Chapter 1919 The Top Authorities Gather

The speaker was the old man who had just left. He had come charging out again.

There were two kinds of Martial Heaven Orders. The first one was used to gather troops in times of danger. It was the one that Ye Lingshan had used in the Yin Yang World to summon the Martial Heaven Alliance’s warriors.

However, the one that Qu Jianying had just activated was supreme. It was the highest order within the Martial Heaven Alliance, and something only the alliance head was qualified to issue. Furthermore, the seal that she had just crushed was a one-time use item.

The various sect leaders underneath the banner of the Martial Heaven Alliance always had a summon seal on them. When this supreme Martial Heaven Order was activated, all they would have to do was crush their seal, and it would form a spatial channel leading to Qu Jianying.

This was an extremely terrifying seal. Once activated, it meant a bloody war was about to start.

“Guangyuan, wait a moment.” Qu Jianying grabbed the old man who was charging forward with the Heaven Splitting Blade. “This battle is very important. Reserve your temper. This relates to the life and death of the entire Martial Heaven Alliance.”

It was only when Qu Jianying said how grave this situation was that the old man stopped. He glared at the enemy forces. “Fine, I’m not afraid of waiting. I’ve long since found these bastards displeasing.”

More and more experts came flying out of the beam of light. Each of them had grave expressions. They all knew that a true battle was about to start.

Very quickly, Long Chen also saw the old patriarch return. The patriarch imperceptibly nodded toward him.

That put Long Chen at ease. The patriarch had been in a rush to leave because he had been worried about the Xuantian Dao Sect’s safety. However, the truth was that this was just an excuse. His real goal was to send Yue Xiaoqian away with no one the wiser.

More and more experts came flying out. In just a few breaths’ time, hundreds of Netherpassage experts had arrived.

However, after a dozen breaths’ time, no one else came. The spatial channel behind Qu Jianying gradually closed.

The ones who were coming had now come. Even if you gave the rest an hour to consider it, they wouldn’t come.

There were over six hundred Netherpassage experts here now, standing behind Qu Jianying.

Qu Jianying’s expression became a bit unsightly. She was filled with disappointment. It was impossible that any sect leader would have missed the Martial Heaven Order. However, only a portion of them had come. The thing that disappointed her the most was the absence of many familiar faces that had fought together with her before.

That was what made her feel the worst. The passing of time caused many things to change, including people’s feelings. Reality was even crueler than what Qu Jianying had expected.

Clearwind City was thrown into chaos, and the residents of the city fled outside. If these experts were to start fighting, Clearwind City would be instantly annihilated. Staying in the city would leave them only with their corpses.

“Qu Jianying, I suppose you never expected this. Your stubbornness and foolishness have long since dissatisfied others. The Martial Heaven Alliance is currently filled with chaos because of you. People have long since left your alliance. The world’s number one alliance might be attractive at other times, but now, not even a third of your people have answered your highest summons. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s hearts are no longer yours. Do you know where you went wrong now?” said Yu Xiaoyun coldly.

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s actual power was extremely terrifying. If all of its experts arrived, they would be strong enough to easily crush their enemies. Even if it was just half, their numbers would be equal.

“It was you who secretly sowed dissension amongst our ranks! After buying a bunch of traitors, do you still have the face to criticize others? You really are the world’s most shameless person!” Seeing Qu Jianying’s unsightly expression, Ye Lingshan angrily shouted.

“Silence! You aren’t qualified to speak here!” Yu Xiaoyun’s shout was like thunder, and a kind of supreme will immediately locked onto Ye Lingshan. She stared in shock.

Suddenly, Long Chen stepped forward in front of Ye Lingshan. Space shook and all the experts were shocked.

“He’s actually able to block a Netherpassage expert’s supreme will!” exclaimed one Netherpassage expert.

The will of a Netherpassage expert was forged through going through life and death. Hence, it was a will that transcended life and death. Those who hadn’t comprehended life and death couldn’t possibly resist it.

However, Long Chen was able to force away that supreme will using just his own will. In fact, he was even able to force Yu Xiaoyun’s will away from others. 

“Nice.” The old man smiled. Seeing Long Chen’s growth made him feel even happier than having advanced to the Netherpassage realm himself.

“If she isn’t qualified to speak, then what qualifications do you have to spout such bullshit? Just because you lived a bunch of years for nothing? Is someone big bullying someone small very glorious? For someone like you to be Pill Valley’s master, it seems Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight are both blind,” sneered Long Chen.

