Chapter 1913 The Sure Death Trap

At the same time, Xia Chen, who had been examining their surroundings, suddenly let out a startled cry. He threw a formation disc in the air.


Divine runes suddenly appeared and the void exploded. Their surroundings vanished. Everyone was shocked to find themselves floating in space.

“What’s going on?!” shouted Guo Ran.

“Our channel has been rigged by someone. We actually entered an illusion formation that transported us somewhere else,” said Xia Chen.

“Quick, get out of here!”

Long Chen’s expression also changed. This was a transportation formation trying to bring them nowhere good. Yue Xiaoqian and Xia Chen had noticed it, and Xia Chen had severed the formation.

Just as they were preparing to flee, the void shook. A group of people appeared, blocking them.

When those people arrived, everyone’s hearts shook. The world was completely sealed by a terrifying power. It was like there were chains binding them.

“Netherpassage experts.”

There were over thirty Netherpassage experts, while their leader was a white-haired elder that Long Chen recognized.

When Long Chen had gone to save his parents in the Eastern Wasteland, he had captured one of Heavenly Fate Island’s disciples. In the midst of a soulsearch, this elder had suddenly attacked him, almost taking his life. However, the elder had ended up provoking the Divine Gate Star into counterattacking, which had saved Long Chen.

Although Long Chen had never met this elder, he remembered his face. When Long Chen killed Luo Tianji, he learned that the elder was actually one of Heavenly Fate Island’s Grand Elders, as well as its vice island master. 

“Long Chen, no matter how slippery you are, you won’t be able to escape from my hands. If you don’t want to die, then come quietly. I can let you live,” said that elder of Heavenly Fate Island coldly.

Although the elder concealed it well, Long Chen could see the anger in his eyes. He could also see something odd. It was as if he was also slightly afraid.

Long Chen and the others were surrounded by over thirty Netherpassage experts, and their life and death domains were active, binding them. The disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance couldn’t even move a finger. They were under such immense pressure that their bodies shuddered.

After all, these people were Netherpassage experts in control of life and death energy. In the face of their pressure, these disciples didn’t have the slightest ability to resist, especially in the life and death domains. 

In front of twelfth rank Magical Beasts, they would still have some ability to fight. However, in front of Netherpassage experts in control of life and death energy, they were completely suppressed.

The voice of the elder from Heavenly Fate Island resounded through the air loudly, shaking their eardrums and provoking fear.

Long Chen walked out and eyed these experts. Some were from the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and he even saw some wearing the robes of Pill Valley and the Bloodkill Hall.

There were a total of thirty-three of them, and clearly the elder from Heavenly Fate Island was their leader. He stood in the air, looking at them like a judge convicting prisoners.

“Old fellow, I’ve never managed to figure out why you continue to target me despite not having any enmity with me,” said Long Chen, a bit curious.

He truly didn’t know why Heavenly Fate Island was targeting him. Even Li Tianxuan hadn’t figured it out. Heavenly Fate Island had no reason to target him.

From this elder’s eyes, Long Chen read something strange. This elder was actually afraid of him yet had also come here to ensure his death. He couldn’t understand why.

“Why? Do you not know?” sneered the elder.

“I really don’t.” Long Chen shook his head.

The elder clasped his hands behind him and coldly said, “My Heavenly Fate Island cultivates the ability to read the way of heavens. A hundred years ago, we deduced that a fiend would be born on the Martial Heaven Continent and bring disaster to all, throwing the continent into chaos. That fiend is you, Long Chen. Heavenly Fate Island is eliminating you to remove a scourge for the people.”

“Fuck off. You might be able to scam others, but you can’t scam me. If you could really read the heavens, you wouldn’t have sent the four Fate Princes into the Yin Yang World. Now that your four Fate Princes are dead, you don’t have a single person to receive your inheritance. What are you blindly bragging about?” cursed Long Chen. This old fellow’s sanctimonious appearance was too hateful.

