Chapter 1930 Freedom to Go Big

Mo Nian left. Following that, Ye Zhiqiu said, “Long Chen, it’s also time for me to go.”

Long Chen was startled by that. Tang Wan-er cried out, “Big sister, you can’t go! We still haven’t had a chance to talk…”

“I entered the Yin Yang World under my master’s orders to search for the Heavenly Ice Crystal. It’s one of the requirements for me to advance to Life Star flawlessly and awaken my manifestation. I’ve found the Heavenly Ice Crystal, so I have to return and prepare to break through. I don’t want to go either, but you’ve also seen how powerful Huo Lieyun was after advancing to Life Star. We are parting now so that we can stay together in the future. The Divine Ice Palace is a land of bitter cold, and it’s not a good place for non-ice cultivators, or I’d invite you to come,” said Ye Zhiqiu helplessly.

“Can you really stay with us in the future? The Divine Ice Palace has agreed to it?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Yes, my master has promised me that as long as I advance to Life Star and awaken the Ice Divine Sword, she won’t restrict my freedom.”

Only then did Meng Qi and the others relax. Meng Qi cast a glance at Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er. The three of them backed up a bit to leave some space for Long Chen and Ye Zhiqiu to talk alone.

“We’ve just reunited, only to part again.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

From the moment Ye Zhiqiu had arrived, all throughout the bloody battles they had gone through, they hadn’t said more than ten lines to each other, but now they had to part. He was very unwilling to leave things like this.

“It’s fine, we won’t be apart for long this time. We’ll be reuniting soon,” said Ye Zhiqiu.

Ye Zhiqiu normally had an icy tone to all her words, but now there was a touch of warmth. She took the initiative to hold Long Chen’s hand.

However, the instant she held his hand, she released it. Frost had covered Long Chen’s hand in an instant.

“Sorry, my ice spirit body hasn’t fully awoken, and I still don’t have complete control over my energy,” apologized Ye Zhiqiu.

Long Chen flexed his fingers. He smiled. “The ice spirit body really is amazing. I look forward to when you’ve fully awakened it.”

On one hand, he looked forward to seeing her so powerful, while another reason was that he hoped that she could control her energy. Otherwise, it would be a pain to be turned into an ice crystal every time they touched.

Not sensing any petty thoughts from Long Chen, Ye Zhiqiu spread her arms and gave him a short hug. However, Long Chen was covered in frost after that. Even his hair had turned white. That appearance was startling and funny.

Long Chen bitterly smiled and circulated his flame energy, restoring his appearance. Hopefully, in the future, they wouldn’t feel a conflict between their flame energy and ice energy.

“Goodbye. Take care.”

Ye Zhiqiu said goodbye to everyone. She didn’t want to go, but she had to.

Mo Nian and Ye Zhiqiu were both gone, and Cloud flew through the air with the Dragonblood Legion on her back. They used this time to start recovering.

They hadn’t had time to heal ever since that battle in the Yin Yang World. They hadn’t just used up all their energy, but their nerves had also been on their highest alert all this time. Now that the crisis had passed, they felt light-headed. Some of the healers fainted. The Dragonblood Cross Slash at the end had sucked away all of their energy as well to increase its power. 

Everyone began to recover, while Long Chen also sat down and closed his eyes. He didn’t need to recover his spiritual yuan because his physical body was still in the midst of strengthening.

When his body had first been restored by the dragon scale, that had just been the start. His flesh and his bones were still tender, and it wasn’t a good time for him to be fighting.

Having forced himself to fight, he had caused his body to crumble. Now his body had to heal by itself, and even the life energy of the primal chaos space wasn’t able to help. He could only use the energy of the dragon blood to heal.

Even once his body looked healed, he found that it was still being torn apart and healed over and over again.

Long Chen asked Evilmoon what was going on, and Evilmoon said that the azure dragon’s essence blood was just that powerful. His current physical body was unable to handle its power, so the dragon blood was constantly tempering his body. It would only stop once his physical body was strong enough to handle the azure dragon essence blood.

“Evilmoon, you’re from the dragon race. With your years of wisdom and experience, you should know the origin of that dragon scale, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Fuck, have you gotten into a habit of conning people? Even when you talk, you have to be a conner. If I can’t answer, you’ll be cursing me for being ignorant and living all my years for nothing.” raged Evilmoon.

“Definitely not! I am humbly asking for your wisdom. When did you get so sensitive? Are you a woman?” Long Chen was speechless. He had just been trying to praise Evilmoon.

