Chapter 1918 Tensions Mount

Qu Jianying walked out of the Martial Heaven Palace and saw that the sky was covered in experts that had surrounded the Martial Heaven Alliance’s headquarters.

They were actually all Netherpassage experts. The pressure of over a thousand of them crashed down on the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples like a mountain. The disciples felt like their skeletons were going to shatter, and they helplessly knelt on the ground.

Although they knew this was a humiliation, they did not have the power to resist. They wanted to stand, but in front of absolute power, bravery alone was not enough.

Only the Dragonblood Legion and some powerful Empyreans were barely able to keep standing. However, even they were shuddering.

A thousand Netherpassage experts had descended upon Clearwind City. They didn’t bother concealing their killing intent, and everyone in Clearwind City was enveloped in that pressure.

This kind of army, an army of over a thousand Netherpassage experts, was enough to run rampant over the entire Martial Heaven Continent. This was an absolute force.

These people belonged to the various large powers. There were some from the Righteous path, the Corrupt path, Pill Valley, the ancient family alliance, the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts.

Long Chen also saw two familiar faces. One was Pill Valley’s master, Yu Xiaoyun, the leader of this group. That shout just now was from him.

Beside Yu Xiaoyun was Di Long. He was also coldly staring at Long Chen. His gaze was so sharp that it felt like it could pierce Long Chen.

Not far from Di Long was a man in black robes. His eyes were sunken, and they were deep like a falcon’s eyes. This elder had Blood Qi swirling around him, looking like he had just come out of a blood bath. There were intense spatial fluctuations around him. Amongst those fluctuations, it was vaguely possible to see countless resentful spirits struggling and howling. That sight was extremely shocking.

This elder was the Corrupt path’s leader, Xie Luo’s ancestor, Xie Wentian. He was the figure that inspired the most fear and trepidation in the Righteous path.

Xie Wentian was a terrifying figure, but only a few people had ever seen him. It was surprising that he would actually appear here.

There was another elder not far from him. He was large like an iron tower. He had a falcon’s eyes and a falcon’s nose, and golden light glowed within his eyes like two suns. When they opened, it was like golden rays of light were shining.

He was the leader of the Xuan Beasts. His name was Peng Wanli, and it was said that he was a descendant of the Kunpeng race.

The Kunpeng was the earliest ancestor of the Peng race. First came the Kun and then came the Peng. The Kun transformed into the Peng, and thus it was called the Kunpeng. It possessed the most primordial bloodline.

The Silver Wing Azure Peng, the Golden Wing Great Peng, they were all inferior branches. The Kunpeng was the strongest existence of the Peng race.

Long Chen had once slain a genius of the Peng race, Peng Wansheng. He was a genius descendant of the Golden Wing Great Peng race. However, his blood was a mix of the Golden Wing Great Peng race and the human race, so he could not be called a true member of the Golden Wing Great Peng race.

There weren’t too many fluctuations around Peng Wanli. However, the power of his Blood Qi caused the space around him to rumble, as if he was a volcano that could explode at any moment.

To the other side was a dark-faced, middle-aged man. Amongst this group of elders, he appeared exceptionally young. He didn’t have any fluctuations around him. His aura was like an extremely ordinary person.

Most importantly, he looked extremely ordinary as well. Even though he was standing amongst this group of leaders, it was all too easy to overlook him.

However, when Long Chen saw him, his blood instantly turned cold. It was like a viper was staring at him. Long Chen was immediately sure that the middle-aged man was a terrifying assassin. Perhaps he might not be the most powerful existence here, but he was definitely the most dangerous one.

Long Chen’s guess was not wrong. This was the master of the Bloodkill Hall, Zhong Ziyang, the Martial Heaven Continent’s most terrifying assassin. However, it seemed that no one living had ever seen him fight. And even his name was something only the senior generation knew.

Beside Zhong Ziyang was an elder with two long antlers growing out of his forehead. He also had a barb growing out of his back that was like a sword. Moreover, his hands and feet were composed of four sharp claws that looked very similar to dragon claws.

This elder was the leader of the ancient races, Long Juncang. He was the descendant of the human race and the Heavenly Spine Horn Dragon race of the Xuan Beasts. The Heavenly Spine Horn Dragon race was once an extremely terrifying existence amongst the Xuan Beasts, one that was not inferior to the Kunpeng race.

However, although the reasons were unknown, the Heavenly Spine Horn Dragon race had ended up with problems in their breeding and had later gone extinct.

As a result, their bloodline only existed in the mixed blood of the ancient races. That was why Long Juncang called himself the descendant of the Heavenly Spine Horn Dragon and worked to bring the ancient races back to the Xuan Beasts.

