Chapter 1930 Freedom to Go Big (Teaser)

Mo Nian left. Following that, Ye Zhiqiu said, “Long Chen, it’s also time for me to go.”

Long Chen was startled by that. Tang Wan-er cried out, “Big sister, you can’t go! We still haven’t had a chance to talk…”

“I entered the Yin Yang World under my master’s orders to search for the Heavenly Ice Crystal. It’s one of the requirements for me to advance to Life Star flawlessly and awaken my manifestation. I’ve found the Heavenly Ice Crystal, so I have to return and prepare to break through. I don’t want to go either, but you’ve also seen how powerful Huo Lieyun was after advancing to Life Star. We are parting now so that we can stay together in the future. The Divine Ice Palace is a land of bitter cold, and it’s not a good place for non-ice cultivators, or I’d invite you to come,” said Ye Zhiqiu helplessly.

“Can you really stay with us in the future? The Divine Ice Palace has agreed to it?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Yes, my master has promised me that as long as I advance to Life Star and awaken the Ice Divine Sword, she won’t restrict...

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