“Hmph, the four Fate Princes died to eradicate evil. Their deaths were for the peace of the Martial Heaven Continent. They’re heroes who entered the Yin Yang World knowing that they wouldn’t return alive. For the Martial Heaven Continent, they didn’t even frown as they became sacrifices for peace. After such heroes have died, you even have to slander and vilify them? Long Chen, don’t you think you’re too malicious?” The elder pointed at Long Chen with righteous indignation.

Long Chen almost laughed from fury. He had finally seen the most shameless person in his life. Every time this elder opened his mouth, he managed to twist the truth to convenience himself. Those four Fate Princes had actually been turned into the eternal heroes of the Martial Heaven Continent by his words.

“Shameless thing, I’ve never seen someone so shameless. Alright, your mouth is bigger, so I can’t out-talk you. Then tell me-” Long Chen was about to continue asking questions.

“Who has the time to talk nonsense with you? Stop stalling. I can see through all your thoughts easily. I’ll only give you to the count of three. Either come quietly, or die,” interrupted the elder.

“Ah, you really have some skill. You even saw that I was stalling.” Long Chen sighed and shook his head sadly.

“You should just give up. Although you broke the spatial channel so the transportation didn’t complete, you still won’t be able to escape.”

“Ah, so you had the trap laid out well in advance. My guess is that if the transportation had succeeded, we’d be in some prison. Even death would probably be luxurious by then, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Not bad, not bad… bastard, stop changing the subject! Decide whether you want to live or die! If you don’t want to die, then step forward. I guarantee I won’t take your life!” shouted the elder.

“Old ghost, shut up. We followed senior apprentice-brother Long Chen and senior apprentice-sister Ye Lingshan through mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Do you think you could make us give up now?” sneered a disciple. “You must think that we’re three-year-old children. Or are you the actual three-year-old?”

That disciple’s words instantly stimulated everyone else.

“That’s right, since we dared to stand beside senior apprentice-sister Ye Lingshan, we’re prepared to die. Old fellow, open your dog eyes and look closely. We aren’t that crowd of fools afraid of your Heavenly Fate Island.”

“Even if we die, we’ll be able to smile on the path to the yellow springs. What’s there to be afraid of? When we run into those ghosts we killed, we can kill them again.”

These disciples were already aware that they were definitely dead, and so fearing death was meaningless. They began to curse that elder. If they couldn’t kill him, at least they would curse him until they were satisfied before dying.

Mo Nian smiled. There were still some tough people in the Martial Heaven Alliance, and none had submitted amongst over a hundred thousand experts. That was incredibly rare. Everyone was afraid of death, but they chose dignity and honor even in death.

For this many people to be united, a strange atmosphere unfurled. Even the rather timid people were getting fierce.

“Then don’t blame me for being merciless. Strip their Yuan Spirits and seal them!” ordered the elder. All the Netherpassage experts extended a hand. Life and death energy raged, forming a resonance with heaven and earth.

“Old ghost, being overconfident will make you suffer,” said Long Chen. He raised his hands into a seal.

“Acting tough won’t save you. Tell me, just how will I suffer?” sneered the elder.

“You’re the vice master of Heavenly Fate Island, so you must be skilled in reading the heavens. However, did you calculate that you would face a calamity that would take your life today?” asked Long Chen.

“Arrogance. Today, I’ll take the place of your parents to teach you how to talk to your elders.” The elder from Heavenly Fate Island was angered, and he waved his hand. Life and death energy converged.

“Who do you think you are to teach me? To tell you the truth, I’m the real god of reading the future. Today, I guarantee you will definitely die by my hands.”

Long Chen suddenly completed his hand seals. The void behind him began to rapidly spin, forming a giant channel.

The world shuddered as a giant silver dragon claw reached out of the channel. The silver claw was bigger than a mountain and directly slammed toward that elder.

The elder had never dreamed that Long Chen would be capable of such an attack. He instinctively shifted his energy toward the dragon claw.

The void exploded, and the elder was sent flying back, coughing up blood. At the same time, the other Netherpassage experts were blown back by the silver claw. They stared in shock at the space behind Long Chen.

The channel that Long Chen had summoned was constantly breaking and tearing apart. In the end, a giant drake managed to squeeze out of it, appearing in the sky.

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