Chapter 1925 The Terrifying Azure Dragon Reverse Scale

It was actually a shocking twelfth rank sea demon. It had a pair of wings and suddenly flew out of the sea. This strange sea demon’s mouth was exceptionally large and filled with sharp teeth.

However, it had just flown out when Cloud opened its mouth, and a black light-sword pierced through its head. It was killed in one blow.

Cloud had refined the Blue Eye Peacock’s essence blood, and her divine abilities only grew stronger, to the point where she could one-shot a twelfth rank Magical Beast.

Of course, sea demons were not Magical Beasts. Sea demons without any special bloodline only had average power. Compared to twelfth rank Magical Beasts on the land, they were quite a bit weaker.

Long Chen waved his hand, collecting the sea demon’s corpse and tossing it into the black soil of the primal chaos space.

The corpse was rapidly consumed, and life energy spread throughout the primal chaos space. The Yin Yang Immortal Grass at the border between the black soil and the yellow soil finally showed some faint signs of recovery.

Right now, for him to use the seventh form of Split the Heavens required using the power of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass to bear the impact. The Yin Yang Immortal Grass had helped him out immensely during the previous battle.

It had withered in the last fight, and it only recovered the slightest bit from the corpse of a twelfth rank sea demon. There was still quite a distance before it was fully recovered.

“Not good. We’ve been surrounded.” Meng Qi’s expression suddenly changed.

“What happened?” asked Long Chen.

“Perhaps you’re right, and someone did mark us. There are experts gathering from every direction. There’s no way we can escape,” said Meng Qi. If there was no mark on them, then there was no way they could so accurately track their position.

There were over twenty Netherpassage experts that had formed an arc ahead of them, completely blocking their path. Wanting to avoid them, Meng Qi had then sensed over ten powerful auras blocking them off at the rear.

Every single one of their movements was clearly within the control of their opponents. Long Chen’s guess was correct, but unfortunately, Meng Qi’s power was limited, and she couldn’t find just what mark had been placed on them.

“Mo Nian, Zhiqiu, it’s going to be hard on you. Help me stall them.” Long Chen suddenly jumped into the sea.

Upon jumping into the sea, he immediately saw a Tiger Wing White Shark, a tenth rank sea demon.

His Spiritual Strength stretched out, and he instantly took control of it. He made it swallow him and then swim into the distance.

The Tiger Wing White Shark was extremely quick in the water. It quickly shot through the water, and not a moment too soon. The seawater behind him suddenly trembled intensely, and a wall of runes sealed that space.

Long Chen had managed to leave in time. Any later and he would have been trapped.

“Hurry, hurry!” Long Chen urged the Tiger Wing White Shark to swim at its highest speed. At the same time, he closed his eyes and tried to sense something.

As he shot through the water, the feeling he was trying to sense grew stronger. Very quickly, he saw ripples appear in the water before him. A giant dragon scale was floating at the depths of the sea.

The Tiger Wing White Shark didn’t dare to get anywhere near that scale. It struggled, actually fighting against Long Chen’s control. Its fear toward the dragon scale was making it break out of his control.

Long Chen released the Tiger Wing White Shark, and it immediately fled for its life. Long Chen could only swim over with his own power.

Once he got closer to the white scale, he felt its terror. This scale was like a sealed volcano. Once it erupted, it could destroy the world.

“Are you really planning on taking it? That’s a true dragon’s reverse scale. True dragons are supreme existences amongst the dragon race. Your chances of succeeding with your current power are less than a tenth, and if you fail, you will instantly be blown to bits,” said Evilmoon.

“There’s no other choice. You’re sealed by the Sovereign seal and can only use your power through me. Due to my cultivation base, you can’t unleash your full power. To save my brothers… this is the only way.”

Long Chen looked at the dragon scale that was just floating there motionlessly. Without hesitation, he reached out to touch it.

His clothes instantly blew apart, and an irresistible pressure crashed down on him. Cracks spread throughout his entire body, and he almost exploded.

“Long Chen, give up. This is just the first wave. There’s no way you can succeed!” shouted Evilmoon.

“No, I will succeed. There is no other way.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. With a glint of determination in his eyes, he placed his other hand on the dragon scale as well.

Long Chen’s flesh exploded. Other than his head, his entire body was nothing more than a skeleton.

“Long Chen…!” Evilmoon was shocked. This dragon scale was even more terrifying than it had expected. Based on this, Long Chen had no chance of subduing it.

