Chapter 1915 The Ferocious Old Man

Suddenly, a heaven-shaking roar rang out as the lightning dragon reappeared behind Long Chen. The charging Netherpassage experts immediately retreated.

The lightning dragon rapidly spun, forming the lightning channel once more.

“Useless fools, come over here! Let me see which of you aren’t afraid of dying!” shouted Long Chen contemptuously.

Those Netherpassage experts were bewildered. The lightning channel had reappeared. Because the silver drake had previously charged out of it, they couldn’t be sure that it wouldn’t come out again. With Long Chen’s wily and mischievous nature, who knew whether or not he was laying down a trap to bait them in?

In truth, this was the real trap. Long Chen’s power was limited, and there was no way for him to maintain this spatial channel. He had only managed to summon it for a while by borrowing Meng Qi’s energy. Now, he was just maintaining some empty bravado.

This channel that Lei Long had summoned was a fake one. It wasn’t connected to the lightning field, nor did it have the power to reach there. Although it looked mighty, it was an empty shell.

However, this empty shell was so terrifying to these Netherpassage experts that they didn’t dare to approach. No one was willing to take the risk of testing the channel. Hence, they were waiting for someone else to test it for them.

The death of that elder from Heavenly Fate Island made them lose their backbones. They were old foxes that had lived for countless years. And the older they lived, the more afraid of dying they became.

For a long moment, Long Chen simply stood there with a disdainful smile. The lightning dragon roared behind him, and these old foxes were kept at bay.

“What are you doing? Are you fighting or not? If not, scram. We haven’t eaten yet, and we’re starting to get hungry,” shouted Guo Ran. His confidence in Long Chen was close to blind.

“That’s right, if you’re going to attack, then hurry up. What are you still waiting for? You’ve lived for so many years, aren’t you tired of life? The sooner you die, the sooner you can reincarnate. Don’t you want to see what it’s like to be a new person?” Mo Nian also followed.

“Exactly. I’ll tell you the truth, our boss is just trying to frighten you. Come and attack!”

Even the Dragonblood warriors joined in, mocking the Netherpassage experts, making them furious.

Long Chen kept a faint smile on his face, but his palms were behind his back and sweating.

It seemed his friends and allies really weren’t afraid of death. If these Netherpassage experts were to charge over, they would be doomed. They should be a bit gentler with their conning. If one of the Netherpassage experts lost control of their anger, they would be instantly exposed.

Long Chen was as nervous as possible, but he had to act like victory was in his grasp. He had to look lightly upon the opposing experts.

“We can’t just keep waiting. He might be bluffing, so we just have to test it with a probing blow. There’s no need to commit to an all-out attack,” said one of the Netherpassage experts suddenly, seeming to have noticed something.

The others nodded, and rays of divine light shot toward Long Chen.

“Fuck, they really did attack!” Long Chen couldn’t keep acting and hastily blocked with Evilmoon. As a result, those multiple probing blows sent him flying. Even if they were just probing blows, they were the attacks of Netherpassage experts. If they had been real attacks, he would have lost his life.

Long Chen was sent flying, and the lightning dragon behind him, who endured the majority of the attack power, exploded.

“It’s a fake! Little bastard, die!”

Although the lightning dragon immediately condensed once more after exploding, those Netherpassage experts didn’t sense any spatial fluctuations. In other words, the so-called spatial channel that the lightning dragon had condensed before was completely fake.

Thinking of how Long Chen had embarrassed them to the point that they didn’t dare to take a single step forward, they were infuriated. 

“Damnable bastards, let’s see if you can still act so tough now!”

“We should skin them, remove their bones, and refine their souls, making it so they can never reincarnate!”

“Little brats, die!”

Those Netherpassage experts were fully angered, while the Dragonblood Legion’s people were dumbfounded. Only now did they find out that they had provoked a disaster.

“Idiots, come if you have any guts. Your daddy Long will receive you.” Long Chen wiped away some blood on his mouth. He rested Evilmoon on his shoulder without the slightest fear.

“Brat, you still dare to act tough?!”

One of the Netherpassage experts wearing the robes of the Corrupt path immediately charged forward.

Long Chen still had a disdainful expression on his face, and Evilmoon was resting on his shoulder lazily. Just like that, he lightly stared as this Netherpassage expert charged at him.

“Die!” That expert was infuriated, and suddenly, he put away his divine item, reaching out for Long Chen with his bare hand. Although he cried for death, he actually wanted to capture him alive.

