Chapter 1905 Dragon Blood Heavenly Barrier


Long Chen raised Evilmoon and slashed it down. Evilmoon’s dragon marks lit up, and an explosive power was unleashed through it. True Immortal Jiaoqi was sent flying once more.

Evilmoon had finished absorbing the evil dragon soul essence, allowing it to loosen the Sovereign seal. It was now able to unleash more of its power. It could no longer be compared to its previous state.

Long Chen’s own power was soaring as he formed a resonance with Evilmoon. Their power combined, and he once more shot after True Immortal Jiaoqi.


True Immortal Jiaoqi’s feet slammed into the ground, causing it to crumble. A wave of dust and earth unfurled. It was a shocking sight.

“I knew it. You’re igniting your essence blood to get this power. Let’s see just how long you can keep that up.” True Immortal Jiaoqi shouted, blocking Long Chen’s attack.

However, as Long Chen pressed down with Evilmoon, True Immortal Jiaoqi was forced down. The earth shuddered as a large hole grew deeper and deeper beneath him.

The earth was shaking, and the sky was twisting. It was like the world was unable to endure Long Chen’s power and was on the verge of collapse.

Crackings sounds rang out. Large cracks appeared in the air.

“What?! Just how powerful are they? Even the formation can’t endure it.” Xia Chen’s expression changed.

The deformation of the earth and the twisting of this space made his formation shudder. This formation was something he had been absolutely confident in, to the point that he had estimated that even if everyone inside the barrier were to attack, it would still be able to endure it. However, as True Immortal Jiaoqi and Long Chen went all-out, his confidence was given a blow.

He looked down and saw that the Dragonblood Legion was still slaughtering the coalition army. The coalition army was already down to under three hundred thousand people. The Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s advantage was growing greater and greater.

As long as he could maintain this formation, the opposing army would quickly be killed to the last. Xia Chen clenched his teeth, and a drop of blood flowed out of the space between his eyebrows. It condensed into a rune.


The rune merged into the barrier. Ripples spread.

The ripples stretched into the black Yin world and absorbed its death energy to strengthen the barrier.

However, now Xia Chen was pale. He had used his own essence blood to strengthen the barrier. It was to allow the Dragonblood Legion to annihilate the entire coalition army.

Suddenly, Huo Lieyun took a deep breath, and sacred chanting filled the air. Huo Lieyun’s manifestation split apart, and a world of flames appeared within. The temperature rose.

A flame giant walked out of the world of flames. It was like a giant flame spiritual god. A sacred aura came from it. As soon as it stepped out, it attacked Long Chen.

The flame giant held a flame spear that caused the surrounding air to ignite.

Long Chen smiled coldly. Kicking True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd, he sprang up, slashing at the flame spear.

Black flames were surging around Evilmoon, and the instant Evilmoon clashed with the spear, black and red flames spread throughout the world.

“Have you come to a decision? You’re prepared to expose your trump cards? How interesting, I never thought that the Heaven Dragon Flame Region could actually be summoned through a manifestation. It seems the Heaven Dragon Flame Region’s origins are quite extraordinary.”

Long Chen flew back. He was wrapped by a black flame dragon that blocked the opposing flames. Long Chen recognized the world of flames within Huo Lieyun’s manifestation. It was definitely the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

True Immortal Jiaoqi managed to get a breather, and he stood with Huo Lieyun. The two opposing sides looked at each other. Killing intent blazed.

“You still remember the Heaven Dragon Flame Region? You released one of the beasts inside. Hmph, but what you don’t know is that the Heaven Dragon Flame Region is a cage trapping a hundred thousand of those beasts. You only released one. The rest of them were slain by the formation, and their essence blood and soul essence were refined by me. Don’t you want to see my trump cards? Alright, I’ll make sure you die knowing just how powerful Pill Valley’s trump cards are.”

Huo Lieyun let out a shout. Blood-colored flames surged out, forming a sea of flames. Chains shot out of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

The chains pierced the flame giant’s back. Blood-colored runes flowed around it, and it let out a pained roar as if it was being tormented.

It suddenly let out a wail. That wail was a powerful sound wave that shattered people’s eardrums. 

The flame giant’s spear once more pierced toward Long Chen. This attack was even stronger than before. Long Chen sensed that it had absorbed some kind of energy from the Heaven Dragon Flame Region that was locking him down. Hence, there was no way to dodge.

