Chapter 1907 Endless Sea of Lightning (Teaser)


When that group appeared, the people in the neutral camp were stunned. As soon as they arrived, the Daos of the world were suppressed. They were a group of peerless experts.

“Are they Netherpassage experts…?” asked someone with a shuddering voice.

That was because the aura of this group was absolutely terrifying. It was like they were the rulers of this world.

“No, they aren’t at the Netherpassage realm. They’re only Life Star experts. However, they’re all powerful Empyreans, so the pressure of their auras is on the same level as ordinary Netherpassage experts,” said Hu Feng.

“Impossible! Isn’t it impossible for Life Star experts to enter the Yin Yang World? Have the rules of the Yin Yang World changed?”

“The Yin Yang World’s rules haven’t changed. However, rules are dead, while humans are alive…” said Hu Feng.

“You mean to say… those experts broke through in the Yin Yang World?”

That was crazy. A group of over three thousand Empyreans had actually broken...

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