Chapter 1929 Divine Blessing Inheritance


A beautiful white jade table was smashed to bits by the Unfettered Allseer.

That table had originally had a carving of the Martial Heaven Continent on it. There had been a small light spot constantly moving over the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, but just then, that light spot had suddenly vanished.

“How could this happen?!” roared the Unfettered Allseer. He had long since lost the air of a transcendent immortal. His gaze was as sharp as a blade.

There were dozens of Netherpassage experts gathered in this room, and they had been sitting around the table. At this moment, the room was deathly silent.

“Now isn’t the time to get angry. Alert our people who are near the place where Long Chen vanished, and have everyone gather there,” said Pill Valley’s master, Yu Xiaoyun, who was equally gloomy.

“It’s useless. They have the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. They’ll just run.” The Unfettered Allseer took a deep breath and sighed.

“Still. Sometimes luck is also a kind of power. If Long Chen’s luck runs out, perhaps he’ll end up running into our people,” said Yu Xiaoyun.

Although he also knew that this was just a way of comforting themselves and the chances were infinitely close to zero, at this point, even the slightest chance was worth striving for.

Yu Xiaoyun announced, “Everyone can scatter. Although Long Chen got away this time, there’s no need to fear. His weakness is clear. Such a person can fall for countless schemes and isn’t worth fearing. He only managed to get away thanks to his luck, but he’s been expelled from the Martial Heaven Alliance, so we have countless ways to kill him. Don’t be dejected. Pill Valley’s promise to you all will be fulfilled, so don’t worry.”

These people came from the various large powers. People like Di Long, Xie Wentian, Zhong Ziyang, Long and Juncang had left, leaving behind only a portion of their people to stay here to listen to Yu Xiaoyun’s orders.

Those experts now rose and said their goodbyes. Once they left, the ones from Pill Valley also retreated, leaving behind only Yu Xiaoyun and the Unfettered Allseer.

“What ghost decided to screw us? The Martial Heaven Alliance’s karmic luck has clearly reached its end, and Long Chen is clearly the evil star of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s destruction. An easy win actually turned into such a state.” The Unfettered Allseer clenched his teeth, his expression ashen.

“Perhaps the Martial Heaven Alliance still has a little bit of power left. But that’s fine too. Although we took some losses this time, in terms of the big picture, we’re still the winner. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s destruction is essentially set in stone. Although they still have some sects supporting them and there are signs of resurgence, it’s just the final burst of light from the setting sun. It doesn’t change that they’re on their last legs. Right now, the most important thing is still eliminating Long Chen. He’s too strange. Even your Heavenly Fate Island is unable to directly calculate anything about him. He makes me uneasy,” said Yu Xiaoyun.

“He truly is strange. There are only a few existences outside the lines of fate. However, he isn’t a good match for any of them, so it’s impossible to tell just what kind of existence he is. Now even the four Fate Princes and the vice island master have died to his hands. We’ve lost all our face and taken heavy losses,” sighed the Unfettered Allseer.

Yu Xiaoyun looked at him with a faint smile. “There’s no need to play this game between us. I know that your four Fate Princes were just deputies. The true Fate Princes are still in seclusion in your immortal caves. I would even hazard a guess that their cultivation bases have already broken through to the Life Star realm.”

Being exposed, the Unfettered Allseer awkwardly smiled. This was one of Heavenly Fate Island’s greatest secrets. He hadn’t expected Yu Xiaoyun to have such knowledge.

Each of the true Fate Princes had a deputy Fate Prince. This was a strange custom of Heavenly Fate Island. If the true Fate Prince became the island master, then their deputy would also become the island master. In fact, the deputy would have even greater authority.

That was because the true Fate Princes and true island master essentially never revealed themselves to the continent. They usually didn’t step a foot out of Heavenly Fate Island for their whole lives. They were completely dedicated to researching the secrets of the heavens, and they were the true core of Heavenly Fate Island.

As for the deputies, other than having to be greatly skilled in the cultivation techniques of Heavenly Fate Island, they also had to handle the business that Heavenly Fate Island had with the outside world. That was so that the true Fate Princes could focus on their cultivation, while the deputies were in charge of maintaining appearances.

Of course, the death of the four deputy Fate Princes was still a loss of four peak geniuses. It was also a kind of humiliation for Heavenly Fate Island.

“Be at ease. Our actions are all at the directions of the gods. When their divine blessing descends, your Heavenly Fate Island will definitely enjoy a greater share,” promised Yu Xiaoyun.

The Unfettered Allseer cupped his fists to express his thanks. The two of them discussed their plans for a couple more hours before the Unfettered Allseer left.

Once he was gone, Yu Xiaoyun waved his hand, and an image appeared on one of the walls.

In the image, there was a woman kneeling devoutly toward two statues. Those two were the gods that Pill Valley worshipped, Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight.

The two statues were standing there. Divine light flowed out of their heads and immersed the woman kneeling before them. Bathed in that holy light, she was noble and majestic.

Yu Xiaoyun smiled as he looked at this woman. She was his daughter, Pill Valley’s Pill Fairy, Yu Qingxuan.

The current Yu Qingxuan was in a strange state. She was bathed in divine light, and divine flames were converging around her.