Right now, Long Chen was just trying to form a connection with the dragon scale. He hadn’t even activated its will yet, but he was already on the verge of collapse.

To subdue a true dragon’s reverse scale required using your own will and fully releasing the true dragon’s will. Forcing things like this was simply suicide.


Long Chen roared, and the dragon scale suddenly began to blaze with light. A sacred dragon pressure erupted.

Cracks covered Long Chen’s skeleton. It looked like he would explode at any moment.

“It’s over. Long Chen’s definitely dead.” Evilmoon sighed. Just how was a Soul Transformation disciple supposed to endure this kind of power?

As the dragon pressure grew stronger, the seafloor cracked and the world shuddered.

“Just what dragon did this scale come from?! How can it be so terrifying?!” As the pressure grew greater, Evilmoon became increasingly shocked.

Azure dragons were what adult true dragons were called. As for green dragons, they were babies. The difference between the two was like a heavenly chasm.

The green dragon’s reverse scale fell off naturally, but the azure dragon reverse scale would only molt when the azure dragon went through its tribulation and ascended to a higher level.

This dragon scale contained the dragon’s will to contend against the Heavenly Daos. It wouldn’t even submit to the Heavenly Daos, so what could possibly make it submit?

However, Long Chen refused to believe this reality, wanting to use his own will to suppress the azure dragon’s will.

The current Long Chen had no idea what was happening around him. In his mental world, heaven and earth were crumbling. A giant azure dragon coiled through collapsing space, while Long Chen was floating in the air, looking at it. He had to win. 

The azure dragon in his mind let out a roar, and Long Chen’s felt like his soul was about to shatter. He knew he was on the verge of death.


Long Chen also roared. He wasn’t aware of this, but at that moment, his skeleton had already shattered. He was left with just his head.




In Long Chen’s mental realm, his roar resounded through the air. He was clashing with that supreme dragon might. As he roared, the stars in the sky of his mental world shook, as if each one was resonating with his words.

Suddenly, the dragon in his mind vanished. Long Chen’s head floated in front of the scale, his eyes closed.

The dragon scale slowly floated toward Long Chen’s head. Divine light flowed out of it, and the dragon scale actually began to crumble, with sand-like particles falling off of it and merged into Long Chen’s head. His skeleton slowly grew back out.

“It’s rebuilding his skeleton?” Evilmoon let out a startled cry. The azure dragon reverse scale was the most precious part of the azure dragon. For Long Chen to be using it to rebuild his skeleton, he would truly be transformed afterward.

Evilmoon didn’t know what had happened. The azure dragon reverse scale was simply disintegrating and merging into Long Chen’s body, rebuilding it. His new skeleton was white as jade and sparkled brightly. It possessed a terrifying pressure.

When his skeleton was fully rebuilt, the final grain of the dragon scale was used up. However, as the dragon scale vanished, it was replaced with a fist-sized drop of blood.

“Azure dragon essence blood.”

That scarlet drop of blood possessed a terrifying aura. It was like the energy within this single drop could destroy the entire world.

The essence blood slowly merged into Long Chen’s body. His skeleton became covered in tiny runes that looked like small dragons coiling around the bones.

Flesh quickly grew out of his bones. Even his organs reappeared. In just a dozen breaths’ time, his body had recovered and looked like it did before.

However, there was a white dragon image in the middle of Long Chen’s chest now. It was constantly coiling, and each time it spun around, Long Chen’s Blood Qi would pulse.

“Damn, he might be unstoppable now…” muttered Evilmoon.

Just as the azure dragon reverse scale completely rebuilt Long Chen’s body, within the endless void, a giant eye slowly opened.

That eye was larger than the surrounding stars. It looked through the cosmos, eyeing a small speck of dust in the great distance. 

“Too slow. At this rate, you’ll be killed before you even grow up. That’s not in line with a nine star heir.”


“Long Chen, come out and fight!”

Long Chen had just dived into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring when an angry roar rang out. That voice was very familiar.

Suddenly, runes lit up throughout the sky and sea. Over thirty Netherpassage experts appeared, sealing the surrounding space.

This time, they had formed three groups of over ten people, each group forming their own formation and creating three layers. After their previous carelessness, they wouldn’t allow Long Chen and the others to escape again.

After being surrounded, a figure appeared in front of them, startling them. They all recognized this person.

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