Chapter 1914 Lightning Field Dragon King

The giant lightning drake appeared, causing the world to shudder intensely. Its silver light blazed even more intensely than the sun.

At the next moment, the elder from Heavenly Fate Island was swatted away by the silver drake’s claw, and the other Netherpassage experts immediately tensed up, divine items appearing in their hands. They had never seen such a lifeform.

They were filled with shock. How was it possible for Long Chen to summon such a terrifying existence?

“Little fellow, didn’t we say you can’t call me for nothing?” The silver drake’s voice resounded in Long Chen’s mind. It was angry. It didn’t like being summoned.

It had never agreed to definitely help Long Chen. The only agreement was that the ordinary drakes would help him. It was actually extremely polite of it to appear now.

“Isn’t it because I have no choice? Look at these old ghosts. They’ve lived for so many years, but they’re bullying a poor beginner like me. Isn’t that a pain? We’re friends, and for them to bully me is also bullying you. I might be able to endure it, but I feel bad for you being insulted like this…” Long Chen was also pleasantly surprised that the silver drake would heed his summons. He had actually been so nervous that it wouldn’t give him this face. Hence, he hastily drew it over to the same side as him.

“Stop spouting nonsense. Let me tell you, I’ll only be your fighter once. Next time, I won’t come no matter what’s going on,” snorted the silver drake.

“Yes, yes, once is enough! Help me eliminate them, and I definitely won’t forget you during my tribulation!” 

“It’s impossible for me to do that. The channel you’ve opened is too small, so my true body can’t enter. I’m just a split body, and my power is limited. Furthermore, if I were to use the full power of my split body, the channel you summoned would crumble within ten breaths’ time. Then I’d have to go back. I can’t kill this many people in that timeframe,” said the silver drake.

Long Chen was shocked. A single split body was actually that powerful? Then if its true body was here, wouldn’t it be able to annihilate them with a wave of its claw?

However, ten breaths’ time was truly too short. Long Chen quickly thought of something and replied, “How about we do this…”


Suddenly, the silver drake shot into motion. A giant tail whipped toward the Netherpassage experts.

“Defend together!” shouted the elder from Heavenly Fate Island. The Netherpassage experts raised their divine items against the tail.

Divine light exploded. Divine items could only unleash their greatest power in the hands of Netherpassage experts. As a result, these thirty-three Netherpassage experts were unleashing over ten times the power of that group of Life Star Empyreans.

It was something none of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts could receive. This was the power of Netherpassage experts.

However, the silver drake was too powerful. The attacks of the divine items bounced off its body, and its dragon tail suddenly curled toward the Heavenly Fate Island’s elder.

That elder was startled. This silver drake had forced the others back just to target him.

Not giving up, he took out a giant feng shui board. Countless runes flew out of it and wrapped around him. He then practically teleported away, avoiding being caught up in the dragon tail.

However, he had just reappeared when a giant dragon claw smashed into him, shattering the feng shui compass’s defenses. The silver drake was unstoppable.

“So against existences stronger than them, Heavenly Fate Island’s heaven-reading arts are also useless. They can’t calculate their attacks or plans,” said Ye Lingshan. In front of an existence much stronger than him, this elder was unable to calculate anything.

The elder’s expression changed. He suddenly threw the feng shui compass above his head and began forming hand seals.

Unfortunately, halfway through his seals, a lightning spear pierced through his back and out his chest.

Dying, the elder stiffened and couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing. He tried to turn around to see who had attacked him.

“My fortune-telling skills told me that you would face a bloody calamity today. Now, do you believe it?” Long Chen’s voice rang out from behind him. The elder saw a pair of lightning wings on Long Chen’s back, and a berserk lightning spear in his hand.

This sudden attack made both friends and foes simply stand there in dumbfounded silence. They stared in shock at that figure.

It was so sudden that they couldn’t believe their eyes. A powerful Netherpassage expert’s life was now in the hands of a Soul Transformation disciple.

The reason this elder was the leader of these Netherpassage experts was because he had reached the second realm of Netherpassage, the Life realm.

The Netherpassage realm was split into four parts. The first was life and death energy, the second was life energy, the third was death energy, and the fourth was the final step of the Netherpassage realm, the Samsara realm, gaining control of Samsara energy.

The majority of Netherpassage experts were stuck in the first realm, in control of only the most basic life and death energy. This elder was the leader of this group not just because of his status as the vice island master of Heavenly Fate Island, but also due to his terrifying cultivation base.

However, such a terrifying expert was actually struck through the back by Long Chen. This scene was unbelievable. Even those close to Long Chen were dumbfounded. Just when had their boss become so powerful? Even a Netherpassage expert could be slain by him in one move.

“Boss really is boss. No one knows just how powerful he is,” chortled Guo Ran.

“When did he become so powerful? What a monster.” Mo Nian was speechless.

The most shocked ones were the disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Their eyes almost popped out of their heads. Was Long Chen really human?

In his current state, he looked like an undefeatable god of war. The lightning spear in his hand and the giant lightning dragon behind him turned him into a stunning sight, an existence that they didn’t dare to look at directly.

“Little fellow, extracting my energy will make me have to leave sooner.” The silver drake sent a message to Long Chen.

This attack was his paragon art, the Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear. Using this paragon art that was connected to the lightning field naturally used the energy of the silver drake, and it was precisely because of this that Long Chen’s attack was so powerful that the elder was unable to sense it.

“I can handle the rest. There’s no need for you to continue fighting. Just do your best to stay here as long as possible,” replied Long Chen. He was now in control as he had managed to stun his opponents.

The silver drake didn’t reply. Its aura was pulled back into its body, and it floated behind Long Chen, coldly looking at the stunned Netherpassage experts.

“Old ghost, why aren’t you saying anything anymore? Can’t you read the future? Did you ever read that you would die now?” asked Long Chen to the elder that had a lightning spear through his back.

The elder was about to speak when Long Chen’s lightning spear shook. The elder suddenly coughed up blood, a black and white crack appearing on his forehead.

“Don’t try to play with me,” sneered Long Chen. His lightning spear had just shattered the elder’s Dantian because he had tried to secretly counterattack.

The crack on the elder’s head caused startled cries to ring out from the Netherpassage experts. They knew that Long Chen had just shattered the elder’s Dantian and had heavily injured his Yuan Spirit with his powerful thunderforce. That crack indicated that his life and death energy was currently dissipating. Once it was gone, he would be dead.

Long Chen had essentially crippled the elder’s cultivation base. Now he was powerless to resist.

“Long Chen, you won’t have a good death!” roared the elder. With his cultivation base crippled, he knew he would quickly die.

“Someone definitely won’t have a good death, but it won’t be me. What do you think?” Long Chen smiled coldly. His spear once more shook.

Now the elder’s lower body exploded, leaving only his chest and upper body. Long Chen stabbed his chest again. “I’ve never provoked you, but your Heavenly Fate Island has repeatedly harmed me. Do you really think I’m so easy to bully? It seems I’ve been giving you people too much face. I’ve always operated on the principle of if you don’t offend me, I won’t offend you. But now it seems I have to show you the price for provoking me.”

Long Chen’s voice was so cold that it made other people’s hair stand on end. Those Netherpassage experts all shivered. Long Chen was absolutely ruthless. If they allowed him to grow up, none of them would survive.

“Long Chen, I curse you!”

The elder’s roar was interrupted as the rest of his body exploded. He was killed just like that.

Just at this moment, the channel behind Long Chen shook. The silver drake’s body was slowly pulled back into it, and vanished.

“Kill them!” With the silver drake gone, the Netherpassage experts roared.

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