Chapter 1928 Slaying the Physical Body

Long Chen broke a powerful divine item with his bare hands as soon as he arrived, shocking everyone. Huo Lieyun’s head was still reeling from the backlash when Long Chen’s hand slapped him across the face.

Huo Lieyun’s head distorted, his bones breaking and his face caving in.

The current Long Chen had yet to summon his divine ring nor was he using the Dragon Blood Battle Armor. This was just the power of his physical body.

The reason he didn’t have them out was because he currently couldn’t. His body hadn’t fully recovered, and using his full power would cause his body to tear itself apart.

The life energy in the primal chaos space had been used up, so there was no way that they could heal his injuries.

Long Chen’s physical body had reached a level that even he couldn’t imagine. The azure dragon essence blood was flowing within his body, constantly strengthening it. But as his power grew, his flesh tore apart and healed, tore apart and healed.

Even though his body hadn’t fully recovered, he felt that with his current strength, he could tear apart heaven and earth with his bare hands. This single slap almost killed Huo Lieyun. 

Mo Nian and the others were staring in shock at Long Chen. His power was ferocious.

“Heavenly Diagram Suppresses the Cosmos!”

Huo Lieyun’s manifestation activated, instantly healing his injuries. He let out a shout and a giant divine diagram appeared, so high that it broke through the clouds yet still tore through the sea. It was the Brahma Divine Diagram.

The two statues in Huo Lieyun’s manifestation began to chant. As a result, a ray of light shot out of the Brahma Divine Diagram at Long Chen.

“Be suppressed!” roared Huo Lieyun. His divine spear was broken, making his heart drip blood. That spear had accompanied him for a long time and had been nourished by his soul. He had spent a huge amount of time and effort on it. It was a divine item with great potential but had now been broken by Long Chen. As for the Brahma Divine Diagram, although it was even more terrifying, it would always belong to Pill Valley, not him.

Evilmoon appeared in Long Chen’s hands. Its two dragon marks lit up, and a dragon’s cry resounded through the air. An evil murderous aura shot out.

“Hehe, I can finally fight on a higher level.” Evilmoon laughed delightedly.

Before, in the Yin Yang World, when Evilmoon had loaned a portion of its energy to Long Chen, it had caused his scales to turn black. That was because Long Chen’s own physical body was too weak, making their cooperation difficult. If Evilmoon had gone all-out, Long Chen would have been unable to hold out before he could even attack his enemy.

However, now that the azure dragon reverse scale had reforged Long Chen’s body, Evilmoon could finally go all-out.

A black saber-image tore into the sky. Behind that saber-image was a giant black dragon. As that dragon roared, the saber-image grew explosively. It absorbed the dragon image into it before it slashed toward the Brahma Divine Diagram.


The black saber-image sliced apart the Brahma Divine Diagram’s attack. It also caused the surrounding space to crumble, and giant ripples spread in every direction.

The clash between Evilmoon and the Brahma Divine Diagram made the barrier sealing this space explode. Those Netherpassage experts’ expressions completely changed, and they hastily switched to blocking these shockwaves.

Huge waves soared out of the sea. The water surged into the sky like it wished to devour the heavens.

“Impossible! How can he be so powerful?!” Huo Lieyun hacked up blood. He had already advanced to the Life Star realm and was in control of world energy. He could inject his world energy into the Brahma Divine Diagram, and it would allow him to unleash ten times the power. However, he was still unable to defeat Long Chen.

Long Chen was also sent flying by the impact. The flesh of his arms became a mangled mess, however, his expression didn’t change. Even as he flew back, he once more slashed his saber.

As long as Long Chen’s physical body was strong enough, Evilmoon could unleash its full power in its sealed state. After absorbing the metal devouring evil dragon’s marrow and core, Evilmoon had plenty of energy.

A giant saber-image flew toward the retreating Huo Lieyun. The Brahma Divine Diagram automatically went to protect its master, appearing in front of him. However, without Huo Lieyun’s own energy, it was sent flying.

The shockwaves of that clash caused Huo Lieyun to cough up more blood, and he tumbled back.

Just at this moment, a third saber-image came crashing toward him. It had only been a few seconds from the first attack, and even those Netherpassage experts’ expressions changed. Just how was it possible to unleash such ferocious attacks without accumulating any energy? That made no sense.

