’s sabers suddenly blazed with light. He seemed to go crazy, unleashing a tempest of attacks.

His aura gradually rose even higher, and his armor grew brighter. He seemed to be undergoing some kind of transformation, and he was actually constantly forcing his opponent back.

“So that’s how!” Li Qi clenched his fist, feeling his blood heating up. He wanted to go try this trial right now.

Continuous rumbling rang out as Guo Ran went all-out. His opponent was constantly knocked back.

The distant experts of the original devil race were staring with shock, their own blood heating up. In the past, they had felt too much reverence for the Devil Blood Pool, and the idea that the only thing they could do was last longer against it had become a deep-rooted belief. They had stopped believing that they could defeat themselves. Now that Guo Ran was showing them the way, their minds became clear. They saw an unprecedented world for themselves.

“No matter who it is, those who block me will die!”

Guo Ran roared and slammed his sabers together. His opponent, who was still reeling from the previous blow, had its neck severed by Guo Ran’s dual sabers.

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