Chapter 1927 Impossible to Block

Huo Lieyun’s manifestation shook. The two statues within it seemed to possess their own life now.

“His manifestation is just one step from being fully awakened!”

The Netherpassage experts let out startled cries. The current Huo Lieyun was truly like a god of fire.

There was one extremely strict requirement for fully awakening one’s manifestation, and that was to at least have reached the Life Star realm. After breaking through, Huo Lieyun’s manifestation had increased in power, and the divine might coming out of it even affected these Netherpassage experts.

“Not good. This bastard’s manifestation is completely crushing what Heavenly Dao energy we can absorb,” said Mo Nian gravely.

Now there wasn’t just a cultivation base difference. Even in terms of manifestation, they were completely crushed.

“Hmph, one toad after another at the bottom of a well. In front of me, you’re just ants. Just by myself, I can crush all of you!” declared Huo Lieyun. His flame spear exploded with light and pierced down toward them.

Ye Zhiqiu’s ice sword unleashed a sky of ice and snow to block this fiery attack. However, the ice and snow instantly vanished in front of Huo Lieyun’s flames. Ye Zhiqiu was then forced back nine consecutive steps, her body covered in dense steam.

“Hmph, do you think this is still the Yin Yang World? My flame domain can melt all things. Your ice domain can’t bear a single blow from me!” shouted Huo Lieyun. The two statues behind him suddenly formed hand seals, and flame energy enveloped this space.

Yue Zifeng suddenly attacked. There was no pressure from his attack, but his Sword Qi contained the will of the sword. It tore through the sky, even splitting Huo Lieyun’s flame domain.

“Oh?” Huo Lieyun was startled. He hadn’t thought that anyone’s attack would be able to break his manifestation. He raised his spear.


The Sword Qi shattered, but a line of blood flowed out of the corner of Huo Lieyun’s mouth. He was actually injured.

“Die!” Huo Lieyun was startled and infuriated. Yue Zifeng’s attack was too bizarre and was actually able to ignore the power of his domain. With a howl, a giant spear-image shot toward Yue Zifeng.

A giant arrow smashed into the spear-image. However, it exploded upon contact, and the spear-image didn’t even slow down.

“What?” Mo Nian was shocked. His full-strength attack was actually unable to shake Huo Lieyun’s attack. The difference was too great. Huo Lieyun’s anger had provoked him into using his full power.

“Everyone, watch out! Huo Lieyun’s manifestation has greatly reduced the effect of our manifestations. We don’t even have seventy percent of our normal attack power!” Meng Qi sent a hasty spiritual message to everyone.

Huo Lieyun’s attack was about to strike Yue Zifeng, and considering that Yue Zifeng’s defense was weak, there was no way that he could receive it. A black light sword shot out as Cloud tried to receive the attack.

At the same time, willow branches appeared in front of Yue Zifeng, forming a giant shield.


Cloud’s attack crumbled, and Liu Ruyan’s shield exploded. Yue Zifeng slashed his sword, and after going through Mo Nian, Cloud, Liu Ruyan, and Yue Zifeng’s attacks, Huo Lieyun’s attack finally exploded.

However, Yue Zifeng also coughed up blood from the impact, which made the Dragonblood warriors’ hearts sink.

If others were injured, they could use Heavenly Dao energy to heal. But Yue Zifeng wasn’t an Empyrean or a Celestial and couldn’t heal. Being injured could be fatal for him.

“A group of trash. Come at me together, and I’ll show you that the world’s number one legion is just a rabble of ants!”

Huo Lieyun attacked once more. All the surrounding flame energy was absorbed in an instant by this attack.

In the face of this terrifying attack, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and the others were all forced to take action, but they were all sent flying.

“Do you see? This is the power of a Life Star expert, world energy that controls the Heavenly Daos. Do you know the difference between us now?” Huo Lieyun laughed mockingly.

“Bastard, if I also advanced to Life Star, I’d kill you with a fart!” cursed Mo Nian as he flew back, but he also coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Suddenly, all the Dragonblood warriors began to shine. They summoned their Dragon Blood Battle Armor, and Guo Ran roared.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

However, this terrifying attack containing all their power was shattered by a single swing of Huo Lieyun’s spear. All the Dragonblood warriors turned pale as paper. Some of them were even tottering on the verge of collapse. All their energy was actually unable to contend with Huo Lieyun.

