Chapter 1926 Mo Nian’s Methods

“Huo Lieyun?!”

Startled cries rang out. This person was Huo Lieyun, but he was surrounded by blazing flames, and his aura was completely different.

“He actually broke through to the Life Star realm!” exclaimed Mo Nian.

The current Huo Lieyun had a starry image on his forehead. He had not just broken through to Life Star, but his cultivation base had also stabilized at the first Heavenstage. He was different from those Life Star Empyreans in the Yin Yang World.

Those Life Star Empyreans had just gone through their tribulations, and their power hadn’t stabilized yet. Due to time constraints, they had joined the battle before their cultivation bases stabilized.

They had been unable to fully unleash the power of the Life Star realm. But Huo Lieyun had not just broken through, he had also managed to fully stabilize his cultivation base at the first Heavenstage of Life Star.

“Long Chen, come out and face your death!” roared Huo Lieyun.

His mission in the Yin Yang World had ended in complete failure. Over two million disciples had turned into thirty-seven people managing to barely escape with their lives. That couldn’t just be described as failure. It was a catastrophic defeat. They had almost been annihilated.

He, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Xie Luo had even joined hands but had been unable to defeat Long Chen. That was a stain that he would never be able to wash away.

Upon returning to the Martial Heaven Continent, he had immediately chosen to go through his tribulation. He had already suppressed himself to the peak of the Soul Transformation realm for a long time, so he had long since possessed the ability to break through.

If it hadn’t been for the plan with the Yin Yang World, he would have long since broken through. Hence, as soon as it was over, he chose to advance.

Due to being suppressed at the peak for so long, he instantly broke through to the first Heavenstage. After stabilizing his energy, he immediately charged over here.

However, only after he roared did he find that while the entire Dragonblood Legion was here, Long Chen was gone.

“What’s going on?!” demanded Huo Lieyun.

“We’re not sure. We don’t know when Long Chen left,” said one of the elders wearing the Flame Divine Palace’s robes.

All of them had ugly expressions. Long Chen had actually vanished at some point. If they couldn’t kill him, he would become their nightmare.

Mo Nian sneered, “Fools, your goal was Long Chen? But after getting through the first blockade, Long Chen left. Did you think he was going to just let himself be blocked a second time?”

“Hmph, if Long Chen’s run off, then we’ll kill you first. There’s nowhere for him to run anymore, so he’ll be killed sooner or later,” said Huo Lieyun. His flame spear appeared in his hand, blazing with unprecedented divine power.

“Tch, it seems that Long Chen’s beating from last time wasn’t enough to cure your illness. Is bragging so satisfying? Tell me, even if we were to stick our necks out for you to cut off, would you dare? Ignoring whether or not you can even kill us, even if we die to you, as long as Long Chen lives, you’ll never be able to rest in peace. I understand Long Chen. For a normal person, ten years isn’t too late for revenge. For Long Chen, twenty years of continuous revenge is just the start. It’s the kind of vengeance that chills you to the bone. Compared to Long Chen, I’m much more noble. At the very least, I just dig up graves, but Long Chen will make sure you don’t have corpses to bury. Perhaps the current Long Chen can’t contend against you, but what about your talented disciples? Hehe, they’ll be slaughtered to the last. After killing those geniuses, he’ll then come for your old heads. I’ve been friends with Long Chen for many years, and I understand him far too well. Thinking about the results, I’m even a bit excited,” said Mo Nian while holding the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow.

The Netherpassage experts couldn’t help feeling a chill. Although Mo Nian’s words were only to frighten them, they all knew just who Long Chen was. He was known for his ruthlessness. There was nothing that he didn’t dare to do.

From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, just how many geniuses had he slain? Just how many sects had he destroyed? Perhaps even Long Chen himself couldn’t keep track of them.

If the Dragonblood Legion was destroyed, there would be nothing holding him back. He would become a wild devil and a future calamity for their sects.

“Hmph, you think you can scare us? As long as we capture you, Long Chen will send himself to us.” Huo Lieyun smiled cruelly.

“What an idiot. Do you think the Dragonblood Legion’s people will go willingly with you? You think we’ll let you turn us into hostages? You think the Dragonblood warriors are as cowardly as you?” Mo Nian almost sneered.

“Huo Lieyun, you’re underestimating the Dragonblood Legion too much. Even if we have to kill ourselves, we won’t let you capture us alive. In any case, our boss will avenge us. Your sects will all be destroyed, so what do we have to be afraid of?” added Guo Ran.

In the face of death, all the Dragonblood warriors were still calm without the slightest fear in their eyes. That calm was hair-raising.

The Dragonblood Legion was called the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one legion, and their most frightening aspect was their unity. They were completely unafraid of death. These Netherpassage experts were finally bearing witness to their terror.

“Hmph, don’t try to act tough. I don’t believe there’s anyone in this world really unafraid of dying,” said Huo Lieyun disdainfully.