Suddenly, divine light erupted through the void, and a tower descended from the heavens, unleashing a ray of light.

The Corrupt Netherpassage expert was struck by the tower and exploded into blood mist. Even his Yuan Spirit dissipated.

“Hehe, you’re finally here.” Long Chen sighed with relief.

“The Xuantian Tower!”

Startled cries rang out as this giant tower descended. It slowly spun, unleashing waves of divine light that forced back those Netherpassage experts.

“Xuan Master!” The Dragonblood warriors let out delighted cries. Two figures materialized on the Xuantian Tower. It was Li Tianxuan and the old patriarch.

The most shocking thing was that at some unknown point, Li Tianxuan had actually advanced to the Netherpassage realm. He had life and death energy flowing around him, and he appeared completely calm as well as confident.

“Hmph, so what if you’ve come? Do you think you can block all of us? Attack!”

One of the ancient race experts shouted and immediately launched an attack on the Xuantian Tower.

The Xuantian Tower’s waves of divine light enveloped the Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people, drawing them into the Xuantian Tower. The divine light then flowed out, blocking the crazed attacks of the Netherpassage experts.

“The Xuantian Tower is said to be number one in defense, excluding the five supreme divine items. It should be no problem for it to block you for a while,” said Li Tianxuan lightly atop the Xuantian Tower.

The Netherpassage experts crazily attacked, and the Xuantian Tower was shuddering, but they were still unable to break its divine light barrier. The name of number one in defense was not for nothing.

“You’ve even used your karmic luck divine item. Aren’t you afraid of the Xuantian Dao Sect being destroyed?!” shouted one of the Corrupt experts hatefully.

A divine item like the Xuantian Tower that was used to maintain a sect’s karmic luck usually couldn’t leave the sect. If the karmic luck divine pool was damaged during the time that the divine item left the sect, that would spell disaster.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was an example. Its divine pool had been destroyed by Long Chen, causing its karmic luck to dissipate. As a result, the quality of its divine item plummeted until it finally vanished from this world.

The Xuantian Tower was the same. If someone took advantage of this time to attack the Xuantian Dao Sect and destroy its divine pool, then it would have lost its foundation. The Xuantian Dao Sect would slowly disappear from this world, while the Xuantian Tower would gradually lose its power.

“There’s no need for you to worry about it. If you want, you can alert your fellow Corrupt experts to attack the Xuantian Dao Sect,” said Li Tianxuan.

With the current grand formation protecting the Xuantain Dao Sect, even without the Xuantian Tower, it could handle other people’s sneak attacks. After all, that grand formation was something that Long Chen had built up with all his wealth. Its power was definitely shocking. It was just that no one else knew of its power yet.

“Don’t scatter your attacks! Concentrate them. I’ll count to three. Follow me-”

That expert had just started shouting when a sword slashed down from the sky. A giant sword-image tore through the sky, and although that Netherpassage expert immediately sensed it, he was cut in two along with his divine item.

“Shameless bastards, you dare to bully my children? All of you can die!”

A white-haired man appeared in front of everyone, looking like a furious lion.

He held a large sword in his hand. Killing intent was surging out of him, and after slaying one Netherpassage expert, he didn’t stop. He continued attacking the others.

“Old man!” Long Chen was delighted. This was the leader of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, Wu Guangyuan. He had actually managed to advance to the Netherpassage realm.

“Hehe, you sent out a distress signal, but I did the same. It’s just that our old man was one step slower,” said Bao Buping.

As soon as Long Chen had sensed something wrong, he had activated a secret distress signal that the Xuantian Tower would immediately sense.

Before everyone had entered the Yin Yang World, Li Tianxuan had felt that things would be exceptionally dangerous, so he had specifically told Meng Qi to give that distress signal to Long Chen.

He had secretly left the sect with the Xuantian Tower, just to prevent the worst-case scenario. The reality showed that Li Tianxuan’s cautiousness had been necessary.

As for Bao Buping, he had also sent out a distress signal. When he had entered the Yin Yang World, the old man had yet to come out of seclusion. However, the distress signal had to be sent so that at least Boss Bao and the others would know how they died and avenge them.

Hence, they were also surprised to see the old man here. He had charged over using some secret technique.

One of the ancient race Netherpassage experts started a fierce fight against the old man, however, they had only just clashed when the old man cut him in two as well.

“That’s… the Heaven Splitting Blade!” Startled cries rang out. The Xuantian Tower was claimed to be number one in defense, while the Heaven Splitting Blade was claimed to be number one in offense. Even divine items could be cut by it.

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