Chapter 1920 The High Priest Comes (Teaser)

“Long Chen, find a chance to run. Yu Xiaoyun has already achieved his goal. He won’t give you any chance to argue. If this battle starts, the entire continent will be thrown into chaos. All the large powers will be damaged at their core, and Pill Valley will become the greatest winner.” Li Tianxuan sent a message to Long Chen.

“Understood.” Long Chen nodded. Yu Xiaoyun had played the Martial Heaven Continent like a giant chessboard. Now, the board was reaching its final stage. Whether or not Long Chen had colluded with the original devil race wasn’t important. Even without Yue Xiaoyuan, he would have other excuses to start this battle.

The main conflict between the two sides was now concentrated on Long Chen. Yu Xiaoyun was stubbornly insisting that Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion had colluded with the original devil race, using that to light the flames of war.

The Daynight Furnace and the Heaven Splitting blade erupted with...

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