Chapter 193 Battle Deployment

Following that drawn-out bell sound that reached every corner of the monastery, a certain person slowly opened his eyes.

That person was Elder Sun who had been punished by Elder Tu Fang.

“Long Chen, I must have your Battle Skills…” 

Elder Sun was completely confident, and greed surfaced in his eyes. As soon as he had seen Long Chen summon out that ring of light, he had started thinking about it.

Then he had seen Long Chen use Split the Heavens, firming his desire to obtain his techniques. He had secretly investigated Long Chen and knew that he had no background at all. That was why he was confident in stealing them.

Back then when he had suppressed Long Chen, it was in order to force him to surrender and then think of a way to steal his techniques. Unfortunately, that plan had been ruined by Tu Fang.

He hadn’t obtained the techniques and had instead been punished. That had given him a stomach full of fire which he naturally didn’t dare release on Tu Fang. So all that hatred had been placed on Long Chen.

Slowly standing up, he walked into his immortal cave, coldly snorting, “I really want to see just how long you can resist…”

The Xuantian plaza was filled with people. Looking at the number of people, Long Chen was amazed by how powerful the Xuantian Monastery was.

There were a total of seventeen factions, meaning there were seventeen core disciples. Of the seventeen hundred people, there were one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine Tendon Transformation experts.

Long Chen saw many people looking at him with the same eyes filled with contempt. He bitterly smiled inside. Did this count as discrimination?

As Tang Wan-er looked around, she smiled and relaxed a bit.

The majority of these people had yet to completely stabilize their realms.

But as for her and Ye Zhiqiu’s people, all their disciples’ auras were completely stable, and incomparably so as well. That gave them a large advantage.

Their disciples would be able to wield at least ninety percent of a Tendon Transformation expert’s abilities, while their opponents would be lucky to be able to even use seventy percent of their power.

Warmth filled her when she looked at Long Chen. It seemed that this fellow was able to accomplish anything with ease.

As long as she could handle the other top experts, their factions would definitely be the strongest amongst all the factions.

Although she didn’t have many inner disciples in her faction, this battle wouldn’t be fought alone but with everyone. And so their advantage was very clear.

“You’re Tang Wan-er?”

Suddenly, Gu Yang walked over to Tang Wan-er. Looking her up and down, a bit of praise filled his eyes.

Tang Wan-er had already heard from Long Chen that Gu Yang was terrifyingly powerful. But due to how close he was with Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin, she knew that he was no friend.

Not waiting for Tang Wan-er to say anything, Gu Yang smiled, “You’re very beautiful. If you join hands with me, I’ll definitely look after you greatly.”

“Thank you, but there’s no need for that,” replied Tang Wan-er lightly.

As if long since expecting her reply, Gu Yang also didn’t get angry. Looking at Long Chen who was beside her, he said, “A useless fellow has no use to you. You’ll understand that soon enough.”

Tang Wan-er’s expression changed. He actually dared insult Long Chen in front of this many people. She was about to reply when Long Chen stopped her.

He walked a couple of steps up to the tower-like Gu Yang. Looking at his bald head that reflected the light, he shook his head:

“I’ve always heard that people whose heads can’t grow hair are supposed to be smart. But seeing your completely hairless head, I can’t seem to see any intelligence at all.

“Do you think that by being bald and having the sunlight reflect off you will increase your looks?

“You’re wrong about that. Who cares if you can reflect light in the day? If you have the capability, then go emit light at night!”

Tang Wan-er covered her mouth, doing her best not to laugh. But her gaze involuntarily landed on Gu Yang’s scalp. Ah, with the sunlight reflecting off it, yes, it really was dazzling.

Gu Yang was also so tall that he was basically a head taller than everyone else, making him stand out even more. Whenever he moved, he would attract everyone’s attention.

So Long Chen’s words were heard by every single person. There was no one who wasn’t dumbstruck. Long Chen really was a weirdo. Just what were his guts made of?

His cultivation base was clearly the lowest out of everyone, but what he did was always beyond anyone’s expectations. Did he not know what it meant to be afraid?

Amongst the crowd, Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin smiled. They knew Long Chen’s character, and they also knew Gu Yang’s character. This time, Long Chen was screwed.

Both of them had actually originally been pursuing Tang wan-er. Other than her fairy-like beauty, it was also because of her powerful strength.

If they could obtain such a beauty’s heart, not only would they have the love of a beautiful woman, but they would also have a powerful helper.

Unfortunately for them, ever since Long Chen had appeared, they found that Tang Wan-er had gradually begun to oppose them. In fact, they were now almost mortal enemies. Trying to obtain her heart was definitely impossible.

So, they naturally would be delighted to see Long Chen mock Gu Yang. 

Both of them had now advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm, and in terms of combat strength, they had already far surpassed Long Chen.

However, ever since they had seen Long Chen defeat Gui Sha with his endless techniques, they had always felt that even if they could defeat him, with his character, he would definitely make them pay a price.

