Chapter 1912 Escaping the Yin Yang World

Those Blood race experts weren’t particularly fast themselves, but there was a wave of black qi surging forward that was increasing their speed. The slower human experts were being killed.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I’m also from the Righteous path! I was deceived and seduced by others…!” One of the Righteous experts at the rear actually begged Long Chen.


Liu Ruyan shook her head contemptuously. This person had raised his blade and killed the disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Did he really think that they would view him as being on the same side?

“Are you a three-year-old child? What are your eyes and head for? The Righteous path is filled with turmoil because of trash like you. The only good thing about this battle is that trash like you was cleaned up. You know how many wicked things you did, so here’s your reprisal. Quietly wait for your death,” said Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan’s condition had improved, and the curse was mostly removed by Chu Yao. Although she was still weak, she could now circulate her Heavenly Dao energy to heal herself.

She looked back at those Righteous disciples and sighed. Long Chen could always see the silver lining. The Martial Heaven Alliance might be surrounded by enemies, with its interior fractured. It could crumble at any moment, but Long Chen also said that this was the best moment for the Martial Heaven Alliance to soar.

Those who were still standing beside the Martial Heaven Alliance were their most loyal warriors. Furthermore, through this battle, the morale of the junior generation had been united.

The sparks had raised a blazing fire. With Long Chen’s assistance, Ye Lingshan had taken the first step. In the future, the Martial Heaven Alliance would only grow stronger from its current state. 

Looking at Long Chen’s back, she felt emotional. If it hadn’t been for him pushing her to stand up, she wouldn’t have dared to pick up this burden.

Sometimes, after taking the first step, you would find that things weren’t as difficult as you had imagined. If you were unafraid even of death, then what else was there to be afraid of?

Suddenly, black pillars of light appeared ahead of them. They sealed this place like a prison.

The neutral camp’s experts had just been on the edge of this prison, and so they managed to escape. However, Long Chen’s group was caught within it.

“These black pillars are made of world energy. They’re condensed of the laws of the Yin world. There’s no way to break them with brute force. We would need world energy as well,” said Yue Xiaoqian, her expression sinking.

“That’s bad. We have no Life Star experts, so we have no world energy.” Mo Nian’s expression changed. 

He shot an arrow at the black pillars. This was an arrow containing divine energy, but it actually merged into the black pillar, causing only the slightest ripple. It vanished.

“It’s useless. This is a kind of law. Brute power can’t break it.” Yue Xiaoqian shook her head.

“Even a paragon art won’t work?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s not good. World energy must be countered by world energy. If this attribute is not taken into account, then it’s impossible to cause any significant damage,” said Yue Xiaoqian. They were trapped.

Just as Long Chen was thinking of what to do, the sound of a melodious zither reverberated throughout heaven and earth. It was like immortal music.

As the zither music resounded through the air, the entire Yin Yang World shook. Long Chen was stunned.

“It’s her?”

As the zither music continued, the black pillar in front of them began to crack. Finally, it exploded, creating a giant opening.

Cloud immediately flew through it. Once through, they saw a giant zither floating in the sky, surrounded by bright stars. That zither filled the entire sky.

When Long Chen and the others flew out, the zither slowly faded. It was actually a giant illusionary figure. The zither was gone, and the expected figure never appeared.

“She saved us. So she was amongst the neutral camp, but why did she refuse to see us?” asked Tang Wan-er.

That image of the zither confirmed who it was that had saved them. The only one capable of controlling the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither to break this barrier had to be the Zither Fairy, Zi Yan.

Long Chen had a helpless expression. It was still too early to say if Zi Yan was a friend or a foe. However, as she had saved them, Long Chen now owed her an immense debt. He didn’t even know what price it would take to repay it.

If Zi Yan hadn’t helped them, then his only option would be to use the seventh form of Split the Heavens. Relying on Split the Heavens’s innate barrier-breaking effect, he was fifty percent confident in breaking this prison.

However, if he used it again, he would temporarily become a cripple. In this kind of place, that was too dangerous.

Furthermore, he was only fifty percent confident. In other words, there was a fifty percent chance he would have failed. Failure would signify that they would be annihilated. So this debt was truly great.

“What a headache.” Long Chen sighed. He hated owing others, and now he owed someone who wasn’t a friend or a foe.

However, he had to repay this debt one day. He could only remember this in his heart for now.