“Hmph, then I’ll experience Pill Valley’s skills.” Unafraid, Long Chen slashed Evilmoon. This was an all-out slash with no technique. It was a competition of pure power. Long Chen wanted to see just how strong Evilmoon was. A giant saber-image crashed down like a black river.


The world shook. A ripple spread like the air was a calm lake, and a meteorite had smashed into it.

Rumbling rang out. This time, Xia Chen’s formation was unable to endure it, and it exploded. Xia Chen coughed up blood and was blown into the clouds.

“Dragon Blood Heavenly Barrier!”

However, even as he was sent flying, he let out a roar.

Following his roar, all the Dragonblood warriors ceased attacking. They quickly grouped together, their blood-colored scales lighting up. That light intertwined with the light coming from the other Dragonblood warriors, condensing into a giant defensive barrier that protected the Dragonblood warriors and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples.

The terrifying ripples spread. There was no time for some of the other experts to defend.

Those experts didn’t even get to make a sound. They were instantly annihilated when struck by those ripples. 

This was a wave of death. Wherever it went, life vanished. The immense power behind it was something only divine items could possibly resist. The human body would instantly be blown to bits.

When the shockwaves were past, the majority of the coalition army was dead. Less than a hundred thousand of them remained.

The surviving experts had relied on their divine items or had been protected by others.

When the Dragonblood warriors released their barrier, they saw a dismal battlefield. Broken swords and sabers littered the ground, along with the remnants of wrecked corpses. It was incredibly wretched.

The grand barrier had been destroyed, so the sunlight was shining down upon them once more. However, no one could feel its warmth. This battle was too tragic. 

“Kill! Don’t leave a single one alive!”

Guo Ran was the first to react. He charged toward the still dumbfounded remnants of the coalition army. The Dragonblood warriors were close behind him.

“Kill! Vengeance for our brothers!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao led the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples over as well. They were still filled with hatred. No matter how many enemies they killed, their fallen brothers wouldn’t come back to life. However, they had to make sure those brothers could get their vengeance and rest in peace.

“Kill! For righteousness, for the Martial Heaven Alliance, for senior apprentice-sister Ye Lingshan!”

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples also followed.

Just now, those terrifying shockwaves had been blocked by the Dragonblood Legion. They weren’t injured. Seeing how few members of the coalition army were left alive, if they still didn’t get revenge now, then how long were they supposed to wait?

“Run!” The coalition army had already given up. Seeing that the formation had been broken, they had no urge to keep fighting. They fled for their lives.

Suddenly, the ground split apart, and countless branches grew out. A giant willow tree appeared, blocking the sun with a giant wall of its branches, blocking their path.

At the same time, a sword pierced through the air. One of the twelve experts of the Flame Divine Palace that Chu Yao had been bitterly fighting against was slain by Yue Zifeng’s attack.

With one of them dead, the formation built by the twelve of them was broken. The remaining eleven were stunned.

“Endless Falling Wood, Wooden Burial!” 

Chu Yao suddenly let out a cry. Wooden stakes flew out, enveloping the eleven of them in a cage. The cage twisted like dough.

The eleven of them were instantly crushed, with even their Yuan Spirits annihilated.

With the formation connecting the twelve of them, they were able to keep up with Chu Yao. However, they had already been at a disadvantage and would have eventually been defeated if things had continued like that.

Yue Zifeng’s attacks were incomparably sharp, and having not expected his attack, the twelve of them hadn’t managed to defend against it, resulting in one of them being slain. That instantly sent them to their deaths.

“It’s a chain reaction. Huo Lieyun and the others are defeated!” 

Long Chen’s side now had Liu Ruyan and Yue Zifeng join the battlefield. The twelve experts of the Flame Divine Palace were dead, and Chu Yao was joining in as well. The scales of victory instantly tilted toward Long Chen’s side. Any sense of balance was lost.

Up in the sky, Long Chen was still fighting Huo Lieyun. They had already exchanged three blows without determining who was stronger.

True Immortal Jiaoqi let out a roar and was about to charge at Liu Ruyan when Huo Lieyun shouted at him, “Don’t bother with the others! As long as we kill him, victory is still ours. Xie Luo, Di Feng, stop holding back! Kill Long Chen!”

Xie Luo suddenly rapidly retreated from Ye Zhiqiu’s ice domain. “Since that’s the case, things can end here!”

Suddenly, Xie Luo formed new hand seals, and an immense skeleton appeared before him. Seeing that skeleton, Meng Qi’s expression changed.

“It’s the Blue Eye Peacock!”

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