“Do you believe me when I say I’ll tell Meng Qi and the others about what you just said?” threatened Evilmoon sinisterly.

“No way. When did you become so shameless?”

“After being with a shameless person like you for so long, I feel like I’m growing further and further apart from the grand dragon race. If this continues, I won’t have any integrity left.” Evilmoon sighed deeply. “It’s fine though, you were chosen by a descendant of the true dragons. Being infected a bit by you is something I can handle. I’ll tell you this. Whether it’s your cultivation base or your power level, you were completely unqualified to subdue that dragon scale. Rather than saying you subdued it, it would be more accurate to say that the azure dragon reverse scale chose you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What am I talking about? And I thought you were smart. Could it be that you didn’t notice it? In the end, the scale clearly let you off, or you would have died a thousand times over. As for why it would do that, I don’t know, so don’t ask me. If you really want an explanation, then here: it’s all thanks to your dogshit luck,” said Evilmoon. In truth, it really was unable to explain how this had happened. Long Chen should have died.

Long Chen suddenly recalled that at the final moment when he had subdued the dragon scale, he felt like he had vaguely heard some kind of sigh.

At that time, he had thought that he was imagining things. But now that Evilmoon said this, he didn’t think he had imagined it.

However, this kind of thing wasn’t something that could be figured out just by thinking about it, so he gave up. He calmly sensed the changes in his body. It was still growing stronger.

His physical body was already ten times stronger than before he had subdued the dragon scale, yet it was continuing to strengthen.

According to Evilmoon, the azure dragon essence blood wanted to strengthen his body to the point that it matched the strength of the blood. Thinking of that, Long Chen felt some fear. He had been too arrogant this time. Evilmoon had been right. If the azure dragon reverse scale hadn’t chosen him, then no number of lives would have been enough.

However, there were no absolute rights or wrongs either. If he hadn’t done something like this, possessing the courage to challenge a supreme existence, the azure dragon reverse scale might not have chosen him.

Long Chen shook his head. If he couldn’t figure it out, then he shouldn’t waste time thinking about it. To Evilmoon, he said, “I wanted to kill Huo Lieyun, but you didn’t let me. Why not? If I had taken out the Heaven Flipping Seal, I would have had a fifty percent chance of killing him, and then I still would have been able to escape.”

That was one point that Long Chen had been confused on. It had been a great chance, but it had been wasted. He was a bit irritated.

“Leave it. When you attacked, you were unable to shake Huo Lieyun’s golden fate lines. There was no way you would have killed him. Do you not even know about your own luck?” snorted Evilmoon.

“Golden fate lines?”

Long Chen was startled. The Eastern Wasteland Bell had also said such a term in the Immemorial Path. The favorites of heaven and earth were looked after by the heavens and blessed with great luck. If two people were to fight with around the same power level, they had to be able to rattle the other side’s golden fates lines if they wanted any chance to kill the other. If their golden fate lines didn’t budge, then there was no chance of killing them. Some kind of unexpected external power would always appear.

“In that kind of situation, even if you had taken out the Heaven Flipping Seal, it would have been useless. The Heaven Flipping Seal has to manifest its true body to unleash its full power, but because its true body is so huge, those Netherpassage experts would have an easier time blocking it. Even if the Netherpassage experts didn't block it, the Brahma Divine Diagram would have. Your attack only posed the slightest danger to Huo Lieyun. You wouldn’t have killed him, and you would have wasted the Heaven Flipping Seal’s energy. The more energy it can store up, the greater its intelligence will grow, and the greater control it will have. You shouldn’t use it unless you have no choice, or each time it attacks, it will have to restart. Letting it first have more energy is better. The Heaven Flipping Seal is stronger than you imagine,” warned Evilmoon.

Long Chen’s heart shook. It seemed he had underestimated the Heaven Flipping Seal. Its origins were not ordinary, or Evilmoon wouldn’t give it such an appraisal.

A day and night passed. Quite a few people had recovered to fifty percent, and they were much more relaxed.

“Boss, do we have no home to return to?” asked Guo Ran.

Long Chen scolded, “What nonsense are you talking about? As long as our brothers and sisters are present, wherever we go is home. Furthermore, being expelled this time is something that I discussed with the Xuan Master. This is the only way for us to leave without misgivings. Fuck, now that we have this freedom, your boss is going to go big with you.”

Hearing this, Guo Ran and the others’ eyes lit up. They understood Long Chen far too well. There would be some big movements happening soon.

“However, before this, I’ll bring you to a good place.” Long Chen smiled. He gave Cloud a location, and they began rushing away.

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