Once past the barrier, Cloud’s speed quickly brought them to a world with sunlight.

Although the black qi was spreading rapidly over the Yin Yang World, the speed at which it was spreading was not as great as Cloud’s speed.

The surprising thing was that the neutral camp’s experts had vanished at some point. Long Chen and the others had no idea where they were.

According to reason, there was no way they could be faster than a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. However, they had collectively vanished.

“It should be the heir of the Gambling Heavenly Dao. He must have brought everyone away. I heard that the heirs of the Gambling Heavenly Dao are all extremely powerful, capable of transforming calamity into fortune,” said Mo Nian.

Long Chen nodded. That man with the die spinning behind him was very strange. Even Long Chen was unable to tell just how strong he was.

“Haha, the channel’s up ahead! We’ve escaped!”

The black clouds were now far into the distance, and Meng Qi and the others recognized the channel from which they had entered. It was connected to the Martial Heaven Continent.

Long Chen and Ye Lingshan had been sent in by Yan Nantian’s life and death energy. But the Martial Heaven Alliance and the Dragonblood Legion’s experts had entered through this channel.

Seeing this channel immediately made them sigh with relief. They looked back at the black qi behind them. The Blood race experts were still back there, constantly cursing.

“They’ve given up?” Mo Nian looked back.

“They don’t dare to chase. This place has a Sovereign seal suppressing it,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“There’s a Sovereign seal here as well?” asked Long Chen with surprise.

Yue Xiaoqian nodded. “Yes, just like Devil Spirit Mountain. However, this Sovereign seal is hidden. But if the Blood race’s experts approached this place, it would activate and kill them. It’s because of the Sovereign seal that the Blood race does not dare to attack the Martial Heaven Continent. Otherwise, the Martial Heaven Continent’s lifeforms would have long since been killed or enslaved.”

“How laughable that there are so many idiots on the continent. Instead of being vigilant against these threats, they fight amongst themselves. The Sovereigns fought to create a peaceful world for them, and those people wasted their good intentions.” Mo Nian’s mouth curled into a disdainful smile.

Upon arriving at the channel, Cloud opened her mouth and spat out the Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts.

Cloud had her own space within her that could store objects. Holding a hundred thousand people was actually very simple for her. However, she had to release them before entering the spatial channel, or there was a danger of it crumbling if so many people entered at once.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen waved his hand. Mo Nian took the lead, while Chu Yao, Ye Zhiqiu, and the others followed behind him. In case there was any danger, they could handle it.

As for Long Chen, he brought up the rear. Everyone quickly entered the channel and vanished. When the final batch entered, Long Chen looked back at the distant black world. Waving his hand, he also entered, vanishing from the Yin Yang World.

“Damnable Martial Heaven Continent, damnable human race, just wait! The Blood race will sooner or later crush the Martial Heaven Continent!” roared that elder from the Blood race. However, he didn’t dare to approach the channel. Regretfully, Long Chen could no longer hear him.

The space before Long Chen brightened. The familiar air and spatial fluctuations made him relax. They had finally returned to the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Hahaha, I, Mo Nian, have finally returned! This time, I’m going for an even greater undertaking! Fuck, other than the ancient family alliance, there are also the tombs of the ancient races, Corrupt path, Xuan Beasts, Bloodkill Hall, and Heavenly Fate Island! I’ll rob- I mean, I’ll be conducting archaeology everywhere!” declared Mo Nian.

Mo Nian suddenly put his hands on Xia Chen and Guo Ran’s shoulders. “Brothers, come with me. I’m proficient in reading faces, and I can declare with great certainty that the two of you will accomplish great things. Are you interested in joining hands with me in my great undertaking?”

Guo Ran and Xia Chen exchanged a glance, not understanding what Mo Nian was saying. Long Chen was the one who irritably said, “You want to draw them in because Xia Chen is skilled in formations and Guo Ran is skilled in forging. It’ll be much easier for you to rob tombs.”

“Hey, don’t make it sound so ugly. I am excavating our lost history! Together, we can bring back that golden age of cultivation to the current age! How is it, brothers? Come with me, and I guarantee you’ll quickly fall in love with this work,” said Mo Nian with a laugh.

The other experts present chortled. Mo Nian really was an oddity. He actually liked this kind of work.

“Not good! Long Chen, we’ve fallen into a trap!” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly sent a message to Long Chen.

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