The ancient races felt naturally close to the Xuan Beasts. Perhaps it was because the bloodline of the Xuan Beasts was too powerful, causing the ancient races to always return to them. However, the ancient races never had any feelings toward the human race, and they looked down on the human race.

Other than them, there was another eye-attracting figure wearing Daoist robes. He had a long beard and he looked scholarly. However, his current expression was dark, and he was glaring daggers at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s mouth curled. He could guess this person’s identity. He had to be the master of Heavenly Fate Island because only the scammers of Heavenly Fate Island liked to dress themselves up like this.

Once again, his guess was correct. This person was truly the master of Heavenly Fate Island, and he called himself the Unfettered Allseer. The Unfettered part was usually a self-mocking title, because used in a derogatory sense, it indicated someone who had interest in living in reality. They wanted to live outside in world, or it referred to people who despised the world and wanted to live in a rebellious fashion. To put it in an ugly way, it was someone who didn’t care about anything and was useless to the world.

However, when a powerful expert gave himself this title, it was different. He became a particularly unique and outstanding figure. This kind of unique name suited Heavenly Fate Island’s air of mystery and their scams.

Today, this so-called Unfettered Allseer looked different from someone who was actually unfettered. Such a person should appear transcendent and indifferent, but he looked angry

That was because in the end, he wasn’t unfettered. He was in control of Heavenly Fate Island, and Heavenly Fate Island had just sent out its four most outstanding disciples, the four Fate Princes. They were the ones supposed to continue the legacy of Heavenly Fate Island, but they had all died in the Yin Yang World. That was an unprecedented humiliation for Heavenly Fate Island.

Not only had the four Fate Princes been killed, but even the vice island master had been slain. Moreover, the vice island master, a powerful Netherpassage expert who had reached the second step, had actually been killed by a little Soul Transformation disciple.

Long Chen had slain the young and the old of Heavenly Fate Island. Hence, this unfettered master wasn't able to remain indifferent.

This was supposed to be something that would come at no cost to Heavenly Fate Island, but they had lost their four Fate Princes and the vice island master. He was infuriated. He was glaring at Long Chen like he wanted to swallow him whole.

Actually, it wasn’t just the Unfettered Allseer who was furious. Whether it was Yu Xiaoyun, Di Long, Xie Wentian, Long Juncang, Peng Wanli, and Zhong Ziyang, they were all furious.

Their losses in the Yin Yang World were simply too great. The plan had been so perfect and detailed. They had sent all their elites, and with such immense power, they should have captured Long Chen and the others in one fell swoop.

Originally, they had thought that just half the disciples would have been enough. But to be safe, they had doubled the forces they sent.

However, this perfect plan of theirs went horribly wrong. When they saw Huo Lieyun, Xie Luo, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Di Long, and the others come running out, they were unable to believe their eyes.

Over two million elites had entered, but even including Huo Lieyun and the others, only thirty-seven had escaped. They almost went insane.

However, they had one final backup to their plan, and that was to catch Long Chen and the others at the transportation formation. But when they had rushed over there, they had found that the formation had been broken midway. They had then rushed to the battlefield, only to find the corpses of thirty-three Netherpassage experts.

The news of those deaths had instantly spread, and the leaders of the various large powers could no longer sit still. They immediately charged over to Clearwind City.

Their hideous losses made their hearts drip blood. For a hundred percent chance of victory, each of them had sent at least seventy percent of their strongest disciples, but they had essentially all been killed. They were unable to accept this. They had to make the Martial Heaven Alliance pay a miserable price.

When they saw Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion without a single casualty, their fury exploded even more. They wanted to attack immediately just to kill them.

“Qu Jianying, hand over Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion, as well as the disciples who participated in the battle of the Yin Yang World, or we’ll trample your Martial Heaven Alliance into the ground!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun.

Yu Xiaoyun immediately shouted a condition that Qu Jianying couldn’t possibly accept. His goal was clear. He didn’t want just those disciples dead. He wanted the Martial Heaven Alliance destroyed!

“Trample my Martial Heaven Alliance? Hahaha, good, then let me see if you have that ability!”

Qu Jianying laughed furiously. Yu Xiaoyun and the others’ plan had failed, and now they wanted justice for their fallen disciples? It was useless talking reason with such people.

Qu Jianying suddenly took out a small seal. She crushed it.

Suddenly, the sound of an ancient bell resounded through the air from within the headquarters.

“The Martial Heaven Order!”

Startled cries rang out. Suddenly, a pillar of light soared out of the headquarters.

One figure after another came flying out of the pillar of light, and one of them in particular let out a furious roar.

“You still dare to bully my children? Today, I’ll kill all of you bastards!”

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