Chapter 1932 I’ll Give You a Chance

“It even duplicated the Dragon Blood Battle Armor?”

The fake Gu Yang had summoned the Dragon Blood Battle Armor and was now covered in red dragon scales. With a roar, its spear pierced toward Gu Yang.


Gu Yang’s body shuddered, and he was sent flying by the fake Gu Yang’s spear. Blood dripped out of his mouth. He was filled with shock.

“What’s going on? Why is it that the fake is even stronger than the true body?” exclaimed Guo Ran. Gu Yang was actually at a disadvantage.

“No, the fake Gu Yang has an identical combat power to the real one. However, the duplicated one has one advantage, and that is that it doesn’t need a warm-up. It is in its peak state from the start. As for the true body, it needs to slowly accumulate power and raise it. That’s one of the monstrous aspects of the Devil Blood Pool. It’s a bit unfair, but there’s nothing we can do about it,” explained Yue Xiaoqian.

Upon hearing this explanation, their confidence received a blow. This was practically cheating.

For most people to unleash one hundred percent of their power, they would need to unleash three attacks. The first attack would have fifty percent of their power, the second would have eighty percent, and only the third would have one hundred percent.

That was the safest and most perfect way of warming up. Of course, it was possible to use eighty percent on your first attack and then one hundred perfect on your second, but without a warm-up, you might injure your meridians. 

As for using one hundred percent from the start? First, ignoring how difficult it would be to do such a thing, even if you did pull it off, you might tear apart your meridians. Before injuring your enemies, you would have injured yourself, causing your power to drop. Then due to being injured, your attack would have less effect.

However, this duplicate was able to ignore this rule and was instantly at full power. They were helpless over this cheating.

“No rules are perfect. The true body is at quite a disadvantage in this fight, so…” Yue Xiaoqian looked at Long Chen and didn’t finish her sentence.

Long Chen smiled. “You don’t need to give me face. You want to say that even one victory each would be a crazy dream?”

Yue Xiaoqian covered up a smile. “I wouldn’t say it so directly, but yes.”

She had been very careful with her words to avoid giving a blow to Long Chen. She was trying to protect him. But Long Chen had long since been bruised by the blows of cruel reality. He was used to it.

“Actually, I encountered a similar trial in the Immemorial Path, but it was even crueler. This Devil Blood Pool replicates one hundred percent of the true body’s power, while in that trial, it created an enemy with one hundred and twenty percent of your power. Furthermore, you couldn’t retreat or lose, or you would die,” said Long Chen.

“One hundred and twenty percent of the true body’s power?”

Now everyone was shocked. They hadn’t known that Long Chen had experienced something like that in the Immemorial Path.

“Then you won? Damn, that was a dumb question. If boss had lost, you wouldn’t be standing here.” Li Qi had just spoken when he realized he had misspoken.

“But boss, that’s impossible. How is someone supposed to beat another version of yourself that is simply stronger?” asked Guo Ran. That made no sense.

“Then tell me, if there were two identical people, wouldn’t their odds of victory be fifty-fifty? Based on that logic, why is it that the original devil race’s disciples practically never manage to defeat themselves in this trial? That’s why you shouldn’t try to use this logic, nor should you let this logic restrict your mind. I’ve previously told you that you have to keep your imagination in front of reality. Otherwise, you would have reached the end of your path and be unable to walk any further,” said Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes lit up. She seemed to have understood something.

Long Chen saw that and smiled. “As expected of the sacred daughter. You understood with just a hint.”

Yue Xiaoqian’s comprehension skills were truly great. Long Chen had never seen anyone who surpassed her when it came to learning. Sacred daughter was the title bestowed by the original devil race to their future leader. Both disciples and Elders called her this.

Rumbling rang out as Gu Yang’s fight continued. It was growing increasingly intense.

“Has Gu Yang taken the advantage?” said Tang Wan-er with surprise.

“You’re wrong, the one being beaten miserably is the real Gu Yang,” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er blushed. “The two look the same. I thought the one shouting was Gu Yang.”

Yue Xiaoqian said, “It’s normal to not be able to see the difference. The Blood Devil Pool replicates the true body’s habits as well. Gu Yang has a habit of shouting when he has taken the advantage, wanting to snowball this advantage into a victory and increase his opponent’s mental pressure.”

The silent one was actually the real one. But it was the fake that had taken the advantage and was shouting in an identical way to how Gu Yang shouted in combat.

Everyone stopped their cheering awkwardly. They didn’t know what kind of emotion the current Gu Yang was feeling, but they guessed that it wasn’t a good one.

The distant experts of the original devil race didn’t find this odd. What they were shocked by was Gu Yang’s power.

The two Gu Yang’s were fighting with immense power that made it hard for them to breathe. Their fight eventually passed the two-hour mark.

“Too powerful and too fierce.”

The original devil race’s disciples were gobsmacked. Gu Yang’s fight was so intense that it was making their own blood heat up.

“Two hours is already the level of the strongest heavenly geniuses, and it seems he can still continue. As expected, the name of the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one legion isn’t for nothing,” praised one of them.

He was one of the original devil race’s core disciples, and he had managed to last a full two hours last time. However, past that mark, he had been instantly defeated.

Back then, he had been on his last legs and had barely managed to bitterly hold on for this long. The original devil race only had thirty-some people on his level.

As for Gu Yang, his fight was still incredibly intense. Despite being suppressed, there were no signs he was about to give up.

“Gu Yang’s been injured!”

Song Mingyuan suddenly let out a cry. Gu Yang’s shoulder had been pierced by his opponent’s spear. Blood soaked his upper robes.

The fake Gu Yang was growing fiercer with its attacks, and it seemed to possess limitless power, making them suspect that it truly had greater stores of energy. Its aura wasn’t weakening at all.

“Xiaoqian, is there any mortal danger to the Blood Devil Pool?” asked Chu Yao.

“Don’t worry, the Devil Blood Pool is a treasure passed down from the ancient era. If someone is going to be killed, they’ll be instantly transported out. There’s no chance of dying, but being injured like this isn’t part of the auto-protection system,” said Yue Xiaoqian. She was also amazed by how Gu Yang had lasted for so long.

The more time passed, the further victory seemed to be, and the harder it would be to continue fighting. Only those who had experienced the Devil Blood Pool understood just how difficult it was.

Gu Yang was going all-out, but no matter what, he was unable to reverse the tides. The fake Gu Yang had completely suppressed him. He slowly began accumulating injuries and looked to be in great danger.

However, Gu Yang was still brave, and sometimes he only narrowly avoided being struck in his vitals. If he was about to be struck in a vital spot, the trial would determine that he was about to die and would transport him out.

The current Gu Yang was covered in blood, but his gaze was still sharp. He wasn’t panicking at all. His spear was still steady.

“What a terrifying will. Even in such a hopeless scenario, he hasn’t given up. Anyone else would have long since crumbled.”

The original devil race’s disciples were watching with shock. It had already been another hour. Gu Yang’s will was amazing. They knew what it represented for Gu Yang to still be fighting. He was currently in a hopeless battle, and it was practically torture.


Suddenly, Gu Yang’s spear went flying, and the fake Gu Yang’s spear pressed against the real Gu Yang’s head. However, at that moment, the Devil Blood Pool transported Gu Yang out.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan immediately went to support him. He was pale and barely able to stand. He had used up all his energy but had still been defeated.

“Guo Ran, I’ll give you a chance to show off in the greatest way possible in all of history. Do you want it?” Long Chen suddenly sent a message to Guo Ran.

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