Chapter 1921 Ma Ruyun

The High Priest had left, but now, a large group of people had come. They numbered over five hundred, and they were all Netherpassage experts. The sight of them shocked everyone present.

That was because all those people were wearing the same robes to indicate their status. These five hundred Netherpassage experts were all from one sect.

“The Huayun Sect!”

These Netherpassage experts were all wearing the robes of the Huayun Sect. Their leader was a thin old man who didn’t look special, not having any of the air of an expert. That person smiled and cupped his fists in greeting. “Sorry, the past few years, it’s been tough to carry on my business. The world’s not very safe, so I have no choice but to bring a few more bodyguards.”

This person spoke very openly and amicably, but for him to have five hundred Netherpassage experts as bodyguards made him look dazzling.

How could just anyone look like that? There was no other sect in the world that had such power.

It was now apparent to all why Pill Valley would feel fearful of the Huayun Sect. This kind of foundation was truly terrifying.

The majority of sects only knew that the Huayun Sect possessed a bottomless pool of wealth, but they had never imagined that they would be powerful to this extent.

“Ma Ruyun, what do you think you’re doing?” demanded Yu Xiaoyun.

“If you use this kind of tone, you’ll frighten people. We are just a group of businessmen, so naturally we’re here for our business. Seeing a business opportunity and not taking action would make us bad businessmen,” replied the elder.

This person was the master of the Huayun Sect, Ma Ruyun, one of the most influential people in the world.

“Don’t talk in circles! If you have something to say, say it directly!” said Yu Xiaoyun coldly.

“Haha, it seems that the valley master doesn’t like talking gently. Alright, I’ll get straight to the point. The Martial Heaven Alliance is an old client of my Huayun Sect. Alliance head Qu Jianying is someone my Huayun Sect depends on for our livelihood. She looks after us, and without her cooperation, I don’t even know how many people would go hungry in my Huayun Sect. So, when one of our clients is in trouble, it’s a business opportunity. There are money investments, but there are also emotional investments. I’m sure someone as wise as the valley master knows what I’m talking about,” said Ma Ruyun.

“You mean you wish to interfere in this matter? Have you forgotten the Huayun Sect’s purpose?” demanded Yu Xiaoyun.

The Huayun Sect was just a business. It could not interfere in personal matters of any sects. That was their core principle.

“That is why I said that your previous words were a slap in your own face. You said that since the dark era was coming, we should be united against outside threats. But I thought that Pill Valley was a neutral power that didn’t interfere with the other powers of the continent? Why have you suddenly taken a new attitude, acting like the savior of the world and raising your blade against others?” asked Ma Ruyun.

“It’s for the peace of the Martial Heaven Continent!” raged Yu Xiaoyun.

“Then I’m doing the same. The Martial Heaven Alliance is our largest alliance and the most stable foundation of our world. If this foundation is rocked, the world will definitely be thrown into chaos. If the continent is thrown into chaos at such a time, it will spell disaster. For the world, as a member of the Martial Heaven Continent, the Huayun Sect must carry this burden to support the Martial Heaven Alliance. For ourselves, if the world was thrown into chaos, it would be a huge blow to our business. The losses would be inestimable. So in either case, we have a reason to stand beside the Martial Heaven Alliance. After all, we’re different from Pill Valley. Pill Valley’s various healing pills, poison dispelling pills, soul nourishing pills, and explosive pills are all used in battle, and at a frightening rate at that. If a war were to start, your Pill Valley might profit immensely, but my Huayun Sect would have to tighten its belt. So we have no other choice,” said Ma Ruyun.

Upon hearing those words, everyone’s expressions changed when they looked at Yu Xiaoyun.

If a battle were to erupt here, the one to benefit the most would really be Pill Valley. On the battlefield, there were sometimes no chances to heal, and so they could only rely on medicinal pills to hold on. Whoever bought more pills would have a greater chance of surviving.

When they heard Long Chen say that Yu Xiaoyun was an agent of the original devil race, although his words had some reason, most people didn’t really believe it. That was because they all knew that Pill Valley had the legacy of true gods. Yu Xiaoyun wouldn’t dare to betray his gods, so there was no chance he would collude with the original devil race.