This state was what Pill Valley called being immersed in the divine blessing. Yu Qingxuan was currently receiving the gods’ blessing.

“Qingxuan. What will matter in the future isn’t talent. Only a god’s inheritance can allow someone to rise above others in a great era. Don’t disappoint your father.” Yu Xiaoyun muttered to himself as he stared at the Pill Fairy. “I heard that the girl from the Bloodkill Hall has also started receiving their divine blessing. But I believe you won’t lose out to her. The future will belong to you divine sons and divine daughters. As for Long Chen? He’s nothing more than an oddity. So what if we let him bounce around for a few more days?”

Yu Xiaoyun shook his head disdainfully when he spoke of Long Chen. Although Long Chen had escaped this time, so what? Yu Xiaoyun had already achieved his goal. The Martial Heaven Alliance was fractured, and Qu Jianying had submitted to Pill Valley’s threat, expelling Long Chen. Their morale would plummet. Moreover, there were plenty of agents planted within as well. Their foundation would grow more and more unsteady.

Qu Jianying’s expulsion of Long Chen had caused great dissatisfaction with the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples. It was the final seed for the next division of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Although Long Chen hadn’t died and they had lost their battle in the Yin Yang World, they were still the ultimate winners.

“Valley master, Huo Lieyun has returned…” One of the elders of Pill Valley walked in.

“I know what happened. Bring him to the Flame Devil Palace,” said Yu Xiaoyun.

“The Flame Devil Palace? Valley master, you…!” The elder jumped in shock, thinking that he had misheard.

“Go. Having lost his physical body, Huo Lieyun no longer has much value. Even if he does manage to advance to Netherpassage in the future, he’ll be stuck at the second step. Such a figure isn’t worth raising. Going to the Flame Devil Palace is his only choice. Either he dies, or he manages to condense the flame devil body, gaining a flame spirit body. If he fails, then living would be a waste of resources anyway,” said Yu Xiaoyun.

That elder was stunned. The Flame Devil Palace was a pool of terrifying flame devils, and it was used to punish traitors. If Pill Valley’s experts betrayed them or broke harsh rules, they would be tossed into the Flame Devil Palace to be burned alive.

Those people would die, and their souls would be absorbed by the flame devils, becoming their nourishment.

The flame devils came from another world. They were violent, cruel, and bloodthirsty. They even slaughtered members of their own race. The stronger flame devils in the Flame Devil Palace were comparable to Netherpassage experts.

To make Huo Lieyun go there, his chances of survival were abysmal. Once he was inside, there were only two possibilities. He would either be devoured by one of the flame devils, or he would be the one devouring the flame devils. If he could succeed in doing so, he could possess a flame devil body, which would give him a flame spirit body.

There had been people like Huo Lieyun who had lost their physical bodies and wanted to condense the flame devil body. But in all of Pill Valley’s history, those people had died.

The elder had no choice but to leave upon receiving his orders. Yu Xiaoyun once more turned back to the Pill Fairy who was bathed in divine light. A look of great anticipation and expectations appeared on his face.

“Hahaha, we finally managed to escape. Fuck, those bastards are really insidious. We didn’t even know when they marked us.” Gu Yang and the others all felt much more relaxed after Long Chen unleashed the pressure of his dragon blood on them.

They hadn’t sensed anything before, but after this cleansing, they suddenly felt much more relaxed. Now, they became certain that someone had marked them.

Long Chen was silent for a moment before saying, “It was mostly done while you were fighting those peak experts. Mo Nian and I were protected by divine light or powerful flames when fighting, so whatever they used, it wasn’t able to stick to us. This mark is very strange. It actually sunk into your blood without you noticing. Even Meng Qi was unable to sense it.”

“These bastards, they really come at us with one scheme after another. There’s no beating them. They’ve already made their move for the future right as the battle begins.” Guo Ran cursed. Their enemies were too sinister, with many backup plans. They had almost been killed because of this mark.

After erasing the mark, Long Chen had Cloud slow down a bit. After a couple more hours, since there was no more ambush, it meant that they were safe.

Suddenly, Mo Nian stood up and announced, “Since everyone is safe, it’s time for us to part ways. I’m very grateful to all of you for getting me more enemies. I’ll be able to conduct even more archaeology in the future. Being able to take revenge while researching archaeology is like hitting two birds with one stone. I’ll probably be very busy. Brothers, if you ever need work, come find me. Especially brother Guo Ran and brother Xia Chen. Listen to your big brother, you can achieve huge things. Don’t let hesitation bury your talent. Good steel must be used on the edge of a blade. Following Long Chen is definitely a waste of your talents. Remember, if you want wealth and happiness, come dig up an ancient tomb with me, and just one will be enough to make you rich. A small tomb will be enough to support a family, a big tomb will be enough to create a nation…”

“Scram! Stop trying to steal my people!” raged Long Chen.

“Alright, I won’t waste time arguing with a petty little man who can’t even handle a life and death brother asking for some helpers. Long Chen, just wait, I’m going to do something so huge that will make you die of envy, hahaha…”

Mo Nian summoned the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle and instantly vanished from sight.

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