Now, they didn’t even need to do anything to disgrace Long Chen. That was something that they delighted in seeing.

“Long Chen, I’ve already said not to stand in my way again or I’d turn you to pulp. Looks like you don’t have a good memory.” Gu Yang tightened his fists.

“You can come and try me,” replied Long Chen icily.

When it came to true combat strength, Long Chen was not Gu Yang’s match. But if it was a life and death battle, Long Chen wouldn’t fear anyone.

The monastery’s rules didn’t really suit Long Chen. He didn’t like that kind of dainty fighting method. He was used to killing his enemies.

In these kinds of battles, he was unable to use his full strength. He was prohibited from killing anyone in the monastery.

But as for these spoiled disciples, they were very skilled at that kind of battle. That caused Long Chen to suffer greatly.

If Gu Yang really dared attack him, Long Chen would retaliate with his full strength. He would use his fastest speed to kill him. Fighting and killing were two completely different concepts. Long Chen was proficient in the latter.

“Stop and return to your factions!” A cold shout rang out and people walked over.

Those people were a dozen senior apprentice-brothers. Amongst them was also senior apprentice-brother Wan. It seemed senior apprentice-brother Wan’s position amongst his fellows here was actually quite high. He even nodded slightly to Long Chen.

Long Chen was about to thank him when his pupils contracted on the person at the front of this group.

“Elder Sun!” Long Chen had never thought that the one in charge of the Faction Competition would be Elder Sun.

Wasn’t that old bastard supposed to be punished by Tu Fang? How has he come here? Long Chen had a bad feeling.

He could sense that this old fellow didn’t like him. But in front of this many people, he shouldn’t dare to make things difficult for him.

Elder Sun indifferently swept his gaze over everyone. “Today is the Faction Competition. I don’t need to tell you how important it is. We’re about to open the fighting field.”

After he finished speaking, everyone felt their badges become hot for a moment, teleporting them to a new location.

This was an open mountainside. The mountainside wasn’t too large, perhaps just stretching a mile or two. There were some small flags scattered along the hillside.

At the peak were Elder Sun and the others. There, they could watch over everyone.

Behind them was a pavilion where a huge, ancient bell was suspended in the air.

At this time, senior apprentice-brother Wan walked up and said to everyone, “I will explain the rules. Listen carefully.

“When the bell rings, that is the start of the competition. The competition will only last for the time it takes for one incense stick to burn.”

Someone else carried a huge censer over. Atop the censer was a stick of incense as thick as an arm.

“When the incense has been burned away, the bell will once more ring to terminate the competition. 

“You guys can all see the small flags along the mountainside. There are a total of one hundred and seventy flags.

“Gather as many flags as you can. It doesn’t matter whether you steal them or fight for them. All that matters is how many flags you have gathered before the final bell.

“Each faction will be given a flag case. Each of you select someone to carry the flag case. Remember, when the final bell rings, only flags within your flag case count. The ones in your hands will not count. Furthermore, a flag which is held in a person’s hand for more than three breaths will be annulled.”

Once he finished speaking, people immediately walked out to hand over long tubes as thick as a thigh. There was a strap attached to them that allowed someone to carry one on their back.

“Long Chen, who should we choose to be in charge of the flag case?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen thought for a moment. The flagbearer didn’t necessarily have to be strong, but they had to be observant and know how to protect themselves. The goal was for that person to not even be touched by enemies, and they had to be absolutely loyal.

“Guo Ran, we’ll give this job to you.”

Guo Ran solemnly nodded, “Don’t worry boss. Even if I die, I will protect the flag case. I’ll protect it like I would protect my woman.”

After he finished speaking, he rubbed the flag case lovingly as if it was a beautiful woman’s leg, causing people to feel nauseous.

“This might seem like a game, but let me remind you all, this is something that will affect your futures, your fates. Whether you will be stepped on by others or step above others will depend on this.

“When the competition finishes, the number of flags in your possession will determine your ranking.

“And your ranking will decide what priority you will have for missions. I trust the senior apprentice-sisters at the Mission Distribution building have already explained that to you.

“So in this competition, you must do your best to fight over the flags. Good luck to you all.”

After senior apprentice-brother Wan finished speaking, a disciple brought over a torch while another person also walked up to the bell, preparing to ring it.

“Wan-er, your speed is the fastest. When the bell rings, you rush to the left and grab as many flags as possible. I’ll take the right.

“As for the others, form a triangle formation to protect Guo Ran in the middle. We’ll hand over all the flags we snatch to Guo Ran.

“Remember not to keep the flags in your hand for too long or they’ll be annulled.” Long Chen quickly gave everyone another reminder. He had remembered every single word of that explanation and had thought of a quick strategy.

Tang Wan-er and the others all nodded. At this exact time, the huge incense stick was lit and the bell rang.

“The competition has begun!”

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