Gasps rang out. Long Chen’s guts were truly big to even drag two gods into his words. He dared to even blaspheme gods. Was he afraid of nothing?

“Long Chen, you colluded with the original devil race to harm the Martial Heaven Continent’s geniuses. Now you’re even blaspheming my gods. Today, no matter who protects you, it will be useless. You must face the entire continent’s execution!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun.

Long Chen snorted derisively, “This world really is one where whoever’s fist is harder is right. If someone’s mouth is bigger, they can even invert black and white. Tell me, did you personally see me collude with the original devil race?”

“Hmph, you want to argue? The photographic jades of you working together with that woman of the original devil race to slaughter the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts are all in our hands! Just how are you going to defend yourself?” sneered Yu Xiaoyun.

“Are you an idiot? When did I ever work together with her? She was killing her target, while I was killing mine. It’s just that the time and place were the same. How did that turn into collusion? Could it be that to prove I have no connection with her, I was supposed to just lay there and let my opponents kill me when she started fighting? Would that prove my innocence? Tell me, is your head full of rotten tofu? In your own photographic jades, did you ever see her say a single word to me?” Long Chen scoffed.

“Although you didn’t speak to her, who knows whether or not you communicated spiritually?” snorted Yu Xiaoyun.

“Ah, well said. Who knows? Who knows whether or not you’re an undercover agent the original devil race left behind on the continent?” demanded Long Chen.

“What a giant joke!” sneered Yu Xiaoyun.

“How is it a joke? I have evidence behind my guess just like you. Your Pill Valley set up a banner as a neutral power and then spent every day silently selling fake medicine to rake in the profits. Even if you refuse to admit to anything else, I suppose everyone here has heard of the scandal of the Bone Forging Pills back in the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower. You intentionally reduced the effect of the pills to make people buy more pills. When you were exposed by the Huayun Sect, you set up a few unremarkable characters to take the heat and then paid off a few people to settle the waves. But in truth, the Bone Forging Pill is just one of many pills that you’ve lowered the effect of. Do you yourself not know how much money you’ve made with this scam? You must know how much money you made, because you then used this money to buy the leaders of the large sects and drive wedges between the members of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Then you used the Yin Yang World to collude with Heavenly Fate Island and get as many of the continent’s geniuses killed as possible. You had all the large powers send their disciples to their deaths, while your Pill Valley merely sent thirteen people. If it wasn’t for the foolish plan you concocted with Heavenly Fate Island, how do you think we, who only numbered six hundred thousand weak people, could possibly defeat an army of two million elites?”

“Absolute non-!”

“Are you trying to silence the truth? Since you’re slandering me and want to kill me, I don't mind exposing all your crimes. You set up the various large powers to take huge losses. Your goal was to make them feel pain, which would lead to hatred. You would then turn that hatred against the Martial Heaven Alliance. When that happens, rivers of blood would flow between the Martial Heaven Alliance and the other large powers of the continent. However, your Pill Valley would remain unscathed. You would profit no matter who won,” said Long Chen. “Are you all fools? You were used, and you didn’t even realize it. You sent your best disciples out, while Pill Valley and Heavenly Fate Island conned them to their deaths. Use your brains. Two million experts, all of whom were elites, were annihilated by us. If they didn’t take the initiative to cooperate with us, how could we kill so many people? Then think, just how many disciples did you send out? And how many disciples did Pill Valley send? Even if you don't have brains, use your butt to think and you should still be able to figure it out. Pill Valley wants a huge battle between the large powers of the continent. Tell me, just who would benefit from that? Who would profit the most? Tell me, just who is the real person colluding with the original devil race to destroy the continent?”

Long Chen’s words were filled with great passion, and his voice shuddered and even became a bit hoarse at perfect times. He was extremely eloquent.

Both friends and foes looked at the ashen Yu Xiaoyun suspiciously. They really did start to feel a bit suspicious due to Long Chen’s words.

“You’re making up nonsense! My Pill Valley is the legacy of true gods! How could we possibly collude with the original devil race? There’s no need for more words. Today, Long Chen and his Dragonblood Legion must be killed!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun, his whole body shuddering with fury.

“Just try and touch my children.” The old man immediately stepped forward, pointing the Heaven Splitting Blade at Yu Xiaoyun.

“Since you want to die, that’s fine!” Yu Xiaoyun suddenly extended a hand and a giant furnace appeared, causing the stars to shudder. It smashed toward the old man.

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