However, Ma Ruyun was different. First of all, his status was completely different, and his words possessed greater weight. His words were also more believable, as he was merely pointing out that Pill Valley would profit the most from war.

The Corrupt path, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient family alliance, and all the various large powers began to smell the scent of a scheme.

Long Chen had said that there was a scheme, and now Ma Ruyun was also pointing out that Pill Valley was the one who would profit from war. 

“That’s absolute nonsense. When has my Pill Valley ever done something so shameless? I am doing this entirely because Long Chen colluded with the original devil race to destroy the continent! I had no choice but to stand up!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun.

His expression changed when he saw various experts casting suspicious glances at him. Long Chen’s wedge had been driven in by Ma Ruyun’s words. 

Suddenly, the Unfettered Allseer from Heavenly Fate Island stepped forward. “He is correct. I can testify that Valley Master Yu was doing this for the continent’s safety. My Heavenly Fate Island foresaw a hundred years ago that when the great era came, a fiend that would be a calamity for the continent would be born. After years of observation, we are now sure that Long Chen is that fiend. Everyone knows about Long Chen’s history. He came from some secular empire in the Eastern Wasteland. Just how many conflicts have arisen because of him? Just how much slaughter has he committed? Just how many people has he killed? Perhaps the rise of an expert requires stepping over the corpses of his enemies. But then have you ever heard of any genius who is surrounded by unending battles and slaughter like Long Chen? Wherever he goes, he brings a calamity with him.”

“Fuck your fucking mother, it was those people who brought it upon themselves! If Long Chen didn’t fight back, he would have died to them! Was he supposed to just let them kill him?!” The old man finally couldn’t endure it anymore and cursed the Unfettered Allseer. 

“Hmph, you say that they brought it upon themselves? Then why did they all end up going for Long Chen instead of someone else? Isn’t it precisely because Long Chen is fated to be this world’s most wicked person? He creates conflicts with everyone. I guarantee that the world will never know peace while he is alive. He is the worst culprit in the current Martial Heaven Alliance’s chaos,” said the Unfettered Allseer.

“You fucking-” The old man suddenly charged forward with the Heaven Splitting Blade, but Qu Jianying, who had long since been prepared, suddenly grabbed onto him tightly. At the same time, other people came forward to grab his neck, legs, and arms.

“Brother Wu, calm down. Now isn’t the time to attack,” said the elder holding the old man’s neck. They were old acquaintances.

“Let go of me! What group are you from?! I’m going to kill these damn tortoise bastards and turn them into turtle jelly!” roared the old man.

The tense atmosphere ended up becoming strange when the old man said turtle jelly. It was unexpected that the berserk Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s master actually had a humorous side.

However, Qu Jianying and the others continued to hold on to him tightly. When the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people’s heads turned hot, they would even dare to attack a god.

The Unfettered Allseer’s expression sank upon being cursed like this. He was about to say something when Ma Ruyun suddenly said, “Fighting like this is meaningless. There’s also no need for anyone to act like they’re confused about the truth. You say that Long Chen is a fiend, you say that he is colluding with the original devil race, you say that he is the Martial Heaven Alliance’s calamity, but it is only your side that is saying this. What proof do you have? Do you think you can convict anyone you point at? Perhaps you feel that way because you have the power to do so. In this world, there are conditions to being able to talk reason with someone. A wolf won’t talk reason with a rabbit, and a dragon won’t talk reason with a lion. The power difference between the two sides is too immense, so there is no need to talk reason. You were willing to start a fight because you felt that you were strong enough. But now that my Huayun Sect is supporting the Martial Heaven Alliance, if you still feel that you are strong enough, then there’s no need to waste any more words. You can begin this war right now. In any case, we’re equally matched, so both sides will bleed. Then when the dark era comes, we can all be annihilated together and that will be the end.”

“That’s right, either fuck off or fight! Come, come!” shouted the old man immediately.

Those on Pill Valley’s side retreated, no longer wanting a war. When the war started, they would all suffer, so they could smell a scheme.

Moreover, many of them had connections with the Huayun Sect. If they offended the Huayun Sect, they would definitely have some harsh days ahead of them. Due to various factors, they became hesitant.

Although Ma Ruyun wasn’t a large or imposing figure, standing there, it was like everything was in his control. In comparison to Yu Xiaoyun, he looked more kingly.

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