Suddenly, one spear-image after another shot out at Mo Nian, Yue Zifeng, and the others, once more sending them flying.

“Heavenly Dragon Flame Net!”

Huo Lieyun raised a hand, and a net made of weaving flames captured Ye Zhiqiu, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er.

“As long as I capture Long Chen’s women, I’m not worried about him showing himself. If he doesn’t show himself, I don’t mind sending him a few green hats, hahaha…”

Huo Lieyun had actually condensed the surrounding flame energy into a giant net. He pulled it toward him. The four of them struggled, but it was useless. Ye Zhiqiu was surrounded by steam as she summoned her ice energy, but she was completely suppressed.

“Bastard, release my sisters!” Liu Ruyan and the Dragonblood warriors roared, but their attacks landed on a giant flame wall that forced them back.

Suddenly, sword-light appeared, creating an opening in the barrier. The bloodstained Yue Zifeng was flying back, his expression icy.

Of them all, only Yue Zifeng wasn’t suppressed by Huo Lieyun’s manifestation, and he was the only one who could possibly threaten him. Regretfully, he was still too weak.

“I didn’t expect Long Chen to have such a loyal dog. Alright, then I’ll use your blood as a challenge to Long Chen!”

Huo Lieyun pulled the net with one hand, while he threw his flame spear with his other hand. 

A trail of flame runes followed the flame spear as it flew through the air, igniting the space it passed. Let alone a physical body, even a star could be pierced by this spear.

“Zifeng!” Everyone let our heart-rending roars. If this attack struck, Yue Zifeng would definitely die.

However, the rapidly flying flame spear suddenly stopped in midair, and the Netherpassage experts guarding this region jumped in shock. Their barrier had actually been broken by somebody.

Flames exploded and space twisted. The flame spear was actually unable to advance any further because a large hand had caught its tip.

A blood-soaked figure appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. That figure looked like a devil god that had crawled out of hell.

“Boss!” The Dragonblood warriors cheered. Although the flames blocked their vision, they could sense that familiar aura.

“Long Chen!” Those Netherpassage experts were dumbfounded. Long Chen had actually returned, charging through their barrier.

Long Chen’s hand tightly gripped the spear. It trembled intensely, erupting with flames, seeming to try to escape his grasp. However, it couldn’t.

Although Long Chen’s body looked like it was covered in blood, in truth, that blood wasn’t flowing outside his body, instead, it was flowing within. His blood was flowing through him like tiny dragons swimming. The power of his Blood Qi caused the void to rumble.

“What terrifying essence blood!” exclaimed one of the Netherpassage experts. He was from the Xuan Beasts, and Long Chen’s current Blood Qi terrified him. He couldn’t help but tremble and have an urge to flee for his life.

As Long Chen’s blood flowed within his body, his skin was constantly being torn apart and healing. It was a frightening sight, but it was like his Blood Qi would explode at any moment and destroy the world.

The azure dragon essence blood had rebuilt his body, but it still needed to fully merge with his blood. However, Long Chen couldn’t wait any longer, and he had rushed over immediately. Because his body hadn’t fully merged with the dragon blood before moving, it was tearing his body apart.

Long Chen’s arrival also shocked Huo Lieyun. What was more shocking though was that his divine item was actually completely terrified and wanting him to save it.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s other hand reached out and grabbed the spear. Then, shockingly, he slammed the spear across his knee.

Flames exploded, and a mournful wail resounded through heaven and earth. That terrifying blood-colored spear was actually forcibly broken by Long Chen.

Huo Lieyun suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. As the spear’s item-spirit was linked to his soul, the spear’s destruction caused a backlash.

Affected by this backlash, the flame net that he had condensed dissipated. Ye Zhiqiu, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er regained their freedom. Ye Zhiqiu’s sword flashed as she prepared an attack.

“Let me do it.”

Long Chen’s figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Huo Lieyun, raising a hand and launching a slap.

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