“Quick, save him!” The Netherpassage experts charged out, but they were one step too late. Huo Lieyun’s body was spinning through the air as the saber-image crashed toward him.

A dozen attacks were unleashed at the same time, but it was too late. They couldn’t block Long Chen’s attack in time. Huo Lieyun was struck head-on by the saber-image and instantly exploded.

However, as his physical body exploded, divine runes lit up within him. It was like a bright star within him was holding a fist-sized miniature version of him. It was his Yuan Spirit, which fled.

“Long Chen, how dare you destroy my physical body?! I’ll slaughter your whole family, your whole sect!” roared Huo Lieyun’s Yuan Spirit as he fled.

The destruction of a physical body was not a minor inconvenience. It was half crippling his cultivation base. Even if he found a better physical body to possess, it wouldn’t perfectly match his soul. 

Long Chen snorted and chased after Huo Lieyun’s Yuan Spirit. However, Evilmoon said, “Don’t chase him. Your physical body was just born and is like a baby. Any more and you’ll harm your foundation. One more attack and then run.”

Only then did Long Chen notice that large pieces of his flesh crumbled like tofu. His current appearance was extremely frightening. That was the backlash of his attacks.

Taking advantage of while the Netherpassage experts were still shocked, Long Chen raised Evilmoon. “Split the Heavens 7!”

A giant saber-image tore through the sky, slashing down like a river of stars. It fell in Huo Lieyun’s direction.

“That’s the wrong direction!” Evilmoon roared. It wanted Long Chen to create an opening to run, but he actually attacked Huo Lieyun.

“Yes, you’re right. Don’t worry and just support me.”

The saber-image crashed down, causing the Netherpassage experts’ expressions to change. If this attack struck Huo Lieyun’s Yuan Spirit, he would definitely die.

“Everyone, block it!” One of the experts wearing Pill Valley’s robes shouted. If Huo Lieyun died here, that would be a major impact on them. He was the future leader of the Flame Divine Palace. He couldn’t be lost.

All the Netherpassage experts attacked at the same time, their divine items unleashing rays of light. As a result, a giant net of interweaving attacks appeared in front of Huo Lieyun.


The saber-image collided with their attacks, causing a powerful explosion. Astral winds devoured the sky. It was impossible to see anything.

“They ran!”

Huo Lieyun had been saved. Thanks to their blockade, Huo Lieyun’s Yuan Spirit had managed to flee into the Brahma Divine Diagram, and now there was no way that Long Chen could injure him. Just as they relaxed, they realized that Long Chen and the others had vanished.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to escape. Hurry and report that they got away from us.” That expert from Pill Valley snorted, clearly not very worried.

“Long Chen, just wait, I won’t let you have an easy death!” roared Huo Lieyun. He felt like if he didn’t roar to vent, he would explode.

“Long Chen, are you alright?”

As Cloud sped away, Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan both had a hand on Long Chen’s back, unleashing their life energy to heal him.

The current Long Chen didn’t have that much flesh left on his body, and there were many places where his bones were sticking out. His frightening appearance distressed his women. Tang Wan-er in particular was crying.

“Don’t waste the effort…” Long Chen took a deep breath.

Chu Yao, Meng Qi, and the others instantly turned pale with fear.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I won’t die. I just meant that your life energy isn’t doing much, so it’s fine,” said Long Chen hastily.

“Scoundrel, are you trying to scare us to death?!” raged Tang Wan-er. She wanted to beat him, but he was covered in wounds, so where was she supposed to hit? Just now, his words had almost made their souls flee from their bodies.

“Long Chen, you’re really a badass. You even managed to beat Huo Lieyun. Alright, I now no longer feel so jealous of your multiple wives and concubines,” praised Mo Nian.

The first part of his words was normal, but the latter was off. Just who were the wives and who were the concubines? Long Chen glared at him. Mo Nian was definitely trying to con him.

“Long Chen, what do we do now? Where do we run?” asked Meng Qi.

“It wouldn’t matter where we go. Cloud, Chu Yao, Ruyan, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Mingyuan, you’ve all been marked. No matter where we go, we won’t be able to escape.” Long Chen shook his head.

Everyone’s expressions changed, especially the people he listed. They didn’t even know when someone had marked them.

“Don’t worry, once I recover a bit, I’ll use the power of the dragon blood to erase that spiritual mark.” Long Chen took a deep breath, a slightly relaxed expression finally appearing on his face.

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