“There are many things that you don’t believe in that are true,” said Mo Nian. Taking out a strange object, he said, “What about this? Do you believe me when I say that no matter what kind of heaven-encompassing net you’ve laid down, it won’t be able to trap me, Mo Nian!”

“The Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle!”

That object made these Netherpassage experts’ expressions change. The Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle was a supreme life-saving treasure. It was famous on the continent now, and it was basically unstoppable. It was an extremely shameless divine item that would break through any formation they laid down. Even Netherpassage experts couldn’t stop it.

“You want Long Chen, but you can’t get him. As for me, if I want to leave, you can’t stop me,” said Mo Nian indifferently.

“Your Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle can only fit a maximum of five people. Once you leave, the others will all die. I don’t believe you would give yourself such infamy.” Although that was what Huo Lieyun said, his expression changed.

The name of the Western Wretch was not for nothing. Mo Nian spent his days digging up tombs, and despite how many people he had infuriated, despite how many times he had been surrounded, he was still living happily. It was all thanks to the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle.

Although he was infuriated, Huo Lieyun had no choice but to admit that if Mo Nian wanted to leave, no one could stop him.

“Tch, you really are an idiot. If Long Chen has left, why would I have to stay? I’ll just help him in his revenge in the future. I won’t just foolishly die with everyone. In the future, Long Chen will be in charge of killing the living ones, while I’ll be in charge of digging up the dead ones. Bringing out your ancestral coffins to bask in the sunlight will be nice too, don’t you think?” said Mo Nian.

Naturally, corpses were meant to be buried beneath the ground. They weren’t supposed to see the sunlight. The corpses could rot, decay, and even affect the family’s karmic luck.

In the past, although Mo Nian had gone gravedigging, he hadn’t done something like that because that was too cruel. Mo Nian wasn’t quite daring enough to do it. He was also afraid of being struck by karma.

However, if he was forced to do it, he would. If others played a shameless move, he would play twenty. They would see just who was afraid of who.

The surrounding experts’ expressions darkened. As expected of a wretch. They wanted to kill him right here and now.

Any sect or family with such an ancient inheritance would have their own ancestral heroic spirit guarding it. If their corpses were brought out, that would be a grave blow to any sect or family’s karmic luck.

As for Mo Nian, he could rob whoever’s tomb he wanted. The Western Xuan Region’s ancient family alliance had already suffered immensely. If Mo Nian and Long Chen were to join hands? They would never find any peace in this world.

The Netherpassage experts were simply dumbfounded for a while. They had thought that victory was already in their grasp, but now? They couldn’t kill them, and they couldn’t capture them. They didn’t know what to do.

“Hmph, you might be able to con others, but you can’t con me. I refuse to believe it. Even if you all die, we still have ways to force out Long Chen. As for Mo Nian, we’ll slaughter your Mo family to the last!” sneered Huo Lieyun. He wouldn’t be threatened because Pill Valley had its gods and didn’t need the protection of its ancestral heroic spirits. He wasn’t afraid of Mo Nian’s graverobbing.

Not giving Mo Nian a chance to speak, Huo Lieyun’s spear suddenly pierced toward Mo Nian.

“Hold it!” shouted Mo Nian suddenly.

“What? Do you have any final words?” sneered Huo Lieyun.

Mo Nian ignored his mocking, instead saying, “How about we have a bet instead?”

“Bet what?” asked Huo Lieyun.

“You’ve advanced to the Life Star realm, while we’re all at Soul Transformation. Let’s have a challenge. We’ll pick out five people from our side to fight you. If you win, we’ll go peacefully. We won’t resist, and you can use us as hostages. If you lose, I won’t ask that you release us. I know that you don’t have the authority to do that, so I won’t make it hard on you. As long as you kneel down and call me daddy, that will be enough,” said Mo Nian.

“You’re courting death!” Huo Lieyun was enraged by this naked slap in the face. He had already advanced to the Life Star realm, and he no longer viewed Mo Nian and the others as a challenge.

“Is that supposed to be a yes or a no?” snorted Mo Nian. “If you have something to say, then say it. If you have a fart, then fart it. But wailing like a monkey is meaningless.”

“Fine, I’ll agree. Today, I’ll beat you black and blue.” Huo Lieyun angrily swung his spear. A spear-image shot toward Mo Nian.

Mo Nian hastily blocked with the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow. With a bang, he was sent flying back, blood flowing from his mouth. He stared in shock at Huo Lieyun.

This was just a random blow from Huo Lieyun, but it still wasn’t something that Mo Nian could block.

Huo Lieyun’s manifestation appeared behind him, and two figures were present within it. Flame energy surged toward him.

“Let’s see just who will be calling who daddy.”

Huo Lieyun suddenly smashed his spear down along with the surrounding flame energy. This attack caused the void to boom, and even the Netherpassage experts were startled.

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